Top FanFiction Websites To Read FanFiction Stories Online

FanFiction Websites

FanFiction Websites To Easily Read FanFiction Stories Online: People who like these or any other character from TV shows, web series, movies, or other kinds of media typically want more, which is where fan fiction comes in. You just finished watching the Breaking Bad season and wanted to know what happened to Jesse Pinkman after the events. Or you just finished watching The Big Bang Theory and wanted to know if Howard got his Ph.D. FanFiction, as the name implies, is an entirely fan-written story based on existing characters from any TV show, web series, play, anime, game, movie, or other media. As a FanFiction writer, you may pen up new locations and storylines, create characters, and more. This has become a popular literary activity for many since it allows readers and writers to spend more time with their favorite characters.

What’s FanFiction?

It is hard for a loyal fan of any movie or TV show to get over the fact that the show or movie series has ended. This, however, creates a want for more, which is where FanFiction came into being as a method to resurrect one’s favorite pop-culture characters to live nearly indefinitely. As a reader, there are several FanFiction websites where literary FanFiction articles featuring characters such as Mr. Spock or Leonard Hoffstadder on a new adventure are accessible. FanFiction allows writers to create storylines with no constraints. You’ll find a lot of FanFiction in which characters from two or more universes or TV shows/movies interact and share a storyline. This is because there is a limit or restriction, and everything is based on the writer’s limitless inventiveness. FanFiction writers can pen a story that modifies the whole plot of a movie, adds characters that were not in the original work, or adds unrealistic storylines, and it will still be considered FanFiction.

Top FanFiction Websites To Read FanFiction Stories Online

If you’re a fan of FanFiction titles, these are the best FanFiction websites of all time. Scroll through the list to find your favorite FanFiction.

1. MediaMiner

FanFiction WebsitesMediaMiner is a famous place to find high-quality FanFiction. It’s a fantastic place to find fanart and anime. If you’re a writer, use the platform to display your work. Despite the fact that there is a lot of content on the platform, it is properly structured. Their content is organized into three categories: anime, non-anime, and others. You may also search for fanfic or a certain genre by entering the author’s name or email address. The website’s user interface is incredibly easy to use and aesthetically appealing.

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Website: MediaMiner

2. Archive of Our Own (AO3)

FanFiction WebsitesAO3 is one of the most extensive collections of FanFiction works spanning from movies to TV shows, theater, video games, cartoons, celebrities, comics, and other fandoms. Last time I checked, there were over 18,000 FanFiction stories on Harry Potter alone, and you can find stories for practically everything you can search for. The most advanced search function on AO3 lets you input the top, tags, artist, crossovers, and other information to find the most relevant FanFiction stories to consume.

Website: Archive of Our Own

3. AsianFanfics

FanFiction WebsitesAsianFanfics is a website dedicated to Asian culture, topics, characters, and stories. If you want to learn more about Asian culture and write FanFiction, here is the place to go. Although the platform focuses on Asia, it includes over 220,000 fanfic stories. With over 400,000 registered members, the platform is one of Asia’s most popular FanFiction websites. The website, while blog-like, contains several features. Registered users can chat with other users, submit reviews, request fanfic, and upload work.

Website: AsianFanfics


FanFiction lets your imagination run wild with thousands of stories based on popular movies and TV shows such as Beyblade, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Star Wars, Thor, and others. The UI is simple to use, making it easy to browse the list of FanFictions. Create your own FanFiction or engage in a community or forum to share your thoughts with others. Manga, anime, movies, novels, plays, cartoons, and more categories are available on FanFiction.


5. Quotev

FanFiction WebsitesQuotev, a well-known FanFiction website, has a large range of fanfics. Users can post creative works such as poetry, stories, and novels. Quotev features a wide range of FanFiction categories for writers and readers alike. Quotev, with its simple user interface, provides everything writers and readers need.

Website: Quotev

6. Wattpad

Wattpad, one of the most prominent FanFiction websites, has over 90 million readers. The website lets you dig into an unending tunnel of FanFiction works divided into categories such as Horror, Fantasy, Diverse Lit, and Teen Fiction, to mention a few. One of the major writing groups has produced numerous books and stories in original and FanFiction categories. I guarantee you won’t get bored with Wattpad anytime soon.

Website: Wattpad

7. Commaful

Commaful is a website worth viewing, despite its initial confusion. One of the most popular multimedia FanFiction websites provides free access to short stories. The website appears current, with a nice paint job and images that entice you to spend more time with it. Commaful’s short story format also keeps readers interested in reading more content. You may search for genres or fandoms such as Naruto, Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones and find many stories immediately. Furthermore, you may easily create your own stories on Commaful.

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Website: Commaful

8. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is well-known for its FanFiction artwork, photography, and videography and is undoubtedly one of the best-designed websites in the lot. It has one of the most populous communities. You may search DeviantArt for any FanFiction work and get thousands of results in an instant. Of course, some exploration and knowledge of FanFiction are required before arriving at DeviantArt, but it is worthwhile.

Website: DeviantArt

9. GoodReads

GoodReads is a website where you can get amazing FanFiction to read, although it has less content than others. There are only 35,000 FanFiction novels on GoodReads, but they are all well-written. The fact that GoodReads’ user community is so kind and intriguing is its best asset. Consequently, you may obtain valuable, honest, professional feedback if you’re a writer. Their FanFiction area has stories from various universes, but the most well-known ones are based on the novels Naruto, Harry Potter, Twilight, and Lord of the Rings. As a result, whether you’re a writer or a fan of reading outstanding FanFiction, joining GoodReads might be a sensible move.

Website: GoodReads

10. Tumblr

Though Tumblr is not a place to share FanFiction, you may use its large user base to promote your FanFiction work. You may become fairly popular if you know how to use the platform’s possibilities best. Tumblr has always been the preferred choice for people who want to share their views with a broad audience. So it stands to reason that they have a large library of FanFiction. The only difficult component is determining which tags to follow appropriately. Tumblr’s best tags to follow for discovering new content are FanFiction or fanfic. The majority of fanfic writers use these tags when posting their work.

Website: Tumblr

Top FanFiction Niches List

Other specialist FanFiction websites exist, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and others. Furthermore, you may find some specialist FanFiction based on the genre of accessible FanFictions, so check these links.

The Bottom Line:

Based on user feedback, that concludes the list of the top best FanFiction websites of all time. Of course, there are hundreds of more FanFiction websites, but we couldn’t list them all, so we chose the best.

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