Guide On How To Get Free Pets In Adopt Me?

Get Free Pets In Adopt Me

Adopt Me has swiftly become one of Roblox’s most popular games, and for a good reason. The gameplay brilliantly portrays the relationship between a parent and a child, motivating you to play as often as possible. The game also includes strategies, such as gathering goods to help a child develop. Nowadays, the game mostly focuses on amassing as many pets as possible, which you can exchange with other players. While you can buy pets for Roblox with real money, getting a couple for free offers many options. You’ve come to the perfect location if you’d prefer not to pull out your wallet. This post will teach you tried-and-true ways to get pets without paying a thing. There are a few ways to get free pets in Adopt Me, including:

1 – Star rewards. 

2 – Events. 

3 – Purchasing eggs. 

4 – Earning money.

Here are some of the most common ways used to get free pets.

Starter Egg

When you enter the game, Sir Woofington offers you the Starter Egg at the Nursery. To hatch the egg, you must complete certain objectives. After completing the objectives, you can pick between a cat and a dog. It should be noted that this initial pet cannot be exchanged, so choose wisely.

Star Rewards

You receive Star Rewards for checking into the game daily. These Stars accrue over time, especially if you play the game for an extended time. After a period, you’ll be able to view your Star Rewards to see which pets are accessible to you based on the number of Stars you’ve earned. A toucan, for example, takes 400 Stars to claim, whereas a starfish demands 550 Stars. In addition, there are some weird rewards, such as Rocket Racer, Blue Rider, or a didgeridoo.

Earning Money

This subtitle may lead you to assume that you must spend real money, yet earning money within the game is akin to earning Star Rewards. You don’t have to pay money, so the eggs you buy with virtual tokens are technically free. To earn money, you must complete particular objectives, receive periodic payouts, figure out the in-game money trees, and so on. As previously said, you will receive payouts regularly, around every 15 minutes of game time, and there is a clever strategy to boost your profits. You can leave the game running in the background for a time and then return to claim the check. A few different hacks are available to boost your chances of receiving free credit and rewards in exchange for pets.

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1 – Play the game at least once daily for as long as possible. This gets you on a roll and leads to further rewards.

2 – Login for five days in a row to get additional stars and a surprise reward.

3 – After 30 days, the game will gift you a Cracked Egg.

4 – Completing a blue goal awards you between six and seven tokens. These objectives are timed, so complete them as soon as they appear.

5 – Finishing an orange goal earns you 12 tokens.

6 – Money trees are great because they produce money. The average daily payout is eight tokens. You can only gather 100 tokens daily if you have many trees.

When you have enough money, you may go to the Nursery and get an egg. The more expensive the egg, the more precious it is. Certain unique eggs occur only on specific days. An Ocean Egg, for example, was available at the time of writing and cost 750 tokens.

How To Easily Get Free Legendary Pets In Adopt Me?

You need to find free legendary pets hidden in secret spots. Remember that this is not a hack but a purposeful decision by the game’s producers to encourage you to continue exploring the game’s environment. So, where have the legends gone?

Location One

1 – Go to the hospital and cross the bridge.

2 – When you reach the other side, turn left to find a wooden home.

3 – Enter the house and find for a hole with the words “Nothing to see here.”

4 – Enter a hidden room with a legendary pet by going into the vent near the hole.

Location Two

1 – Navigate to the Exit but do not cross it.

2 – Throw your plunger across the room. Then, travel slowly towards the Exit, attempting to glitch into it.

3 – A green wall will be seen in front of a grey wall.

4 – Cross both barriers to see different constructions and mountains. There should be a legendary egg as well.

Because these are unexplored and undiscovered areas of the game, they may not always include a legendary pet. Sometimes you’ll only observe problems and receive no reward. Still, returning to the locations from time to time is worthwhile to see whether you’ll strike gold.

How To Easily Get Free Neon Pets In Adopt Me?

Any pet in Adopt Me may be converted into a neon one with a lot of TLC. Take four fully grown pets of the same sort to Adoption Island and get them inside Nixie’s Cave. (On the island, the cave is located beneath the bridge.) Put the pets in the neon circles, and they will be united into a single neon pet.

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Note: You cannot get neon pets in secret spots, and there is no hack to get such a pet.

Alternatively, following gamers who are specialists in the game is the best approach to getting a free neon pet. It is not unusual for them to give away a neon pet as part of a promotion or competition. You must follow them on social media, enjoy their content, or produce your own.

Adopt Me Codes To Easily Get Free Pets

Many discuss Adopt Me codes and hacks to get the most exclusive pets. However, you should be aware that they seldom function and may infect your machine with malware. These tactics are understandably appealing because they give you an advantage over other players; nevertheless, using one may result in your account being banned. There are currently no active Adopt Me codes as of May 2022, but this might change. Certain codes have expired but may still be available on the internet.

1 – 70 tokens for DiscordFTW

2 – 70 tokens for SUMMERBREAK

3 – 200 tokens for MON3YTR33S

4 – 200 tokens for GIFTUNWRAP

5 – 200 tokens for 1B1LL1ONV1S1TS

Previously, you could redeem the codes in the game by clicking on the Twitter icon. The redemption box would appear, you would enter the code, and presto, you’d have extra tokens in your account. The Twitter icon remains, and a pop-up encourages you to follow Adopt Me on social media. You cannot, however, redeem codes in this manner. Adopt Me also does not have any promotional codes. You’re probably being scammed if someone gives you freebies in exchange for your credentials or asks you for your login and password.


Without a doubt, Adopt Me provides hours of entertainment while exploring the bizarre in-game environment and collecting pets. There are also several options to find or acquire free pets through gameplay. Most of the funds come from exploring all the techniques to get those pets, but remember that certain sorts of pets may only emerge for a limited time. How many free pets have you obtained thus far? Do you know of any additional hidden sites that we haven’t mentioned? Share your knowledge in the comments area below.

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