gws_rd=ssl Error On Google? How To Fix


Google has been the most popular search engine for quite some time, and its popularity is increasing. Every day, Google introduces new rules and protocols. One such protocol that stops users from opening a non-SSL website is gws_rd=ssl. SSL, in layman’s terms, offers a secure environment for visitors and browsers alike. SSL is not only a way for visitors to feel secure; it makes it infallible. If SSL is enabled, users will not be phished or tricked into doing or doing anything else. With that stated, here’s a guide to assist users in comprehending Google’s? gws_rd=ssl and how to fix it.

What Is gws_rd=ssl On Google?

As previously said, Google adds new protocols daily, and SSL is one of them. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Also, SSL creates a secure environment for users accessing a website. SSL is especially important if the website offers payment options. Because Google tightly enforces security measures, if a website does not have SSL protection enabled, you will be unable to view it and will get the error gws_rd=ssl. Browsers deal with two kinds of URLs: HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, whereas HTTPS, aka Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, is Secure. This security indicates that the website uses SSL security.

If a URL does not include HTTPS, you’ll be redirected to the HTTPS version of the site. The redirected site’s URL bar contains the text ‘gws rd=ssl’. Well, this is the web address (URL) it will use to direct the user to the target page. There were still some websites that still needed to alter their main URL. It’s also likely that frequent users like us need to be made aware of the upgrade. Internet users are immediately redirected to the site’s secure “HTTPS” version for convenience. Bookmark the website address so you don’t have to return to the search engine and put it in constantly.

gws_rd=ssl Error On Google? How To Fix

As of July 2018, Google punished sites that had not switched to HTTPS, the protocol’s secure version. The ‘…gws rd=ssl’ extension sent the user to the new site. When this occurred, visitors to sites with HTTP addresses were immediately redirected to their HTTPS equivalents. According to Google, users must be redirected since the new URL necessitates the usage of “HTTPS.” Google has mandated the usage of HTTPS to ensure the safety of its users. This was done to ensure the data’s safety and prevent possible intruders.

Google’s automated conversion of your URL to gws rd=ssl may be quite annoying. Your URL has been updated for improved safety. Google does this to keep your information secure. On Google, you may remove gws rd=ssl. Replace the “HTTP” in the URL with “HTTPS” to ensure a secure connection. The URL conversion problem should now be rectified. However, to fix the gws_rd=ssl on Google, go to your browser’s URL bar and type S after HTTP. For example, change to That is it. Google will now cease displaying security notifications. Furthermore, as technology advances, website owners increasingly adopt force redirection to ensure that no one is led to an unprotected page but to an SSL-secured page using HTTPS.

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Clear Browser Cookies And Cache

Follow these instructions to clear the cookies, cache, and date in Google Chrome.

  • Click the three-dot symbol and choose Settings.
  • Navigate to the Privacy and Security tab.
  • Select the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • Alternatively, use Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  • The Time Range option should say All Time.
  • Tick everything.
  • Select the Clear Data button.


Follow these instructions to clear browser cookies, cache, and date in Microsoft Edge.

  • Launch the Edge Settings panel.
  • Navigate to the Privacy, Search, and Services area.
  • Locate the Clear browsing data panel.
  • Select the “Choose what to clear” button.
  • In the Time Range option, choose All Time.
  • Make sure all of the checkboxes are checked.
  • Click the Clear Now button.


Synchronize PC’s Date And Time

You are usually advised to use the current time zone. For example, if you are in the United States, use your current time zone; however, if you are in the United Kingdom, it is suggested that you use the UK time zone. It is time to change if you use a different time zone. To do this, do the following.

  • To open Windows Settings, press Win + I.
  • Navigate to Date & Time in Time & Language.
  • Expand the time zone drop-down menu.
  • Select the right time zone.
  • To turn it on, toggle the Set time automatically button.

Finally, it would help if you restart your browser.

Disable Browser Security Extensions

Several security extensions are available for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. They are designed to protect users against viruses and prevent them from visiting spam links. However, certain extensions fail to check the SSL certificate, which can sometimes cause a conflict when opening a website. That is why we recommend disabling any browser security extensions you currently use.

Change Internet Connection

Many websites may not open if you use a public Wi-Fi connection because of bandwidth limits. The same thing may happen with any other internet source, even your home Wi-Fi connection. We suggest briefly changing your internet connection to check whether this is the problem. If you have an Ethernet connection, switch to a Wi-Fi router or mobile hotspot, and vice versa.

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Reset Browser

If you have altered several settings provided by the browser vendor and certain third-party programs, you will likely encounter such issues while viewing a website.

To reset your Google Chrome browser, follow these instructions.

  • Click the three-dot symbol.
  • Select Reset Settings from the menu.
  • Select the Restore settings to the original defaults option.
  • Select the Reset settings button.

To reset the Microsoft Edge browser, follow these instructions.

  • Open the Edge browser’s Settings menu.
  • Reset Settings is located there.
  • Select the Restore settings to default values option.
  • Click the Reset button.

Although this is sufficient, we suggest restarting your computer and browser once. Aside from these options, you should check these.

  • Update your browser. If your browser is rather ancient, you can get this error.
  • If you have the QUIC protocol enabled, it is suggested that you disable it. In the browser, open Chrome://flags/#enable-quic and choose the Default option. Then, restart the browser.


How To Fix SSL Connection Error In Google Chrome?

To fix the SSL connection error in Google Chrome, you may need to clear your cookies, cache, and browsing data, depending on the error. Aside from that, you may need to change your system’s time zone, reset the browser, and disable certain extensions. However, if all users are experiencing the same SSL connection problem while opening a certain website, you may need to wait sometime.

How To Fix The Google Connection Error?

Well, you must first check your internet connection to fix the Google connection error. You may also need to change your internet connection. On the other hand, it is suggested that you temporarily disable a VPN or proxy to check whether it is causing the problem.

Consider The Following:

Final Words:

Google has mandated HTTPS for security reasons. The necessity to secure user information was the key motivator for this change. Almost everyone on the globe has used Google to do an internet search. Consequently, maintaining the safety of its users’ information was a primary focus. Adding the ‘S’ to HTTP ensured the site’s data was secure from prying eyes. This protects your private search history from prying eyes. So that’s all we know about what gws_rd=ssl means on Google. After reading this guide, we hope you also understand how to fix it. Make sure to comment below if you still have any questions.

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