Hayu Free Trial – How to Watch Hayu in The USA

Hayu Free Trial

What is Hayu? Are you a fan of reality TV, drama, and true crime? Do you want to be able to watch as many episodes as you want without breaking the bank? Hayu, pronounced as hey you, may hold the key to solving your troubles. If you’ve ever had difficulty discovering certain shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, Hayu has you covered. It is a subscription-based channel devoted to reality TV shows launched in 2016.

This platform is your one-stop shop for all your drama show needs, from keeping up with the Kardashians to the real homemaker’s franchise. Essentially, Hayu has something for everyone and every taste. It is a subscription-based video streaming service that features over 250 reality series owned by NBCUniversal in the United States.

How can I watch Hayu?

Hayu subscriptions start at roughly £4.99 per month and can be canceled. Hayu is available on the Hayu website and a variety of various devices.

It is available on the following platforms: Android and iOS mobile devices, intelligent TVs such as Samsung, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Chemo Cast, Apple TV, Chromecast, NOW, fetch tv, Ziggo tv, Hisense, viaplay, kindle fire, bell tv, and Telus Optik tv.

Hayu Free Trial & Does Hayu have a Free Trial?

The organization offers a free 30-day trial period which you can experience before you buy. 

Hayu Free Trial

How does the free trial work?

Hayu offers a 30-day free trial, after which you may choose to pay for the next subscription or cancel it quickly by entering into your account and canceling the subscription.

You may sign up for a free trial of hayu straight on the hayu website. Directly to the site and receive a one-month free trial.

You may also get a one-month free trial of Hayu via Amazon channels. You’ll also receive 30 days of Amazon Prime. On the prime app, you may stream all of Hayu’s programming. It’s simple to cancel because you choose what to cancel, whether Hayu or prime.

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It is also available as a one-week trial pass on NOW TV via Sky. The hayu can be viewed using the NOW TV app. 

What is the cost of Hayu?

Hayu’s fee varies by country if you subscribe via hayu.com or mobile apps. If you are a new hayu subscriber, you will receive a free trial, and subscribing is as simple as canceling. Hayu is available in several countries and is also available in English. The following table details the Hayu exchange rates in each country. 

  • United kingdom: £4.99 per month
  • Australia AUD $ 6.99 per month
  • Canada CAD $5.99 per month
  • France: 4.99£ per month
  • Norway: NOK49 per month
  • Sweden: SEK49 per month

These rates even depend on the country’s tax policies. So there’s no contract needed.

How do I use Hayu?

Hayu Free Trial

  1. After registering for hayu, navigate to the main page to view featured shows.
  2. Scroll down to see which shows are being featured, the various categories, and those recently aired on TV.
  3. You can view those that have been recently added as well as others.
  4. Click on read more to view a description of the individual shows, which you may save to your favorites for future reference. 
  5.     Choose the episode and watch.
  6.     You can even search for genres and actors and read more about them in the description details.
  7.     There’s my account category at the top to access your account details & payment methods.

Is Hayu Tv worth it?

If you enjoy drama, reality TV, and actual crime shows, hayu is your channel. You can binge-watch any show you want, whether it’s million-dollar listings, top chefs, or keeping up with the Kardashians.

Additionally, flipping out, shahs of sunset, nasty chicks club, don’t be tardy, and jersey shore is listed in Hayu. It’s such a fascinating site to use. It is entirely worth it at a price offered. It features over 250 reality shows and over 6500 food, dating, and true crime documentaries. Numerous US series are available on Hayu within hours after their US premieres.

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We’ve come to witness the drama. Who has returned, wields authority, and possesses opulent tastes and properties? It takes less than a second to begin playing in high definition, and the quality remains consistent regardless of whether you’re using iOS or Android. It works with all devices. Additionally, it is pretty simple to use.

It’s critical to keep in mind that you can only use your hayu account on a single device at a time.

It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and offers a diverse selection of shows. If you’re a lover of this type of hayu entertainment, you’ll never be short of something to binge-watch.

Hayu also includes a download feature, making it an excellent choice for mobile services. Download your preferred show and watch it later or even on the way home without using up all of your mobile data. 

Final Words about Hayu.

Who doesn’t enjoy drama at the end of a long day? After a long day, watching grown ladies argue about who stabbed who’s back or over a boy sounds like a good plan. Even with the ongoing epidemic and cases requiring self-quarantine, hayu has you covered. You can binge-watch everything from classics to recent releases, from the 19 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians to million-dollar listings. Who doesn’t enjoy an excellent binge session?

Hayu is an excellent location to watch series, and the subscription is well worth it, with hundreds of shows at a fair price, great prices, and the bonus of remaining hooked to the coach for the drama. 

How to contact Hayu

They provide good customer service, and assistance in troubleshooting, latest offers, payment issues, managing your account & getting started at Halu through their team at support@hayu.com. You can even find them at @hayuhelps via Facebook and Instagram at Hayu.

Hayu makes a great companion to services like Netflix.

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