Top 10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System In 2022

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Best reasons to install home security system will be described in this article. Even while installing a home security system can be expensive, not doing so could end up costing you more. The top 10 reasons for installing a home security system or updating an existing home alarm system are discussed below.

Top 10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System In 2022

Top 10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System are explained here.

1. Protect your home and family from intruders

The main benefit of having a home security system for a homeowner is that it provides protection for family members against intruders. Simon Hakim and Erwin Blackstone’s “Securing Home and Business” claims that properties without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by burglars. This shows that an alarm system alone is usually sufficient to safeguard a home and its occupants from a break-in. When family members are present, burglars may still choose to target a home, either consciously or unknowingly. Also check benefits of home care services.

Finding family members inside can shock and terrify a burglar who enters the home expecting it to be vacant enough to encourage aggressive conduct. Having a security system in place frequently gives family members ample time to leave the home for a secure area while the alarm system calls the police. The home alarm system again functions as an early warning system and calls the authorities for burglars who enter a home knowing that family members are there. In these cases, the burglars’ motives are frequently considerably more nasty. This is another reason of home security system.

2. Protect your home and family from fires

Protect your home and family from fires

Although the notion of home security systems frequently conjures up images of home invasions, these alarm systems also offer extra protective barriers for homeowners. Home safety systems provide an early warning system, unlike the smoke alarms that many homeowners rely on to alert them when a fire is starting.

In addition to alerting homeowners to the presence of smoke inside the house and contacting authorities, monitored home alarm systems also warn of heat sources. Where there is warmth, there could be a blaze, contrary to the adage “where there is smoke, there is fire.” For this reason, heat detectors should be included as part of any fire protection strategy. While heat detectors can be purchased without a home security system being installed, using a smoke detector by itself won’t alert authorities.

A little flame can become a full-fledged inferno in about thirty seconds, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. A fire will quickly fill the home with heavy, black smoke that will make it impossible for family members to breathe. The significance of having a home security system that will alert authorities to a house fire is reinforced by these two facts alone. In every situation, time is the most important component, but in the case of a fire, time is crucial. A fire safety worry that lasts only a few seconds could result in fatalities or the total loss of a home and all of its contents.

3. Protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning

This is another reason of home security system. A gas that is both colourless and odourless and is present in combustion emissions is what causes carbon monoxide poisoning. Burning wood or charcoal, stoves, heating systems, gas ranges, and other items can all produce carbon monoxide within the home.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be used to find carbon monoxide leakage. These tiny gadgets, which mimic smoke detectors, can be bought separately or as a component of a home security system. The advantage of having these devices placed as part of a home security system is that it gives emergency service dispatch in addition to calling paramedics qualified to treat CO poisoning symptoms. This benefit is similar to that of a smoke detector that is monitored by a home alarm. The more quickly people can escape the home and seek medical attention, the less severe the symptoms of CO poisoning will be.

4. Provide your family with peace of mind

Provide your family with peace of mind

Many families experience peace of mind knowing that their home is safeguarded from a range of terrifying circumstances thanks to the installation of a home security system.

This piece of mind is especially essential for elderly, disabled, or frequently abandoned home owners. Home security systems send out authorities who can help for the elderly who might not be able to leave a home quickly enough in many risky scenarios. Home security systems not only keep an eye on every home of the home for those who are unable to leave due to illness or injury, but they also call the appropriate authorities when necessary.

Users of some home security systems can also wear medical alert pendants that are intended to summon assistance in particular medical circumstances. Last but not least, families who frequently leave family members at home alone can benefit from home alarm systems. Home security systems offer peace of mind for anyone who is frequently left alone for long periods of time, including military spouses and children of working parents.

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5. Protect your Valuable

Throughout our lives, we accumulate and buy a variety of things that are significant to us. These possessions, which range from pricey purchases to personal heirlooms, serve as symbols of our identities and our achievements. However, when burglars break into our home, they are more concerned with the retail worth of the items they are taking than they are with how we feel about our things. In the United States, there are thought to be about 2.5 million burglaries every year. Homeowners incurred a $3.1 billion loss as a result of these break-ins, with an average loss of $1,700 per break-in. This is another reason of home security system.

For the majority of homeowners, having a home alarm system is sufficient to prevent burglaries, but when it is not, it serves a second purpose. The cameras fitted with many contemporary alarm systems catch the intruders in the act in addition to alerting authorities that the home has been burglarized and boosting the likelihood that intruders will be apprehended. The possibility that the burglar will be caught for the crime committed rises with visual evidence of the home invasion. A record of the items taken from a home after a break-in can also be made by homeowners with the aid of video cameras.

6. Having someone else to monitor your home

The ability to receive continuous monitoring even when you are unable to do it yourself is one of the main advantages of having a monitored home security system. Even with a home security alarm, leaving town for work or going on vacation might be anxious, but with monitoring services, there is always someone available to help in an emergency.

These services don’t take care of your home, but they do keep track of important events and send help when it’s needed. Alarms set off by a house fire, a carbon monoxide leak, a severe drop in or rise in temperature, an intruder, or a natural calamity like a flood can all be handled by home security systems. The harm brought on by these terrible occurrences might be significantly worse than it otherwise would be in the absence of a monitoring agency’s vigilant eye.

7. Save on homeowner’s insurance

This is another reason of home security system. In most cases, purchasing homeowners insurance is a requirement for becoming a homeowner. Location, coverage, payment options, insurance provider, house type, and a few other variables all affect how much this kind of insurance coverage costs.

Homeowners insurance is sometimes viewed as a waste of money, but those who have ever needed it (or wish they had) will disagree. Also check air ducts cleaning services

Homeowner’s insurance is intended to protect private residences and the belongings inside from losses or damage that may happen as a result of several catastrophic catastrophes. Most events, including fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes, are covered by homeowner insurance. Since floods are more frequent, flood insurance is typically excluded and must be obtained individually.

First-time homebuyers typically do not factor in the cost of homeowners insurance while making their home, but those who add home security systems typically receive a sizable discount. The overall discount provided for homes with security systems varies depending on the system’s features (for example, a system monitored by a central monitoring station should provide a larger discount than one that is not monitored), the initial amount of coverage purchased, and the company providing the insurance. Having a functional home alarm system installed typically results in homeowners receiving a 10–20% discount on their insurance.

8. Keep an eye on your home remotely

Keep an eye on your home remotely

One of the main benefits of having a home alarm system for some homeowners is being able to monitor their home even when they are away. As technology has advanced, many home alarm systems now enable consumers to remotely access their home security system by logging on to the internet using their laptops or smartphones. This is another reason of home security system.

With this kind of system, the home alarm can be remotely activated or deactivated, cameras can be watched, lights in the house can be turned on and off, the temperature can be adjusted, and motion detectors can be kept an eye on. All of these features enable homeowners to keep an eye out for invaders while also remotely defending the home. Remotely turning on lights at a predetermined time can assist create the impression that someone is home even when they are not. In addition to helping to minimise pipe damage and reduce electric or gas costs, turning on the heating or air conditioning can assist the home get ready for unforeseen temperature fluctuations. In most situations, a little cost is required for remote access, but it gives homeowners the chance to manage their home even when they are away from it.

9. Get medical assistance when needed

Many home alarm companies offer emergency pulls or pendants that double as medical alerts because medical issues are a serious concern for many homeowners. These gadgets are made to allow users to quickly summon emergency services to their home by pushing a button or pulling a cord. Children of ageing parents, sick people’s families, and people who live with family members who have special needs frequently ask for these services. The possibility of a senior citizen falling is one of the main worries for their family members; fortunately, if they have a medical alert feature, they can call for help right away if they do fall at home alone.

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This service can be utilised in a similar manner by families of people with special needs or illnesses to alert authorities or medical personnel that help is required in the event of seizures or other medical emergencies. Although it is not a basic function on many home security systems, this capability is widespread enough to be purchased for a price. You can also visit our page to check our picks for the top medical alert devices.

10. Reduce energy consumption in your home

Home mechanization is a relatively new concept, and as a result, not many home security firms now offer it, though it is growing in popularity. Through this service, users can remotely monitor and manage their home’s lighting, temperature, and, in certain situations, minor appliances.

When no one is home, some homeowners use this option to turn off the heating and cooling and log in an hour or two before returning home to turn it back on and make the home pleasant. Other home owners make use of this capability to switch on the lights in their residences before they leave their offices so they won’t have to come home at home. Since it enables homeowners to give the impression that someone is home even when they are not, this function is also helpful for scaring away burglars. Visit this page to find our top picks for the home automation systems that will help you use less energy in your home.

Additional reasons why you should install a home security system

  • Pets are also protected by security systems, in addition to people and their belongings. Without a home alarm system, the family pet would perish if a fire started while no one else was home.
  • Security solutions for the home enable homeowners to protect less used spaces like the basement and the garage. This makes it harder for burglars to enter the home using their favourite ways and go unnoticed.
  • Home security systems eliminate the need for homeowners to rely on their neighbours to keep an eye on their home while they are gone. Alarm systems reduce the likelihood of human error.
  • If intruders do manage to enter the home, home alarm systems deter them from remaining too long because they are more likely to flee if an alarm sounds loudly.
  • Compared to older wired alarm systems, modern wireless alarm systems are more economical and much simpler to install and maintain.
  • When it comes home to sell your home, having an alarm system installed really raises the value of your home. In addition, it protects your home during the selling process, during which several strangers will be there.
  • Because they notify authorities directly and expedite dispatch, homes with security systems installed have a shorter emergency response time.
  • The majority of big home security providers provide 24-hour monitoring and assistance for their alarm systems, which lowers the possibility that the alarm system may malfunction and put your house’s safety in danger.
  • Homeowners and their families can see who is at the front door without stepping close to it thanks to some home alarm systems that include outdoor cameras. Families with working parents who frequently have to leave their children home alone will find this option to be especially helpful.

Facts to Consider

Consider some of the following information if you’re still unsure about whether your home or family will benefit from investing in a home alarm system:

  • A home fire is reported once every twenty seconds.

The third most common reason for fatal home injuries in the country is house fires.

  • In the United States, fires claim more lives each year than all other natural disasters combined.
  • Homes without smoke alarms account for 39% of residential fires and 52% of residential fire fatalities.
  • Residential properties are the scene of 70% of all burglaries.
  • A robbery is reported once every 14.5 seconds.
  • The bulk of burglaries occur between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when most householders are at work.

The FBI’s crime data show that guns are used in 8% of robberies.

  • The front door, rear door, and first story windows are the most common entry points used by burglars to enter a home.

According to FBI crime statistics, 60% of recorded burglaries occurred when a person was present at home.

  • The police only successfully solve 13% of burglaries that are reported.
  • Only 15% of the stolen stuff during break-ins is ever found by the police.
  • Between 2005 and 2009, fires in homes without smoke alarms or smoke alarms that were not in operation caused around two-thirds of home fire deaths.

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