How to Solve Xbox One Error 0x800704cf?


Xbox One Error 0x800704cf indicates a network problem that’s preventing you from signing in to your Xbox account. This same error may occur when the console can’t launch your favourite games due to network issues.

This error message reads as follows:

‘You will need the Internet for this. This doesn’t look like you are connected to the Internet. So, Please check your connection and try again. 0x800704cf’.

How to Solve Xbox One Error 0x800704cf

Check the Service Status

Since this error 0x800704cf usually appears when there’s a general network problem, start by checking the Xbox Service Status.

Suppose there is a known issue that could be triggering error 0x800704cf, it should be on the list. Suppose this the case, wait until Microsoft has fixed the problem.

Try Again

This error 0x800704cf could also be triggered by temporary server issues caused by an unusually high number of requests. Well, In other words, the Xbox servers are overwhelmed. So, Wait five or 10 minutes. These issues usually disappear after some minutes.

Restart or Unplug Your Modem

Suppose the issue persists, it’s time to check your network. Now, Restart your modem and check if this quick workaround did the trick.

So, Try unplugging the modem if you haven’t done that in weeks. Now, Unplug the power cable and leave your modem unplugged for three minutes. Though, Then power it back up and check if the error code 0x800704cf is still there.

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If you suspect low bandwidth problems cause the error, disconnect all the other devices using the network.

Clear Local Xbox 360 Storage

  • Start, Navigate to Settings.
  • Choose System.
  • Move to Storage.
  • Now, select Clear local Xbox 360 storage.


  • Lastly, Restart your console and check again.

Clear the MAC Address

You can try to change the MAC address of your console.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Move to General settings.
  • Choose Network Settings.
  • Then, Head to Advanced Settings.
  • Next, Locate and select Alternate MAC Address.


  • So, Clear the current MAC Address.
  • Finally, Restart your console and reconnect to your network. This console should start updating now if there is a new version available.

Which brings us to the next solution.

Update Your Console

Suppose you are running an outdated system version, don’t be surprised if your console becomes a bit glitchy.

  • Move to Profile and System.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Then, head to System.
  • Choose Updates to check for updates.

Go to the Troubleshooting Screen

Suppose the console is not updating correctly, do this:

  • Take out the power cable & leave your Xbox console unplugged for 3 or 4 minutes.
  • Now, hold the Sync button on the controller and press the Eject button.
  • Meanwhile holding down these buttons, press the ON button on the console.
  • Then, wait until you hear a second ON sound. You can then release the Sync & Eject buttons.
  • Next, You should see the troubleshooting screen now.
  • Finally, Select Continue & update your console.
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Launch a Game Without Signing In

Other most users suggested this quick workaround worked for them:

  • Sign out & reconnect the console to your network.
  • Choose a random game & launch it.
  • So, You will be prompted to sign in once you reach the game’s login screen.
  • Choose your Profile, and try to sign in. So, there should be no error this time around.

Reset Your IP and DNS

Refreshing your IP and DNS may help. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Select Network Settings.
  • Then, go to Advanced Settings.
  • Select the IP Settings.
  • Next, set the IP settings to Automatic.
  • So, Repeat the same steps for the DNS settings to get a new DNS.
  • Now, Check the connection.

Reset Your Console

Resetting your console without deleting your games & app may help you to get rid of this error.

  • Open the guide and go to System.
  • Then select Settings.
  • Go to System → Console info.
  • Locate the Reset console option.
  • Please fix it and keep your games & apps.


  • After this process is complete, you can power cycle your console.

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Final Thought:

Let me know in comments so which method worked for you.

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