How to Install APK on External SD Card?

how to install apk on external sd card

Best guide to install APK on External SD card will Be discussed in this article. Nowadays, Android smartphones can have up to 1TB of internal storage, although the base models on less expensive options can only have 16GB or 32GB. Speaking of the latter, you will always run out of space after downloading a few apps, images, and videos, among others. Fortunately, external SD Card storage is available for Android cellphones. APK files can also be stored in addition to videos and photographs, albeit doing so requires some training. Here’s how to Install APK on External SD Card that isn’t external.

Method #1: Set external SD Card as internal storage


Install APK on External SD Card

It turns out that certain OEMs offer a Flex Storage that enables you to use SD cards as internal storage if you wish to free up internal capacity and instead use external SD Card space. You should be aware that not all smartphone brands and models, including Motorola and Huawei, among a select few others, have it.

Since you will be utilising the SD card as internal storage and need faster retrieval to use the phone without interruption, you should get the fastest SD card that is currently on the market with Class 10 and UHS-3 standards. Apart from that, you won’t be able to remove the SD card unless you want to impair your phone’s capacity to handle material and apps, but you may reformat it and use it for something else if you so choose.

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This is how it goes.

  • On your device, select Settings and then Storage.
  • Choose the SD card that is in the device.
  • Next, tap the three dots that are stacked vertically to reveal more menus.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose “Storage Settings.”
  • Choose “Format as Internal” next to the SD Card.
  • Before pressing “Erase & Format,” the system will ask you to read what is on the screen because once you do, there is no turning back because you won’t get any data back.
  • After choosing to move data from internal to the SD card, which you will now utilise as internal storage, press “Move Now” to continue.
  • Once you’ve tapped “Done,” the procedure is complete.

Method #2: Using Developer Options

If your phone has an SD card space, you can use this comparatively simple approach to install APK on external SD Card storage.

If you haven’t already before beginning, you must activate Developer Options.

  • Next, find the Build Number and repeatedly press it seven times until a pill-shaped pop-up notifies you that “You are a Developer Now.” appears.
  • Go back to Settings and look for the Developer Options section.
  • It’s in Settings >> System >> Developer Options for me.
  • Developer Preferences
  • Find the “Force allow apps on external” setting and toggle it ON.
  • Force external app access
  • The “Change” button should appear next time you visit the Storage section of any programme, allowing you to choose whether to keep the app on internal storage or send it to an external SD Card.

Method #3: Using APK Editor

Install APK on External SD Card

If you manually install the APK on your Android device, you can change the storage permission before installing the programme using the APK Editor App.

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Install APK Editor after downloading.

  • Click Select APK from the App or Select an APK File after opening the app.
  • Select apk from app
  • Choosing the APK file.
  • Select APK to Install
  • Now select Prefer external under Installation Location by clicking.
  • Install Location\sPrefer External
  • After that, save the APK file and install it.

Method #4: Using App manger

Install APK on External SD Card

App Managers are programmes that let you control other programmes. This includes setting the default app storage location, removing or turning off particular programmes, etc. To find apps using the aforementioned search, go to Play Store and type in “App Manager.”

Install APK on a storage device external

  • Downloading an app with the most reviews will ensure that you aren’t installing a fake version.
  • Manager of Smart Apps
  • You can modify the default location of storage for newly downloaded apps (APKs) via the App Manager once the app is configured.
  • Although many functions require rooting, do check that out first as they are all fairly self-explanatory.

Final Words:

The guide on how to install APKs on external SD cards for Android devices is now complete. Keep in mind that not all devices support all of the aforementioned functions, so use caution when switching APK files to avoid breaking the app and having to reinstall it to restore functionality. Please depart a remark down if you have any thoughts about How to Install APK on External SD Card. Additionally, for video instructions, kindly subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel.

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