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Recently, there was a controversy about how to view Instagram stories anonymously. Instanavigation offered Instagram users the unique feature of viewing someone’s stories without notifying them. People attempt to view other people’s stories without letting them know they’re viewing their Instagram stories. This feature might be used to view the stories of a crush without letting them know, a buddy with whom they battled, or stalking competitors. Furthermore, one might use this feature because they like being anonymous and doing things quietly without being detected by an app. There might be several reasons for adopting the specific Instanavigation app.

What’s Instanavigation?

Instanavigation is a unique website for viewing Instagram stories anonymously. One may download memes or videos posted on Instagram using this website and view the users’ stories you like. Many people desire to download Instagram stories and posts. However, the app does not enable users to download posts, videos, memes, reels, or photos directly. As a result, one must discover a trusted source to download them. Many apps and websites are designed for this purpose, including Snaptube, Vidmate, Instagram Video Downloader, Instanavigation, Blind Story, Story Saver, Ghostify, Qoob, Storistalker, and Dumpor.

How Does Instanavigation Work?

Instanavigation works best on computers, smartphones, and laptops. There is no need to install or download it. Open on your browser to make use of these features. As a result, it’s best for those with little storage or obsolete cell phones. Here’s how to use Instanabigation.

  • Launch the web or any browser on your smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet. Remember to switch on your internet connection since this website does not operate offline.
  • Enter into the search field and hit enter.
  • After the website appears on the screen, creating an account or signing up is unnecessary.
  • Open the Instagram app on a separate tab or screen and search for the account you want to stalk. Copy the user’s Instagram ID and paste it in the provided section. Similarly, please copy and paste their profile URL. After inputting both items, click the search button.
  • Click the story option if you wish to view it. If one wants to view posts, one must click them. Your name or ID will not show in the insights or statistics for the posts or stories.
  • On all views, a download button may be clicked to have it downloaded.
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Is Instanavigation Safe To Use?

Everyone recommends Instanavigation, and it is very safe to use. It’s 100% safe because the user does not need to sign in to their Instagram account. As a result, if the site does not know your Instagram account information, it cannot notify the app’s logistics, and Instagram will not detect your existence.

Is It Possible To Watch Stories Of Saved Accounts?

The main drawback to this app is that its functionality is comparable to Instagram and other third-party apps or websites. As a result, you would not be able to glimpse their private accounts, feeds, or stories. From now on, one may only view public groups that are not restricted.

Best Instanavigation Alternatives

Many additional apps and websites provide comparable features to this anonymous tale viewer app. Here’s a list of the best Instanavigation alternatives.


Blind Story includes a straightforward user interface and current features. After logging in to Blind Story with your Instagram username and password, the screen displays your friends’ stories and everyone in the feed. One may tap any article and view it completely anonymously for free. This app allows you to mark your favorite Instagram profile in Blind Story’s specific favorites area. When that individual posts a story, it automatically rises to the top of the favorite section. However, one may only view 15 free stories each day. However, the app sometimes bugs and loads the stories slowly. The premium edition of this app costs $3.99 on iOS and Android smartphones.


Qoob provides its customers with various special features that allow them to have fun on Instagram by downloading anything they want from anyone. The premium Qoob lets users download images, reels, and stories from private accounts, export captions, and get business usage permissions. Only Qoob’s premium members may view stories anonymously. Henceforth, one must lighten one’s wallet and invest $7 monthly for a Qoob premium account. On free Qoob, users may download up to 200 videos each day.

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Story Saver

Story Saver, as the name implies, is an Instagram story-saving app. Furthermore, it is used to copy the captions of Instagram posts. One may also glimpse their rivals’ hashtags and leverage them while posting to attract a larger audience. You may also download posts and reels from it. The main disadvantage of Story Saver is that it sometimes crashes in the middle of a task, and only reinstalling can resolve the issues. Apart from that, it is not accessible on iOS devices.


Dumpor, like Instanavigation, allows users to stalk and download infinite videos, stories, reels, and posts. To use the website’s features, there is no need to sign up or provide any personal information.


Ghostify includes all the features you need, including a user-friendly interface, downloading and viewing posts anonymously, and posting stories anonymously. However, the app is not free. Ghostify offers a free one-day trial where users may view 15 stories anonymously. If someone needs to use Ghostify daily, they must pay $2.99 monthly for the premium version.

Consider The Following:


There are various apps and websites for anonymously viewing Instagram stories, but Instanavigation is the best. All of the features of an updated website, such as viewing stories and posts anonymously and downloading videos, are accessible here. Remember to leave your thoughts on this Instagram video downloader in the comments.

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