All Seraphims In One Piece – Ranked

Seraphims In One Piece

The Seraphim is the last Piece of the jigsaw that will unleash unmitigated disaster over the waters of the One Piece universe. They should not be underestimated since Dr. Vegapunk plainly stated that they are the pinnacle of science and should be considered the strongest form of humanity. So, how powerful are the Seraphim? There are seven Seraphims in One Piece, and now we will rank them based on their powers. So, please keep reading to learn about each Seraphim’s powers and how they compare.

All Seraphims In One Piece – Ranked

The Seraphims of One Piece are mentioned below.

1. Seraphim Based on Gecko Moria

Seraphims In One Piece

  • Official Name: Unknown
  • Based on: Gecko Moria
  • Devil Fruit: Kage Kage no Mi (possibly)

We all know that Gecko Moria was the weakest of the seven warlords. He was bestowed with this distinction despite possessing the power of one of the greatest paramecia devil fruits, Kage Kage no Mi. However, it is claimed that Moria’s weaknesses will be fixed with his version of the Seraphim. He was also predicted to have the powers of artificially created Kage Kage no Mi, a paramecia-type fruit. We’ll see the full scope of this fruit’s powers and a stronger version of Moria. However, these are merely assumptions, and we must wait till we know his true powers before ranking him properly.

2. S-Hawk

Seraphims In One Piece

  • Based on: Dracule Mihawk
  • Devil Fruit: Supa Supa no Mi

S-Hawk was the first seraphim unit we saw, along with S-Snake. He is a clone of Dracule Mihawk, the world’s best swordsman. Hence, he inherited the devastating swordsmanship from mythology. We witnessed him battle Blackbeard, which reminded us of none other than Mihawk’s swordplay, but he can’t quite reproduce it with his Yoru-like sword in One Piece. S-Hawk’s superb swordplay compelled Blackbeard to employ Armament Haki to defend himself. He could even slice a section of a mountain at Amazon Lily, demonstrating his actual levels.

3. Seraphim Based on Crocodile

Seraphims In One Piece

  • Official Name: Unknown
  • Based on: Crocodile
  • Devil Fruit: Unknown

Similar to the Moria-based seraphim, we have a Sir Crocodile-based seraphim with unknown powers. We cannot determine if he would maintain the powers of Suna Suna no Mi since it is a logia-type devil fruit. As a result, it isn’t easy to speculate on this Seraphim right now. So only time will give us the solution. Until then, he must remain out of the top rankings.

4. S-Shark

  • Based on: Jinbe
  • Devil Fruit: Sui Sui no Mi
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As a whale shark fish-man, S-Shark quickly reveals himself to be a clone of the Straw Hat Pirates’ knight of the sea, Jinbe. We were shocked to see the Straw Hats and a young Jinbe with a lot of promise. S-Shark is a fish man. Hence, he inherited all of the race’s characteristics, such as huge strength and proficiency in Fish-Man Karate and Fish-Man Jujutsu. He also has an imitation replica of Senor Pink’s Sui Sui no Mi. This instantaneously gives S-Shark the ability to swim across anything. This makes it an appropriate devil fruit power for a fisherman. We also witness him use the fruit’s powers with fish-man karate, increasing his total strength levels.

5. S-Snake

  • Based on: Boa Hancock
  • Devil Fruit: Mero Mero no Mi

Next, we have S-Snake, a duplicate of the ever-lasting beauty, the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. She inherited the empress’s looks and her Mero Mero no Mi’s powers via artificial means. During her debut on the Amazon Lily island, she demonstrates her incredible strength and is as tough as hell with the Lunarian fire on her back. Because she is the child form of the stunning Boa Hancock, her adorable look tremendously aids her in using the power of the Mero Mero no Mi. People typically find her cute enough to frighten those who stand in her way. She could also fire laser beams from her hand, much as previous generations of Pacifistas could. As a result, second to S-Hawk, S-Snake is unquestionably the greatest in the industry.

6. Seraphim Based on Doflamingo

  • Official Name: Unknown
  • Based on: Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Devil Fruit: Ito Ito no Mi (possibly)

Three additional seraphim, one of which was based on Doflamingo, were presented to us in Chapter 1086. The chapter surely addressed his powers, but we only got a peek. For the time being, it is assumed that the Doflamingo clone would possess the powers of Doffy’s Ito Ito no Mi, which is a paramecia-type devil fruit. This is because it is the only variety that can produce fake devil fruit. We shall learn more about this seraphim shortly.

7. S-Bear

  • Based on: Bartholomew Kuma
  • Devil Fruit: Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Bartholomew Kuma created the first human-cloned weaponry, known as Pacifistas. After a time, his Buccaneer body produced an enhanced Pacifista known as S-Bear. Only S-Bear possesses the DNA of the two strongest races in this realm: Buccaneer and Lunarian. As a consequence, S-Bear has enormous strength and incredible resilience! S-Bear also contains the powers of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, one of the strongest devil fruits. With its fake fruit powers, it can push back everything in its path and has several additional skills, giving it an all-around power. S-Bear’s strong build allows him to withstand punches from Rob Lucci and Luffy during the combat on Egghead Island. We are keeping S-Bear in seventh place since we have not seen his full powers in action.

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FAQs: Seraphims In One Piece

How Powerful Are The Seraphim One Piece?

According to Dr. Vegapunk, the seraphim is considered the strongest form of humanity. So, indeed, they are one of the most powerful entities in this universe.

Who’s The Strongest Seraphim In One Piece?

S-Hawk is the strongest seraphim we’ve encountered so far due to his huge strength, remarkable resilience, and top-notch swordsmanship abilities, as well as his mad powers, which are suited for Supa Supa no Mi.

Do The Seraphim Have Devil Fruits?

Yes! The seraphim has the powers of artificial paramecia-type devil fruits. S-Hawk, for example, has the powers of Supa Supa no Mi.

Consider The Following:

Conclusion: Seraphims In One Piece

In addition to his natural abilities, he is endowed with the powers of Supa Supa no Mi devil fruit. This fruit, albeit fake, allows him to convert various portions of his body into razor-sharp blades. This is an appropriate devil power for S-Hawk to use with his blade. In addition, due to the King’s bloodline, he has strong Lunarian characteristics, such as extraordinary endurance. That is how S-Hawk was able to stand on his own against formidable foes like Blackbeard, Zoro, and Kaku.

Without a doubt, S-Hawk is the most powerful seraphim in the One Piece world since he is a clone of the finest warlord among the seven. That also qualifies S-Hawk as one of the greatest swordsmen we’ve seen in One Piece so far. That is all we know about the seven seraphim in this world. Seraphim are a fascinating new addition to the One Piece universe, and their incredible powers are shifting the tides. However, we know a little about each of them now. Currently, S-Hawk is the strongest seraphim. Let’s see if this changes soon. Will the Seraphims from One Piece become allies in the future? We never know, so please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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