31 Dropbox Alternatives Gives You Best Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox Alternatives

Today’s Article is Related to Dropbox Alternatives Gives You Best Cloud Storage Services: DropBox is the most popular and widely-used cloud storage out there. It is one of the best to keep your files and important documents intact, as we all know that no matter how expensive a phone is, it is not spacious enough to store all the data. In such situations, Dropbox comes to the rescue. 


  • it offers encrypted security.
  • It offers free storage
  • All storage files are easily accessible
  • it backs up your data instead of storing it

However, there have been certain cases where Dropbox ran out of storage. In fact, there were few bugs in the past too. So, in this case, it is better to opt for a premium account, or even better, opt for some DropBox alternatives.

31 Dropbox Alternatives – Best Cloud Storage Services

Each of the capable cloud storage services has its own specialties, and there are plenty to choose from. Unusually, the best course of action is to make a list of the items that your situation necessitates right away.

1. Google Drive

Dropbox Alternatives

With storage of 15GB, it is the best Dropbox replacement. It is the best alternatives. In fact, Dropbox and Drive were created by Google Drive. It is literally the best alternative for storing documents and sheets. The tool lets you type text with your voice, and many people can work simultaneously. Its 100GB subscription costs only $1.99, and 1Tb costs $9.99

2. pCloud

Dropbox Alternatives


PCloud is yet another DropBox replacement that acts as a cloud management system. It has made it possible to access, store, and share your files anywhere with anyone. Moreover, it is very easy to know and integrated with different platforms. All these features make it really desirable. It has a storage of almost 10GB, where the 500GB cost $3.99 monthly and $175 for 2TB

3. MediaFire

Dropbox Alternatives

MediaFire is yet another option for business purposes. It helps business projects upload, organize, and share photos, videos, and everything on a single platform. It renders a massive range of professional and straightforward plans that help in business projects.

4. Zoho Docs

Dropbox Alternatives

Zoho Docs is yet another alternative to Dropbox. It is perfect for official use, as it caters to small teams in massive enterprises. It involves integration with Dropbox as well as email integration. You can also access management. It also lets you do a bulk upload, tagging the documents, digital signs, etc. 

5. Slack

Dropbox Alternatives

Contrary to its name, Slack is one of the robust and leading Dropbox Alternatives for team communication and collaboration. The interface is easy and lets you search for things quickly. Moreover, it is well integrated with Mac, PC, iOS, etc. 

6. Sync

Dropbox Alternatives

Sync is the first alternative to Dropbox. It is one of the widely-known and organized Dropbox alternatives. It enables you to access and share your profiles from and with any device. The tool is also best for security purposes, as it lets you have control over your password, email notifications, expiry date, etc. The best part is that no one needs to have an account on Sync to read the file. It has a storage of almost 5GB, and the price ranges from $49 annually for 500GB and $96 annually for 2TB.

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7. Box

Dropbox Alternatives

Next up, we have Box. It is primarily for business use; however, you can also use it for personal use. The tool is known for its easy yet modern interface. Also, it works well even with a slow connection. However, it doesn’t let users upload files greater than 250Mb. 

8. Redbooth

Dropbox Alternatives

Nex on the list of recommended Dropbox alternatives is Redbooth. It is the best for project management, as it makes team communication and collaboration slightly easier. It makes sharing files and holding an HD video meeting easier. 

9. Quip

Dropbox Alternatives

Quip is a rather Microsoft Office alternative. With it, you can create aesthetically appealing documents. It has a modern but straightforward interface. This makes it easier for you to check messages and documents by combining them in a conversation thread. 

10. SpiderOak

Dropbox Alternatives

It is one of the most convenient Dropbox alternatives. It is primarily for multiple users having a centralized management console. The centralized management console helps you automate the administration part of the backup, as the app is mainly for backing up purposes. 

11. OneDrive

Dropbox Alternatives

OneDrive is one of the most convenient Dropbox alternatives. Many people are aware of the tool, as it comes along with the Microsoft devices. It lets you collaborate with other files; it enables you to share files. The process seems so seamless and contains a robust backup system

12. Workzone

Dropbox Alternatives

WorkZone, as the name suggests, is yet another option that helps manage projects. It has additional features like time tracking, dashboard, to-do list, status alert, etc. The best part about it is it enables you to focus on the main projects rather than messing about. 

13. Nextcloud

Dropbox Alternatives

Nextcloud provides a whole content collaboration platform to provide universal access to data. Similar to Dropbox, you can store, share, and edit documents. Also, it enables you to take notes during an audio and video chat. 

14. CloudMe

Dropbox Alternatives

Being based in Sweden, CloudMe offers the best security ever to your data. It offers the best collaborating services that are even better than many other collaborating services. Additionally, it provides the best storage ranging from 3GB to 15GB. 

15. SugarSync

Dropbox Alternatives

As the name suggests, SugarSync offers synchronizing services with other platforms. It lets you share your file in an instant. It instantly auto-sync your files, and in case of any security threat, it deletes the synchronized data. 

16. TeamDrive

Dropbox Alternatives

TeamDrive is one convenient alternative suitable for web developers who have been looking for a collaboration, but security was their primary concern. TeamDrive could be the best and the most trusted alternative in this regard, as it has high-end GDPR-compliant data security. Furthermore, it is easy to use. 

17. Mega

Dropbox Alternatives

Mega is yet another powerful alternative. The tool is also renowned for its enhanced security features and offers the best security for private data.

18. Egnyte

Dropbox Alternatives

Are you looking for a versatile, powerful, hybrid, and flexible alternative, Egnyte should be your primary concern. Its high-end encryption policy makes it the number one choice for entrepreneurs. 

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19. TresoRit

Dropbox Alternatives

Tresoit is also a good option from a security perspective. It makes the process of sending and sharing files relatively easier and safer. The Swiss encryption policy is there to ensure your data.

20. OwnCloud

Dropbox Alternatives

ownCloud is one of the most manageable Dropbox alternatives. The tool lets you handle and manage permissions and controls along with the shareable links. The mobile version has additional features like spreadsheets, documents editing, and real-time chat.

21. Amazon Drive

Dropbox Alternatives

This file-sharing tool lets you have complete control over your photo, contacts, videos, presentations, recordings, and much more. Additionally, the tool has some extra perks like flexibility, ease, and affordability. 

22. Resilio

Dropbox Alternatives

This alternative literally makes life easier by offer self-synchronization and sharing files in like no time. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about the size of the file you wish to send. Additionally, the tool is compatible with Android, Windows, and Linux. 

23. Flickr

Dropbox Alternatives

As the name suggests, the tool is the best friend of all professionals and random photographers who like to share their work. Moreover, the tool lets you see other people’s work also so that you can get inspiration. 

24. eFileCabinet

Dropbox Alternatives

This alternative is like a closet of all the documents and files. eFileCabinet has a straightforward interface that enables users to search for any profile easily. The app has pretty safe security and is mainly known for robust storage and digitizing capabilities. 

25. Filestack

Dropbox Alternatives

Filestack is yet another option that you can use to process, connect, and store files. It is literally the best solution for fixing problems regarding cloud storage. Apart from that, it edits and transforms images by adding some attributes. In short, it is one of the quick, responsive, fast, and safest Dropbox alternatives. 

26. Seafile

Dropbox Alternatives

Seafile has a plethora of files that you can easily access. It is open-source and provides high-end security. It makes things easier by combining a spreadsheet with cloud storage. You can sync, share, and collaborate with Sealife. 

27. Pydio

Dropbox Alternatives

Pydio is one of the easiest and simplest alternatives for officials. The tool primarily emphasizes file management, which is very much needed in professional use. Since it is open-source, it doesn’t need any coding. 

28. WeTrasnfer

Dropbox Alternatives

WeTransfer is literally the best and the easiest for sharing files of any size. It makes the process of sharing and accessing files very easier. 

29. Degoo

Dropbox Alternatives

Degoo is the last option on the list of recommended Dropbox alternatives. The tool is literally the best for those whose phones are always full of images. The optimized features make it even more spacious. The tool, similar to Dropbox, ensures security. 

30. Fex.Net

Dropbox Alternatives

It is based in Ukraine and therefore offers the best cloud storage. It enables you to save your audio, videos, and photos in it. 

31. Adobe Creative Cloud

Dropbox Alternatives

The tool is the best for photography, design, video, web, and UX designed. The tool is the best for bloggers as it offers easy collaboration. It has an easy yet creative interface. 

Final Words:

We hope that this really long list of Dropbox alternativesis enough to enable you to choose perfect options that are almost similar to DropboxTry them out and decide for yourself. 

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