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Kahoot! is the Best game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. Unleash the fun in classrooms, offices, and living rooms. Engaging quiz-based games (kahoots) at school, home, and at work. Create your own kahoots to learn new things! Kahoot! Kahoot! It brings the magic of learning to students, teachers and office heroes, trivia lovers, and lifelong learners.

Kahoot it

Kahoot is an app that permits you to create quizzes. You can be creative at any time! You can create a game in minutes, even while on the move. This is great for student projects, and it can be used at parties to surprise friends.

App for the live game: Play kahoots in real-time – such as in classrooms. This Tool can be used to control the game and earn medals. You can now host your game on your tablet or phone and invite others to join you.

Trivia app: Choose from millions of topics to find a trivia question. So, Play on your own, or challenge your friends to a fun competition.

The Homework App: Teachers can now assign homework using challenges instead of writing them.

Homework app: Make your homework fun, save time and track your learning progress.

Remote training app: All corporate trainers are invited! Kahoot makes training fun! Even if participants live miles apart, there are still challenges. Kahoot has been added to many companies’ virtual training strategies. A lot of companies have already added Kahoot! to their virtual training strategy.

Kahoot join

Kahoot play

Kahoot allows students to respond to quizzes & facilitate discussions. It collects survey data. It is a Game-based classroom answer system that is played in real-time. So, Questions are displayed on a shared screen, and players respond with their smartphones, tablets, or computers. This creates a fun, social, and gaming-like atmosphere. Kahoot allows you to create multiple-choice quizzes, polls, and surveys from on-the-spot data. The polls and quiz questions stimulate both quick instructional decisions and whole-class discussion.

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Well, Here’re some things you can do utilizing Kahoot. App now available in English and Spanish as well as French, German, French, Spanish, French, German (and even Brazilian Portuguese)

  • Students- Join kahoots hosted live – in class or virtually – and also use the app to submit answers.
  • Complete self-paced challenges
  • Compete with friends in study leagues
  • Create your own kahoots & add images or videos
  • Challenge your friend with the kahoots you created or found
  • Study at home and on the go with flashcards & other study modes
  • Host kahoots live for family & friends directly from your mobile device

Friends and Families

  • Find a kahoot on any topic, fit for any age
  • Host a kahoot live by casting your screen to a big screen or screen share via video conferencing apps
  • Engage your kids with studying at home
  • Send a Kahoot! the challenge to family members or friends
  • Create your own kahoots and add different question types and image effects


  • Assess learning outcomes with reports
  • Edit OR Create your own kahoots in minutes 
  • Assign student-paced challenges for content review 
  • Browse millions of ready-to-play kahoots on any topic 
  • Combine different question kinds to increase engagement 
  • Host kahoots in class or virtually for distance learning 

Employees of Company

  • Make kahoots for e-learning, presentations, events, and other occasions. 
  • Assess progress and results using reports 
  • Host a live or virtual meeting with Kahoot! 
  • Assign self-paced challenges for E Learning
  • Use polls and word cloud questions to encourage audience participation.
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Premium Features:

Kahoot! is completely free for instructors and students, and we intend to keep it way as part of our task to make learning awesome. So, We provide extra upgrades that unlock sophisticated features, including an image library with millions of photos and complex question formats like puzzles, polls, open-ended questions, and slides. Users will be requir to pay for a subscription to enjoy these services. A paid subscription is required for business users to create and host kahoots in a work context, as well as access to other features. 

Kahoot Live

Playing Kahoot and going live takes a 3 steps process that is pretty easy to follow. Here is how to go live with Kahoot.

Create the Fun Learning Game in Minutes – we call these ‘kahoots.’ This format and the number of questions are up to you. Well, Add videos, images, and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement.

Play – Kahoots are the best players in a group setting. To join this game, you need a unique PIN. In case you are the game host, you need a big screen. Players answer on their own devices. Meanwhile, questions are displayed on a shared screen. Additionally, to live games, you can also send kahoot challenges that players complete at their own paces, such as homework or remote training.

Share – After the game, encourage players to create, and you share their own kahoots! With one of our premium plans for schools or businesses, Also, you can co-create games with your colleagues, and you save time on finding relevant kahoots for your class or training session.

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