Scarecrow Range In Stardew Valley, Rarecrows, And Crafting Tips

Stardew Valley Scarecrow

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone designed the Stardew Valley Scarecrow series, essentially a simulation role-playing computer game. The game was first launched for Microsoft Windows; however, it was later ported to all major platforms. Android, iOS, Play Station, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are all included. In this classic pastime, the player takes on the role of a farmer and farms for crops, among other fun and engaging tasks. This investigation will focus on the Scarecrow Variety, Rarecrows, and Crafting Tips in Stardew Valley. So let’s get this party started!

Stardew Valley Scarecrow Range, Rarecrows, And Crafting Tips

This article contains information on the Stardew Valley Rarecrow range, which is explained further down. The Stardew Valley gamers are baffled about how to make a Scarecrow. They don’t know how to use it or where to put it to obtain its effectiveness. So, now we’ll talk about Scarecrow’s use and the many other factors that go with it.

Scarecrows and their Variety

The Scarecrows are also used to keep crows away from farms, as you may know. Scarecrows have the same function in Stardew Valley: they keep crows away from crops. Crows do not attack crops grown from Wild Seeds; thus, Scarecrows are unnecessary. Scarecrows can be built as early as Farming Level 1.


A Scarecrow’s primary function will be to protect the farm, enclosed by a circle of 248 regions. This implies that each has eight portions, north, south, east, and west. There are further six areas to the north-east, south-east, south-west, and north-west. In layman’s words, it will protect an area of 17×17, omitting ten areas on each corner.


Rarecrows act similarly to Scarecrows, but they also change the overall aesthetic of the farm. The most humorous aspect is that there is an Aliencrow who cannot put a cap on. So you may also position them on top of the others. There are, however, 8 Rarecrows. When you finish the eighth Rarecrow, you will receive a letter with a coupon for a Deluxe Scarecrow.

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Scarecrow Tricks and Tips

All Scarecrow Tips & Tricks Now, we’ll display all of the Scarecrow’s easily available information to you in tabular form. That will allow you to understand the Scarecrow and its crafting advice better.

1 – Scarecrow consistently. After achieving Level 1 Farming with some woods and fiber, you will receive this.

2 – This is also available at the Stardew Valley Fair for 800 Stars.

3 – You may also buy this for 5000 gold on Sprit’s Eve.

4 – You may also buy this in the gambling establishment for 10,000 gold.

5 – You may buy this at the Traveling Cart for 4000 gold anytime during the fall season.

6 – This is also available for 2500 gold at the Flower Dance.

7 – As well as from the Dwarf for 2500 gold.

8 – This is obtained by donating 20 artefacts to the Museum.

9 – You must contribute 40 items to the Museum to make this purchase.

The Deluxe Scarecrow is the same as this. First, you must construct all Rarecrows (9). Then, to receive this Scarecrow, you’ll get a message from a bird.

Stardew Valley Scarecrow Range, Rarecrows, and Crafting Tips

All Rarecrows may be found in the following areas in Stardew Valley:

Farmer Rarecrow

The first Scarecrow you may obtain is a lady farmer, who you can purchase for 2500k gold on the 24th of spring from Pierre’s cubicle during the flower dance.

Turnip Head Rarecrow

The Rarecrow Stardew that follows is essentially a proposal for the anime Howl’s Moving Castle. In addition to 800-star tokens, it is offered at the Stardew Scarecrow Valley Fair. If you don’t know how to acquire star tokens, you can do so by participating in the grange exhibition or playing carnival video games.

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Witch Rarecrow

You may get it by spending 5k gold on Spirit’s Eve every year on October 27th in Stardew Valley.

Alien Rarecrow

This one may be obtained by paying 10k casino tokens at the Sanctuary Gambling establishment. If you didn’t previously know, you might acquire gambling establishment tokens by exchanging them at a rate of 1k per 100 tokens at a machine adjacent to an NPC named Mr. QI.

Snowman Scarecrow

The following one is a snowman-themed Scarecrow that can emerge at random in the games, taking a journey cart throughout both the fall and winter seasons. You must purchase 4k gold for it if it remains in the cart.

Racoon Scarecrow

You must give 20 things to the hamlet museum to obtain the raccoon Scarecrow.

Tiki head Rarecrow

You must use the same approach to contribute more than 40 things to the Tiki head Rarecrow.

Dwarf Rarecrow

You must now spend 2500k gold to the dwarf NPC in Stardew Valley for the final Rarecrow on our list.

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