Best Online Games for PC You Should Play in 2022

Online Games for PC

Online Games are wonderful since they can be played on either a brand new gaming PC or an older PC. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the best Online Games for PC. Yes, we’ve compiled a list of the best Online Games you can play right now on your PC, and we’ve included both free and paid games, so don’t worry if you don’t want to spend money on gaming. So, without further ado, here’re the 25+ Best Online PC Games available in 2022.

Best Online Games for PC You Should Play in 2022

We’ Have compiled a list of the best Online Games for PC in 2022 in this article. Using the table of contents below, you can see the whole slot games list. You can move to a game’s location in the article by clicking on its name. 

1. CS: GO

Online Games for PC

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular PC First-Person Shooter Games. It began as a mod for Half-Life back in the day, but it quickly blossomed into a full-fledged game. So, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most recent version of the game, also it has a large fan base. This game is fiercely competitive, with a thriving eSports community to back it up. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a classic shooter in which you can choose to play as terrorists or counter-terrorists.

This terrorists have a bomb that they must install in one of the particular areas on the map, and the CT must either destroy the device that has already been set or prevent the terrorists from putting it. This is a battle of wits and strategy, as well as fast aim. While the entire game is available for purchase, a free version is accessible on Steam that you may test out before purchasing the whole game.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Online Games for PC

Activision eventually launched the fourth edition of Call of Duty in 2018 after a three-year wait. It did not receive a grand reception at first because it only had a single-player mode. However, the firm quickly responded to the criticism by releasing the Blackout mode, which is the battle-royale genre found in Fortnite and PUBG.

You may finally play the game with your friends and other online players in the fourth iteration of Call of Duty. Furthermore, this model features the most extensive terrain ever included in a Call of Duty game, which is why it deserves to be included in this list of the best Online Games for PC.

Players battle against each other in a deserted setting that includes land, sea, and air vehicles. In essence, you’ll have to stay alive as the last man standing. Many weapons, healing kits, armors, and consumable food are available to you. The best feature about this game is that AI-controlled zombies may be found in asylum and lighthouse places. Said, Black Ops 4 is the game for you if you want to play an online battle-royale match in the classic Call of Duty style.

3. Fortnite

Online Games for PC

Fortnite is another Online Game you can play on your PC. It’s a gigantic survival co-op game with a fantastic battle royale mode. Fortnite is the best game for you if you like battle royales and want to play with other people in a large open environment where everyone is eager to kill each other. Fortnite is a game with lots of colorful characters and a lot of over-the-top action.

You can also play the Players vs. Environment mode, in which you can team up with other players to take on computer-controlled opponents. It’s like a cross between resource collection in games like Minecraft and the survival gameplay in PUBG. Fortnite is a suitable game to enjoy if you’re looking for a humorous survival co-op game. 


Online Games for PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is the most popular and well-known Battle Royale Game available. There are many excellent battle royale games out there, but PUBG has remained at the top because it features many addicting gameplay components and is also one of the best online PC games available right now.

The focus of the game is entirely on large-scale survival gameplay. You’ve been trapped on a big island and must begin looking for loot.

This includes everything like clothing, shelter, and weapons. On the island, you can establish alliances, but be aware that anyone might kill you and loot your resources. So walk around looking for loot and killing anyone who isn’t friendly to you. In this thrilling game, it’s all about surviving.

5. Overwatch


One of the best recent first-person shooters. With its dynamic gameplay and vibrant graphics, Overwatch swiftly drew the attention of millions of players across the world. Each character in the game has a fascinating and detailed backstory that explains why they do what they do.

Overwatch is an excellent blend of shooters and MOBAs, combining the best of both worlds. You get the fast-paced gameplay of a shooter combined with the aspects of a MOBA, where you can use various skills and powerful heroics to defeat your enemies. In a 5v5 match, your goal is to kill all of your enemies while also completing the game’s needed objective. It’s a fast-paced shooter that’s well worth your time.

6. Rocket League

Online Games for PC

When an exciting Racing Game is combined with some soccer, you get an adrenaline-pumping game that appeals to racing and soccer lovers. Rocket League is a thrilling, addicting, and entertaining game. You and one or two other players form a team and compete against players from all over the world.

You may also play split-screen multiplayer with a friend and enjoy split-screen mode when playing online. In this exciting game, customize your miniature toy cars and perform some jaw-dropping, physics-defying stunts. In Rocket League, score some screamers and take on the world. 

7. Apex Legends

Online Games for PC

Another game that has quickly gained popularity in the Online Gaming world is Apex Legends. EA published the game in February 2019, and it was designed primarily for Windows PCs and other gaming platforms. In a nutshell, Apex Legends, like Fortnite, is a battle royale game. You play in a three-person squad on an island with 20 other three-person forces in terms of the game.

You can now play alone or in a two-player squad, according to a recent upgrade. It would be best if you destroyed all other parties by looking for weapons, supplies, and ammo while also solving enigmatic mysteries. The game is won by the last team standing.

Aside from that, Apex Legends is set in a sci-fi environment, and there are many similarities between the two games if you’ve played Titanfall. Because Respawn Entertainment developed both games, the gaming atmosphere is remarkably similar.

Apex Legends offers excellent gameplay, including many different elements that make it stand out. If you enjoy Fortnite, you should give Apex Legends a try. Apex Legends is widely regarded as a worthy challenger to Fortnite, and with good reason.

8. DoTA 2

Online Games for PC

DotA 2 is the follow-up to the popular DoTA Mod for Warcraft 3, and it is one of the most popular MOBAs available. Its features deep strategic gameplay that may be difficult for newcomers; however, the game also includes in-game tutorials and guidelines to assist newcomers.

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It’s a straightforward MOBA in which your five-person team battles against another five-person team. The main goal is to eliminate the opposing team’s Ancient. It is, however, easier said than done. To even have a chance at winning, so you must use team-based moves and strategy. DoTA 2 is entirely free to play.

9. Destiny 2

Online Games for PC

Because of its great plot laced with Magical Science Fiction, Destiny 2 is regarded as one of the Best Online Games for PC in recent memory. It was first released in 2017, and it is now one of the most popular games on Google Stadia and Steam. Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) are the two types of gameplay in the game (PvP).

You can play the multiplayer online game in PvP mode with your pals in groups of 22, 33, and as high as 606. The game’s plot takes place in an extraterrestrial environment, where the Red Legion’s Cabal forces begin an aerial assault on the Last City. The assault is in retaliation for the SIVA debacle of a year ago. In terms of plot, I can guarantee that you will be enthralled while playing this game.

Aside from that, you may play Destiny 2 with other online players in the PvE mode. This mode is essentially a first-person shooter in which you must play a role and support the Vanguard as they attack the Red Legion ship. The game also has a messaging system that allows you to chat with other players in real-time while still enjoying the game. Overall, Destiny 2 is highly recommended if you’re seeking an online PC game with a compelling story, character development, and stunning graphics.

10. Star Wars Battlefront II

Online Games for PC

Star Wars Battlefront II is the fourth installment in the Star Wars Game franchise, which began in 2005. It’s a Star Wars-themed action shooter game with characters and environments from the franchise. Both single-player and multi-player modes are available in the game, and both may be played online on your PC. There’re as many as 12 online multi-player games under multiplayer gameplay, including Galactic Assault, Supremacy, Co-op, Hero Showdown, and more. If you’re a Star Wars enthusiast, you can’t afford to miss this game.

You can play against AI-controlled players in addition to the online multiplayer mode. You can play a last-man-standing game against 40 other online players, as well as 24 AI-controlled players. The enjoyable aspect about this game is that, exactly like in the Star Wars universe, the more rewards you win, the more weaponry you may unlock, like speeders, artillery, and armor. So, what do you have to lose? You may now play Sar Wars Battlefront II online on your Windows PC. 

11. Path of Exile

Online Games for PC

Diablo III isn’t anything like Path Of Exile. It feels like a true Diablo II sequel, and it resurrects all of the fantastic Diablo II memories. Path of Exile is very similar to Diablo II in terms of gameplay and appearance. However, it has considerably superior graphics.

The action takes place in a large open world that you can explore and loot. Kill enemies and earn rare things as you go. Large caves and dungeons packed with terrible monsters must be investigated and cleared to gain great treasures. This game allows you to play in a co-op mode with other players, but the true enjoyment comes when each player is given their enormous territory to explore and journey around.

12. EVE Online

Online Games for PC

EVE Online is a Must-Play Game for everyone who enjoys space wars. You can participate in epic fights in the MMO space battle game. Even though the game was launched in 2003, it still deserves inclusion on our list. EVE Online has it all: intergalactic betrayal, gigantic wars, and the game are entirely free to play. Initially, there was an obligatory subscription model, but it was abolished some time ago, and today anyone can download and play the game for free.

Even while you’ll eventually have to pay for the optional subscription to gain access to all of the skills, EVE Online offers a lot of gameplay for free, and you’ll quickly become absorbed in it. So give it a shot; it’s free to play, so there’s no risk, and if you like it, the monthly subscription starts at $10.95.

12. Battlefield 1

Online Games for PC

Another hugely popular Game Series among online gamers is Battlefield, and the most recent significant installment, Battlefield 1, has received even more positive feedback. It’s the fifteenth installment, and EA is primarily responsible for its game and distribution.

Battlefield 1 has various gaming modes, including a World War I-themed campaign, multiplayer and single-player campaigns, and more. Battlefield 1 has one of the bestest visual and acoustic designs of any Online Games for PC, in my opinion. The game was also nominated for best action and writing.

You can select your character from six different profiles and begin the campaign mode in the FPS mode. You’ll have to compete against other online players and, in the end, you’ll have to survive the war.

There are six distinct wars to pick from, and you can play any of them, but Friends in High Places and Nothing is Written are two of my favorites. These two war games are the most exciting parts of Battlefield 1 and should not be overlooked. Simply, if you enjoy Call of Duty-style war games, you will enjoy Battlefield V. 

13. Terraria

Online Games for PC

Terraria is the ultimate blend of survival, crafting, mining, and platforming. It’s kind of like a 2D version of Minecraft with more interactivity. The game allows you to dig, construct, build, and fight your way through levels in pursuit of treasures and loot, and the retro graphics add to the appeal. It provides you a fresh new twist on the genre by combining outstanding RPG elements with Minecraft’s unique gameplay characteristics. You will be able to explore dangerous caverns in search of unique loot and treasures.

On the other hand, the game focuses mainly on the building and crafting aspects, with the action and adventure elements thrown in for good measure. Terraria is a suitable game for you if you enjoy a great platformer with RPG and survival elements.

14. Titanfall 2

Online Games for PC

Electronic Arts Titanfall 2, even though Titanfall 2 was published in 2016, remains one of the best online PC games. In Titanfall 2, players control enormous robots known as Titans, who have extraordinary powers like wall running. While Titanfall 2 has an excellent single-player campaign with a story mode that I recommend playing through, the multiplayer mode in this game is perhaps much better.

Titanfall 2 supports various multiplayer modes, including Amped Hardpoint, Bounty Hunt, Pilot vs. Pilot, Capture the Flag, and more. The multiplayer mode in Titanfall 2 pits you against other players on a battlefield. You must use your abilities and the different devices at your disposal to get as many kills as possible.

This fills up the Titan meter, allowing players to summon Titans (the enormous robots we described before) to wreak havoc on the Battlefield. This means that practically every Titanfall 2 multiplayer fight will have a time where massive Titans fall from the sky and wreak havoc on the Battlefield. Titanfall 2 is a fun first-person game that you should play.

15. Rainbow Six Siege

Online Games for PC

Rainbow Six Siege is an Online Games for PC that resembles Counter-Strike at first appearance. However, compared to most other online shooters, the game places a much higher value on tactics and teamwork. If you play this game with a team of friends, it may be a lot of fun because you’ll have to master the maps and work together to defeat your enemies.

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If you’re still not convinced about its potential as an online first-person shooter, consider the following: Rainbow Six Siege is a popular eSports game with a large following of highly competent players and fans. Since 2016, the game has seen a slew of post-launch upgrades to add even more content, including the most recent DLC, “Operation Grim Sky,” released in September 2018.

16. Borderlands 3

Online Games for PC

Borderlands is a clown-fest with a tonne of fun and exciting elements that make it a one-of-a-kind shooter. The game is so focused on loot and grinding that it almost feels like an MMORPG, but it isn’t. Borderlands 3 polishes up all of the beautiful and exciting elements from the first game for even more enjoyment. You gain access to a variety of strange and amusing weapons that are both funny and strong. 

17. Hearthstone

Online Games for PC

The most popular Online Card Game is Hearthstone. It combines the fun of real trade games with the online world, where you can compete in a 1v1 contest against other players. In this exciting turn-based strategy game, be creative, create your cards, and defeat your opponents. Although Hearthstone is a free game to play, there are some premium features available. Hearthstone, like conventional card games, allows you to purchase card packs containing random cards.

Well, To become a Legend, use these cards to build your collection and create numerous powerful decks. Hearthstone is a basic game that is highly addictive. The game’s excellent graphics and exciting animations add another significant element to the overall gameplay, and the game’s random nature keeps it exciting. Hearthstone is undoubtedly the best card game you can play right now if you want to play a card game online.

18. Minecraft

Online Games for PC

Minecraft is the most Popular Survival Game with blocky visuals from the 1980s. The gameplay, on the other hand, is solid and addictive. Crafting, mining, building, and exploring are all included in this game. Minecraft provides you with a large open world to explore and travel around. You’ll have to go around mining and crafting stuff to support yourself. So, Before the night falls and the creeps come out to get you, you must build a refuge for yourself.

In this game, it’s all about being inventive. You have complete freedom to build whatever you want. Build a castle, a residence, or a whole kingdom filled with people. In Minecraft, you can do whatever you want. This is the game for you if you enjoy making things and exploring large maps.

19. World of Tanks

Online Games for PC

Are you a fan of tank battles? If that’s the case, World of Tanks is the Online Free PC Game for you. World of Tanks is a massively multi-player online game that features armored vehicles from the twentieth century, ranging from light armored cars to heavy tanks and self-propelled artillery.

While the game is free to play, unlocked content can be challenging to come by, where the freemium features come into play. Those are, however, entirely optional features that you can choose to ignore if you only want to play with the free features. World of Tanks is an eSports game that has won several Golden Joystick awards, including one in 2018 for being a game that is still being played.

20. Starcraft II

Online Games for PC

Starcraft II is the most popular Online Strategy Games, and it puts your wits to the test as you try to outwit your opponent. Gathering resources, constructing structures, and organizing your attack against the opponent are essential aspects of this game. Starcraft II has a great story mode in which you may experience the climactic clash between the universe’s three major races. The Terrans, Protoss, and Zergs are three different races.

You can try out each race’s campaign to see what they’re capable of. The multiplayer mode is the most fun since you can play 1v1 with anyone on the ladder to discover who has the best strategic thinking. The goal of the game is to outsmart your enemies and destroy their bases. Starcraft II is the game for you if you enjoy strategy and a little competitiveness. 

21. Valorant

Online Games for PC

When Valorant Riot Games‘ tactical first-person 5v5 shooter was released in June 2020, it instantly hit. Although the game borrows some elements from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the availability of heroes across the game’s various game types, such as Unranked, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch, makes it worthwhile to try.

There are many weapon skins and agents to unlock throughout the game, which encourages players to stick around and compete with other players. However, you can spend Valorant Points bypassing the line and gaining access to agents and shiny skins.

22. League of Legends

Online Games for PC

League of Legends is another popular MOBA that competes directly with DoTA 2. When compared to DoTA 2, it’s a simpler MOBA. The League of Legends is another famous game with a thriving esports environment, making it an exciting game to play.

This game introduces many new and unique features to the MOBA genre, making it stand out from DoTA 2 and altering the overall gameplay. The League of Legends is the ideal MOBA for those looking for a less fast-paced and challenging game. Once you’ve finished the instruction, it’s fundamental and uncomplicated.

23. Warframe

Online Games for PC

Warframe is another game that you should check out if you’re looking for an Online Games for PC. Despite its age, the game has received regular updates and new material to keep it fresh and exciting for newbies and seasoned players. You play as members of a clan that have awoken from cryosleep to find themselves at war with various interstellar lines in Warframe.

It’s a free-to-play game with microtransactions to unlock different in-game goodies. You may, however, unlock such goods through grinding and playing the game. The game has gotten several upgrades, the most recently released in November of this year. Furthermore, if you own a Nintendo Switch, Warframe was recently released for the system, allowing you to play it on the go.

24. Tekken 7

Online Games for PC

Tekken is the most popular Fighting Game franchises. Despite not being the first, this game popularised the 3D fighting game genre. Tekken 7 is the most recent installment in the series, and it features thrilling gameplay and exciting 3D graphics. Tekken 7 introduces a slew of great characters from which to choose.

You can also choose any character that suits your combat style from the list. Tekken 7 includes a great story mode in which you can learn about all of the characters’ backstories and how it all began and a multiplayer way in which you can put your abilities against great players from all over the world to become the King of Iron Fist tournament. Tekken 7 is a must-try for anybody who enjoys demanding and competitive fighting games.

25. Team Fortress 2

Online Games for PC

If it hadn’t been for Team Fortress 2, Overwatch would not exist. Although Blizzard is unlikely to admit it, we all know that Overwatch was primarily influenced by Team Fortress 2 and its antics. Team Fortress 2 is a high-octane shooter with fantastic gameplay and colorful characters.

This game was the first to use a class-based system in a shooter, and all subsequent games quickly adopted it in the genre. This arena shooter features fast-paced gameplay that emphasizes flawless teamwork. This is the ideal game for anyone looking for a beautiful game with exciting gameplay.

Best Online Games for PC 2022

Hopefully, each game on this list will enjoy for you. There are many additional Online Games for PC available, but these are the ones that piqued our curiosity. Also Check  Open World Games for Android. You can also recommend some more games in the comments section below, as we’re always eager to test anything new. 

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