Top 13 Best Linux Distro For Gaming To Try

Linux Distro For Gaming

Linux is an evergreen operating system. However, the vast majority of users continue to use Windows. Because newbies of Linux may need help to use. However, Linux is a far more intriguing operating system than Windows. Linux and its distros are used for coding and development by the majority of programmers and hackers. So, here are the top 13 best Linux distro for gaming that you can install on your PC for free. Linux, like UNIX, is an open-source operating system that may be downloaded and used for free. Linux is cross-platform. Thus, it may be installed on various devices, including computers, laptops, mobile phones, video game consoles, televisions, netbooks, cameras, DVD players, aircraft, servers, the Large Hadron Collider, and supercomputers.

Android, the popular mobile operating system, is based on a Linux kernel. The operating system is free to disseminate, grow, and use, and since it is open-source, users swiftly make upgrades, and the community squashes bugs. Linux has several distinct variations known as flavors or distros created by the community. Every distro provides the user with certain functionality, such as programs for server management and/or security testing. Here are some distros that are worth looking at.

Top 13 Best Linux Distro For Gaming To Try

1. Kali Linux

Linux Distro For Gaming

Kali Linux is a Linux distro designed for penetration testers. It gives various tools and programs for network security testing and assessment, including tools for hacking wireless networks and launching man-in-the-middle assaults. Several programs additionally include functionality for wiretapping, packet sniffing, password cracking, and network work mapping. Kali Linux is the best Linux Distro for gaming.

2. Pop!_OS

Linux Distro For Gaming

The Pop!_OS distro from hardware maker System76 is one of the best options for gamers looking to build their gaming setup. Pop!OS is based on the Ubuntu LTS version and has a user interface atop Gnome called Pop Shell. The distributor contains all the required plumbing, allowing its users to customize it to their specifications. For gamers, this involves making hybrid graphics work on Linux and providing the option to run games using the GPU via the context menu. While the distro does not come with any gaming platforms, unlike the other best Linux distros, you can install Steam, Lutris, and GameHub from its app store with little effort.

3. SteamOS

Linux Distro For Gaming

SteamOS is a Debian-based operating system intended to run Steam and Valve games. It lacks important programs such as a file browser and a media manager and is intended solely for gaming computers. SteamOS is being developed for daily usage. It features updated third-party drivers and can switch between games, Steam, and SteamOS. They are in negotiations with Twitch about live broadcasting without the need for any additional software. It features a built-in Steam shop, so installing games is simple.

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4. Chromium OS

Linux Distro For Gaming

Well, ChromeOS is the commercial version of this distro, which comes with Chromebooks. ChromiumOS is an open-source operating system with minimal hardware requirements. Google designed it specifically to work with online apps like Google Slides and Google Sheets. The disadvantage of this operating system is that it is less usable without a reliable internet connection. ChromeOS is the best Linux Distro for Gaming.

5. Fedora Games spin

Linux Distro For Gaming

The Fedora Games spin exists to promote the best open-source games accessible in the Fedora distro’s repository. The distro is packaged as a 4.1GB image and includes a wide range of games, from tactics games to first-person shooters and everything in between. Best of all, you can play all the games in a live environment. Fedora Games runs on the Xfce desktop environment, and the developers produce new versions every time Fedora has a major release. This is why the most recent version is based on Fedora Workstation 33.

6. Remix OS

Linux Distro For Gaming

Want to use Android on a PC without installing emulators? Then this is the ideal distro for you. Remix OS adds Android functionality to your PC, enabling you to access over 2 million applications from the Play Store. It runs Android Marshmallow and is presently accessible on Jide hardware, although it may also be downloaded for computers with x86 or ARM architectures.

7. ElementaryOS

This distro may interest you if you want your computer to run MacOS but do not own a Mac. Although it is not MacOS, it looks like it. It focuses on a simple user interface, functionality, and minimum documentation. You can’t create shortcuts on the desktop but launch programs from the app drawer. You could drive this daily if you’re okay with the faults and bugs. The best Linux Distro for gaming is ElementaryOS.


Well, RHEL, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, promises to give military-grade protection for networks that maintain 99.99% uptime. It offers services, including network firewalls, which separate programs and protect users from breaches and invasions. RHEL may be reliably deployed on virtual or cloud networks. Despite being no longer in use, it inspires several modern distros, including CentOS.

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9. Mint

Mint is one of the most user-friendly distros. It includes popular free software such as LibreOffice and the Firefox browser. It’s updated every six months, and new features are added. This is a reliable option if you’re new to Linux and need to know which distro to use. Though the differences are minimal, Mint comes in two flavors: Debian and Ubuntu.

10. Raspbian

If you’ve previously used Raspberry Pi computers, you should look at this. Raspbian is designed to work within the hardware constraints of the Raspberry Pi computer’s single chip. It is also based on Linux Debian and uses the LXDE environment for the tiniest power and resource usage. Raspbian is the best Linux Distro for gaming.

11. Zorin OS

The best Linux Distro for gaming is just near to Windows. While some argue that this enables it to be generally used, and Canonical has worked hard to create Ubuntu, other operating system developers have committed to making it one of the Linux distros. Zorin OS is another contender that has focused on dependability and user-friendliness.

12. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most widely used operating system for hacking and programming. It is also one of the best Linux distros to use, unlike Kali and Windows. Further, the assistance offered by Canonical and Open Source is fantastic. Ubuntu is a standout among Linux desktop operating systems and the best Linux Distro for gaming.

13. Drauger OS

Drauger OS advertises itself as a Linux Desktop Gaming OS. The distro is based on Ubuntu’s LTS versions. However, Drauger uses the mainline Linux kernel rather than the Ubuntu kernel. The developers built the kernel with low latency enabled and increased the scheduling frequency from 250 to 1000Hz. These adjustments give gamers greater frame rates, less screen tearing, and improved game performance.

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The Bottom Line:

The Best Linux Distro for Gaming is included in the top 13 listings above. If you’re looking for the best Linux Distro for gaming, you may select from the list for free. We have not included any download links due to technical concerns. No worries! Let me explain how to get a download link for these Linux Distros for Gaming. Open Google and enter any names from the list plus the download keyword. You will undoubtedly get a genuine and functional link.

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