All Best ZYN Flavors Ranked

ZYN Flavors

You’re ready to take some ZYN – great! But what flavor(s) should you choose? You may have a favorite if you’ve already tried Swedish Match’s top-tier tobacco-free line. If not, you should seek the advice of an expert! So we enlisted Chad Jones, often known as ‘Snubie,’ to assist you in making a decision. Want to know what the nation’s favorite nicotine pouch reviewer recommends? Find out his top ZYN flavors in the next paragraph.

About ZYN

Before we get into Chad’s thoughts on the ZYN flavors, let’s discuss the brand in general. So, what is ZYN? Swedish Match, one of the world’s longest-serving smokeless suppliers, manufactures the best-selling nicotine pouch brand. It’s well-known for its soft, discrete pouches that slip under the lip and provide a smooth, pleasing buzz. ZYN’s strengths include 3, 6, and 9 mg/pouch, which translates to mild, regular, and powerful, so there’s something for everyone!

All Best ZYN Flavors Ranked

Let’s get started now that we’ve covered the overview. What are Snubie’s thoughts on the ZYN flavors? When asked to summarize his tastes, he said, “I tend to gravitate less towards mint flavors and more towards other flavors.” But mint fans, don’t worry – he said that mint flavors weren’t awful, just “less interesting” to him. So, given that, what was number one on his list? Find out below.

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ZYN Wintergreen

ZYN Flavors

If you’re acquainted with Snubie’s stuff, you’ll notice he’s not a huge lover of Wintergreen. So, what about ZYN’s version puts it on top? Yes. “It’s very well-balanced, not super in your face, and is a good all-day flavor,” he said. So, if you typically avoid Wintergreen, give it a try. You may like it!

ZYN Coffee

ZYN Flavors

Coffee came in second, which was an unexpected decision. What are his thoughts? “I like the balance of flavors in this one. It’s a bit sweet but smooth.” We can testify to these remarks! ZYN coffee is sweet and smooth and pairs well with a cup of genuine coffee.

ZYN Citrus

He characterized Citrus as “milder, ” barely making the top three list. Like many others, he appreciates its flavor to “pair with drinks, beers, and more.” Our favorite drink to pair with this pouch is Corona, a lemon and lime-flavored cerveza from Mexico City.

ZYN Cinnamon

For us, cinnamon is the ideal American flavor. It exudes the nostalgic, sweet, fragrant, and spicy tones that transport you to warm Christmases, vintage cereals, and delectable desserts. Our expert says it reminds him of Big Red gum, a real classic!

ZYN Spearmint

A mint flavor rose to the top! That’s true; Snubie is a spearmint enthusiast. “Peppermint is good, don’t get me wrong, but the sweet flavor of spearmint is a more enjoyable flavor,” he said. “Mild, lightly sweet, and refreshing” were his initial words when asked to describe the product.

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New ZYN Flavors We’d Love To See

Don’t get us wrong: the current ZYN flavors are excellent. But there is always space for more. So, Swedish Match, if you’re reading this, here are three we’d like to see!

Green Tea – While we like a sweet delight, we sometimes prefer the punch of something bitter. For this, green tea would be ideal. Its earthy, fresh, and floral smells would look great in a pouch!

Chili – There is nothing quite like a strong menthol kick. Or is there? We began to think and decided that chili may get close! It wouldn’t be as fresh but still deliver a stimulating sting.

Coconut – With all the super-bold, super-sweet alternatives available, you may want a neutral, uncomplicated flavor, where coconut can help as an alternative to the unflavored line.

Consider The Following:


That’s it! Hopefully, you will be more prepared to choose a flavor when purchasing ZYN nicotine pouches online. There are many more delicious alternatives than just the ones mentioned above, and maybe some new ones are on the way!

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