Best Litanswers Alternatives for Free Study in 2022

Litanswers Alternatives

The advanced technology has made finding study material easy for the people. Now, everyone can find anything online relating to their subject. All you have to do is look up the concerning content on Google, and it will render you countless answers. Several websites, including Sparknotes, Enotes, and LitChart, help you find the material. Amongst many, the popular one is Litanswers

Litanswers website came to the fore after the famous website Textsheet was shut down. However, Textsheet again came under siege by DMCA for allegedly copying the content that was found on the website like Chegg. Soon after, Litanswer was also shut down, as it also shared Chegg answers and CourseHero. 

Now that both the answers have been shut down, people are now looking for some better Litanswers Alternatives. If you are also one of those looking for reliable websites to get appropriate options, look no more. Today, we are here to discuss some of the best Litanswers Alternatives for your convenience. 

Best Litanswers Alternatives for Free Study in 2022

We provide you with some amazing websites that you can opt for a learning perspective. We have tried to incorporate free websites; however, some are paid too. Let’s get rolling. 

1. Slader

Litanswers Alternatives

The first option we have is Slader. It is one of the widely used websites. Always there to solve your academic problem. The website is great in terms of offering a systematic solution across thousands of textbooks. You can come across the textbook barcode, look it up for your textbook, and search for your answer. 

The website offers textbook answers for multiple subjects, including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, World History, US History, European History, and Spanish. In short, it is one of the best websites one can come across, so do check it out. First, look at its features. 

Features of Slader:

  • It is free of cost. 
  • Its compatible with both Android and iOS
  • The database contains millions of solved textbooks. 
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2. CourseHero

Litanswers Alternatives

CourseHero is yet another best alternative to Litanswers. The website treasures more than 30 million course study materials. The best part about the website is it assists in solving your homework. Additionally, it is easy to use, as all you have to do is inquire about the question, select the subject, and click on the submit button. All your answers will be here in less than 15 minutes. Let’s take a look at its features. 

Features of Coursehero:

  • It offers a systematic explanation. 
  • It has expert tutors onboard. 
  • CourseHero gives prompt replies 
  • It has an app compatible with Android and iOS. 

The website is not free of cost; you will have to pay $9.95 monthly. If you want to have free access to the website, you are to upload your study documents to the CourseHero library. As soon as you add your documents, you will get a free access pass. After that, you can search from the entire CourseHero library free of cost. You will come across practice tests, video guides, class notes, and detailed explanations for every subject on the websites. 

3. SparkNotes

Litanswers Alternatives

Who does not know of Spark Notes? SparkNotes is one of the most renowned and widely used websites, used explicitly by literature students. Therefore, it serves as one of the best alternatives to Litanswers. The website offers sample tests, essay help, and the translations of Shakespeare’s arduous phrases. The website is reliable because Harvard student Sam Yagan established it in the year 1999. Later, Barnes and Noble refurbished it in 2001. Here are some of its features.

Features of SparkNotes:

  • It does not sponsor any ads 
  • It is free of cost. 
  • You can have full access on the Go.
  • It lets you customize the text size and try out the Dark Mode. 
  • You can also quiz yourself with Spark Notes. 

4. Crazy For Study

Litanswers Alternatives

Crazy for Students is yet another considerable Litanswer alternative. It is one of the most useful websites, as it fulfills almost all requirements of students and caters to people from different disciplines, including Finance, Marketing, Biology, Accounts, Social Science, Chemistry, Economics, and Physics. The website has a friendly interface and very informative services.

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The website proves helpful for anyone looking for ways to complete the assignment. The best part is it offers help to students with the systematic textbook solution. Now, let’s have a look at its features. 


  • The website has offered a solution to more than 50 million textbooks. 
  • The website is not free, but the students will have to pay a minimum of $3 on a monthly basis. 
  • Students are allowed to ask 50 questions every month for free.

5. Chegg

Litanswers Alternatives

Chegg is one of the best and most elite Litanswer alternatives. It contains some of the best solutions to your questions. Whenever you have tricky homework and hard-to-crack assignment questions, the website comes to the rescue. Chegg provides solutions to problems, including math, business, physics, engineering, chemistry, etc. 

Chegg offers different ways of providing solutions to your problems. You can either find written answers to your questions, or the experts are also there to help you out with your homework. Rest assured that you will get significant help whatever way you opt for. 

Features of Chegg:

  • You can get an expert opinion using the method 24/7. 
  • You will always find relevant answers. 
  • It has an app on Google Playstore. 
  • It offers video explanations as well. 

The website is paid. You will have to sign-up and pay for the subscription. As soon as the monthly subscription ends, it will renew automatically, without you having to worry about monthly subscription payments. 

Final Words:

Anyhow, these are some of the best Alternatives to Litanswers. We have tried hard to bring some of the best alternatives to Litanswers. With technological advancement, it has become necessary to acquaint your students with technology and make them aware of using it for good purposes. 

Given the current situation where everything has shifted online, and teachers are resorting to Zoom for studies, it is essential to provide other online options to students. All these Litanswers Alternatives are user-friendly, informative, easy to use, and give an expert opinion. We have offered you options that cater best to students of different disciplines. 

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