Top 10 Best Password Managers For Business in 2022

password managers for businesses

Best  and reliable password managers for business will be described in this article. The frustration of having to store and secure complicated passwords for each company account is eliminated by using password managers for businesses. Every employee now has hundreds of accounts to manage due to the proliferation of SaaS and cloud apps, and each one requires a different, strong password. The average employee has 191 distinct passwords to manage, according to a recent LastPass survey.

There are so many passwords to remember! It seems sense that this leads to employees using the same password across many accounts or using basic passwords that are simple to remember but simple for hackers to decipher. This is a serious security concern since if one account is compromised, an attacker may be able to access numerous others, each of which may hold critical company data.

A solution is provided by password managers for businesses (Business Password Management). These tools help users manage their passwords by keeping all of their passwords in a password vault that is completely secured. Users benefit from this, and administrators may utilise it to make sure that everyone uses different, strong passwords across all of their accounts.

We’ll walk you through the top 10 password management solutions we’ve found in order to assist you in selecting the finest platform. We’ll discuss their strengths, customer feedback, pricing, and usability in addition to what they do best. Let’s get going.

Top 10 Best Password Managers For Business in 2022

Top 10 Best Password Managers For Business are explained here.

1. Keeper Password Manager and Secure Vault

Keeper Password Manager and Secure Vault

In order to encourage improved password habits among employees, avoid account compromises, and adhere to business compliance rules, Keeper, a market-leading commercial password management system, offers enterprise password security. By enabling users to create random, strong passwords for all of their business accounts and applications, Keeper helps to increase password security. These may be readily controlled and accessed whenever necessary from any device and are kept in a safe, encrypted vault that is specific to each user. By lowering the risk of data breaches caused by weak or reused passwords and ensuring compliance standards are fulfilled, Keeper helps to increase employee productivity.

High-security passwords may be easily created, accessed, and safely shared with other team members thanks to Keeper’s password vault’s user-friendly interface and global accessibility. In the vault, users can also keep encrypted copies of their papers and images. KeeperFill, a browser add-on, detects websites and applications for which the user already has login information saved and automatically fills in the necessary information. KeeperFill automatically proposes and stores new passwords to the user’s vault when changing passwords or making a new account. This is another Password Managers .

Password encryption and decryption only take place on the client’s device thanks to a zero-knowledge security architecture. This means that neither Keeper personnel nor anyone outside the company will ever have access to the data in plaintext.

Finally, administrators can provision and manage the end-user licences for their account through Keeper’s Admin Console. To make provisioning simple, the Admin Console features sophisticated connectivity with Active Directory, SSO, SCIM, and developer APIs. To prevent passwords from being shared outside of organisations or with the incorrect team members, role-based access controls can be set up and employee permissions are entirely customisable. Administrators can access a variety of audits to help enforce rules and guarantee compliance criteria are followed as well as reports on employee password security. For businesses seeking for a solid, feature-rich enterprise password management system, Keeper is a good choice. Also check Software Development Companies in Colombia

The monthly base rate for each user is $3.75. There are other add-ons as well, such BreachWatch, which searches the dark web and notifies users if any of their credentials are discovered.

2. Dashlane Business

Dashlane Business

Dashlane is a user-friendly password manager that is simple to set up and protects users from credential-based hacks. Dashlane safeguards important company data while freeing up help-desk staff and boosting productivity. It is well-liked by both technical and non-technical users for its simple user interface and extensive security features.

With an additional Argon2d encryption setting for increased latency and more robust security against brute force attacks, Dashlane offers a secure AES 256-bit encrypted password vault. Users may enable 2FA for each account in their Dashlane vault using the platform’s Authenticator function in the Dashlane mobile app, making it simpler to transfer and store 2FA tokens securely. The dark web scanning programme searches the internet for credentials that have been stolen, and automatic breach notifications promptly tell users if a hacker attempts to access their vault. Administrators can access real-time insights on the security breaches their users have been involved in, as well as straightforward actions they can take to mitigate them, if the scan results are positive and Dashlane warns users that they need to reset their password.

Administrators can set up policies such as preventing autofill, enforcing 2FA, and creating Business Space domains using the centralised admin console, which also provides access to reports on account usage, shared password group information, and Password Health score reports. Users can keep their personal and professional credentials separate in one vault thanks to the Business Space function. Administrators may keep an eye on a user’s password health in their Business Space without invading their Personal Space. This is another Password Managers .

Team and Business are the two password management plans that Dashlane offers. Group password sharing, administration and reporting, 2FA, and their secure password vault are all included in Dashlane Team. All of Team’s capabilities are available in Dashlane Business, along with SSO, dark web surveillance, and a complimentary family protection package for each user. Powerful password manager for a small-to-medium-sized business, including non-technical organisations, Dashlane has exceptional customer service and an easy-to-use UI. For enterprises looking to install MFA and a password manager to help avoid credential-related breaches, the solution’s seamless integration with Dashlane Authenticator, the vendor’s standalone 2FA tool, making it a particularly potent option.

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3. Password


For teams, 1Password provides secure, scalable, and user-friendly password management. By mandating two-factor authentication and storing passwords in secure vaults, their system makes it simple for employees to stay secure online. Employees always have access to their passwords because they are effortlessly synchronised across devices and browsers.

For businesses, 1Password has a number of benefits. In the case that passwords are forgotten, administrators have access to advanced permissions and can set up options for account recovery. To guarantee that administrators can assist staff members with password problems while away from their workstations, a travel mode is available.

In order to securely share passwords among groups, 1Password also provides Active Directory and Slack connection. Administrators also get access to usage statistics and activity logs, which provide them a more comprehensive picture of your company’s security.

Customers laud 1Password for making it simple to generate, manage, and instantly access safe passwords as needed. Customers claim that the service is very secure and convenient.

4. Safe by Hitachi ID Bravura

Safe by Hitachi ID Bravura

In addition to enabling better network security, Hitachi ID Systems offers user-friendly entitlement, identity, and credential governance solutions that are simple to deploy and administer. Hitachi ID’s enterprise password management solution, Bravura Safe, enables companies to manage and secure their employees’ decentralised passwords, secrets, and files so they can securely send sensitive information to people outside the corporate IT environment. It is intended to reduce the risk of credential-related breaches like brute force and phishing attacks.

Employees can use Bravura Safe to save all of their credentials in a secure password vault that they can access from any trusted device by entering their one-of-a-kind “master password.” Employees are urged to create stronger passwords or to replace them if they have been hacked by notifications. To help stop the re-use of compromised credentials by a cybercriminal, Bravura Safe automatically restructures employee passwords to be stronger when sending data outside the organisation. This makes sure that all decentralised passwords that leave the corporate IT environment are not only harder to crack but also different from employee passwords used within the business. Finally, Bravura Safe encrypts and keeps all decentralised passwords, secrets, and files in a high-security repository that administrators may access via a centralised administration panel without being able to read password values. This allows IT departments complete visibility into how decentralised passwords are used throughout their company. This is another Password Managers .

As a SaaS public cloud solution, Bravura Safe is quick to deploy and simple to scale. It provides easy connections with Hitachi ID’s other identity security products and can be used independently or in conjunction with an internal password manager. We advise companies wishing to more effectively manage and safeguard their distributed credentials that exist outside of the corporate IT environment to use Bravura Safe.

5. LastPass


One of the most well-liked password managers for businesses is LastPass. Lastpass offers various identity management tiers, from straightforward and safe password management for teams to an enterprise identity management solution that combines password management with built-in multi-factor authentication and single sign-on for users.

Customers give Lastpass good marks for its user interface. The user-friendly password manager Lastpass makes it simple to log into numerous platforms with different, secure passwords by storing passwords across accounts seamlessly. With a mobile app, desktop app, and browser extension, the platform is simple to use and gives users access to their passwords from anywhere. You won’t need to remember or copy and paste secure passwords because these applications will automatically fill in your login information.

Logging into an account and LastPass will automatically store your account information makes it simple to migrate existing passwords. Your vault is secured by default with two-factor authentication and, on some computers and mobile applications, with fingerprint and facial recognition.

Customers laud the business services offered by Lastpass, such as credential sharing. This makes it simple for users to grant other team members access to their accounts. IT administrators may use Lastpass’ policies and reporting tools to make sure everyone is using strong passwords and updating them frequently. Additionally, LastPass provides an encrypted “notes” section where you may safely save data including credit card information.

The LastPass platform is a top password management solution for businesses because it makes it simpler for businesses and consumers to handle passwords securely and reliably.

6. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

A secure vault called Password Manager Pro is used by businesses to store and manage sensitive data like passwords, documents, and digital identities. Increasing IT productivity, enhancing admin security controls, and maintaining regulatory compliance are all made possible by Password Manager Pro.

Both an on-premises and on-cloud version of this platform are offered. Employees can access their passwords on both desktop and mobile devices thanks to ManageEngine, which generates secure passwords for users automatically. You can set policies while you’re not at your desk because the admin panel may be accessed off the network. This is another Password Managers .

A head in one department may have access to key passwords for that department but won’t have access to key passwords for another department since ManageEngine admins can specify roles-based access. The reporting is thorough, and administrators may even record sessions to determine precisely who is exchanging credentials and why. Also check backup software

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Password Manager Pro MSP edition is also available from ManageEngine. This platform seeks to assist Managed Service Providers in better managing the passwords of their clients, enhancing security and simplifying management.

7. NordPass Business

NordPass Business

NordPass Enterprise is an advanced business password management system that gives administrators a thorough insight of the password state across the firm and aids organisations in managing password security and user productivity.

Users may create strong passwords, store an unlimited number of passwords, quickly and simply auto-fill their login information with just one click, and safely exchange passwords with others using NordPass’ XChaCha20-encrypted vault. Additionally, users can safely keep notes, credit card information, and personal data.

Multi-factor authentication can also be used to safeguard vaults (including strong factors such as biometrics). Administrators can obtain a comprehensive overview of the password of passwords throughout their enterprises as well as specific information about user behaviour and any compromised domains from a central portal. Administrators may recover accounts and implement strict organization-wide password requirements via this dashboard (even if a user has forgotten or lost their master password).

Since it is a cloud-based solution, NordPass is simple to set up and administer. Users can choose between using the Web Vault (which works with any browser) or the NordPass mobile app, which is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also features browser add-ons for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and other popular browsers.

Currently, there are two plans available for NordPass Business: Business and Enterprise. Business starts at £3.59 per user for a two-year membership and covers up to 250 users. While price for Enterprise, which covers unlimited users, is available upon request from the sales team.

Users give the programme great marks for being user-friendly, safe, and practical when it comes to password management. For establishments of all sizes and in all sectors searching for a reliable, practical, and secure password management solution from a solid, recognised vendor, we propose NordPass.

8. Bitwarden


Users can safely manage their passwords and sensitive information using Bitwarden, a dependable open-source password manager, from any place or device. With a variety of choices available at various rates and with various capabilities, including a free option, the solution works for individuals, teams, and business groups. Users of Bitwarden can simply exchange encrypted data with other employees of your company as well as create, manage, and store passwords.

This is another Password Managers .Safeguard end-to-end encryption and cross-platform compatibility are useful features provided by Bitwarden, allowing users to share and secure data inside the Bitwarden Vault from any browser, mobile device, or desktop programme. Because the solution is adaptable, users may quickly set it up in the cloud or self-host for complete data control. Bitwarden conforms with Privacy Shield, GDPR, and CCPA laws and is open source and third-party audited. Users get access to illuminating vault health reports that point out password vulnerabilities and other useful indicators. While the thorough event logs make it simple to identify which groups and users have access to sensitive information, Bitwarden’s Directory Connector facilitates user and group onboarding and ensures that they are synchronised. Using SSO authentication, directory services, or robust APIs, Bitwarden enables you to integrate your current systems.

Although you would need to subscribe for more users or sophisticated features like SSO and audit logs, Bitwarden still ranks as one of the most cost-effective options even for the highest tier price options.

9. N-able Passportal 

N-able Passportal 

N-able A cloud-based password management solution called Passportal aims to serve MSP clients. It has effective and user-friendly password and credential management, and it is completely encrypted. Businesses can take use of a wide range of capabilities, such as automatic password updates, reporting, auditing, and credential injection.

MSP and internal IT services teams that require straightforward and simple cloud-based password security should use Passportal. It gives MSPs access to privileged client documentation features, enabling technicians to deliver critical information quickly and effectively. Additionally, Passportal provides a completely white-labeled password management as-a-service solution that you may sell to your clients.

Due to its thorough documentation, user-friendly website, and numerous integrations, N-able users claim that it is one of the best solutions for password security and administration. The UI, according to MSP customers, is simple to use, making it simple to issue passwords and other information to client accounts. For MSP customers that require a system to store all of their clients’ passwords or MSPs looking to offer password management as a service to their clients, N-able Passportal is an excellent option.

10. Delinea Secret Server

Delinea Secret Server

With enterprise-grade access management provided by Delinea Secret Server, enterprises can safeguard their privileged accounts. It can be set up on-premises or as a cloud service. After a recent merger with Centrify, this solution, which was once known as Thycotic Secret Server, underwent a rebranding. This is another Password Managers .

Users of Secret Server can keep secret passwords and account information in a central, encrypted vault. So that businesses have complete visibility and control over corporate account access and security, it then enables admins to identify all accounts and regulate access to company credentials. Also check school management software

With Active Directory connection provided by Delinea, users may retrieve all of their credentials by just logging into O365. Customers like it because of its accessibility and user-friendly interface. Customers also laud the service’s dependability and ease of generating fresh strong passwords.

Larger teams with several users that need to be able to securely manage their own passwords and adhere to admin security regulations are the main target audience for Secret Server. However, Delinea Secret Server also appeals to smaller businesses because there is a freemium alternative accessible.

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