Top 13 Brilliant Patreon Alternatives In 2022


Brilliant Patreon alternatives will be described in this article. The need for Patreon substitutes is growing, and new platforms are emerging every day. We’re lucky. There is currently something for everyone in the market for platforms to increase and monetize your subscriber base. In order to assist you in completing the most suitable decision, we have done the research for you. This article compares use cases, features, and prices of the 13+ top Patreon competitors currently on the market.

So relax, get comfortable, and keep reading to discover the finest Patreon substitute for you in 2022. The first platform for creators to make money from their subscription base is Patreon. However, rising costs have made some customers flee the area.

Meanwhile, high-profile Patreon creators like Jordan Peterson have made their losses public and Sam Harris has closed his account because of allegations of censorship, which has put Patreon under fire.

Best For: Artists, vloggers, musicians, and podcasters make up the majority of Patreon creators. One of the oldest sites, Patreon boasts one of the most diverse creator bases. It is essentially designed for all types of creatives.


Works nicely for seasoned specialised producers who have devoted followers

Built-in email and postings for patrons exclusively to interact with the audience

Goals for flexible funding

Regular and trustworthy payments


No advertising tools, no user support

Building a community on the site is challenging, and finding new ideas is harder.

Due to new and ambiguous content restriction policies, 2019, crackdowns on creators of political content and particular content genres have occurred.


Starting on Patreon is free, but once you start making money, they charge a flat 5% fee (along with the industry-standard rate for processing payments).

They just introduced the Lite, Pro, and Premium pricing categories. These levels feature fixed fees of 5%, 8%, and 12%, respectively.

All levels are subject to the following processing payment rates: 2.9% + $0.30 for each successful payment over $3 and 5% + $0.10 for each successful payment of $3 or less.

Top 13 Brilliant Patreon Alternatives to Monetize Your Audience In 2022

Top 13 Brilliant Patreon Alternatives to Monetize Your Audience are explained here.


This membership platform with a bio link builder is an unexpected challenger to Patreon because it can produce and manage exclusive content for a social media bio link.

The aim is to use the bio link to manage your membership memberships, sell digital goods, collect donations, manage fan requests, and have a single location for all of your most important links.

Linktree and Patreon make the ideal couple. Also check scrivener alternatives tools

ALERT: is also advertised on Appsumo as a lifetime deal. Check it out!

Best for: Influencers and people who want to integrate their gated content with social media in a seamless membership experience.


Generous plan for free

Per subscription, several projects (accounts) (can build multiple membership sites)

Extreme personalization

Integrated connection bio characteristics

Own your clients’ information

No commissions or fees based on your income

One location for simple membership and content administration


There is no API currently (but devs promise one soon)


With one of the multiple generous free plans and no percent taken from your sales or profits, is a powerful competitor. The top premium plan is $39/mo, with paid plans starting at $19/mo. These options include more projects and features. lifetime bargain is currently available on AppSumo for a limited period, beginning at $39 per year.

2. Heights Platform

Heights Platform

Heights Platform is designed to assist you in developing and marketing online courses through the use of your own branded platform and unique domain. One of the greatest platforms for customising online learning. This is another Patreon Alternatives.

Best suited for: Consultants, coaches, and solopreneurs who wish to market their knowledge through online courses.


You determine your own course costs.

Built-in analytics, content management, and payment processing

Endless students, content, and courses

Increased student involvement through projects, medals, points, and forums

White-labelling for individualization and branding


No integrated email marketing system. However, if you already prefer working from your email provider, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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It lacks some capabilities that more established competitors have, such as the ability to create tests and quizzes.


Regular monthly subscription rates begin at $39, $79, or $399. But you control the cost of your courses and get to retain every penny. Payments are subject to standard industry transaction fees of 2.9% plus $0.30.

3. Tribe


An online community platform called Tribe enables you to interact and connect with your followers.

It’s great for using social connections to increase conversions, get and keep consumers, and gain a deeper understanding of your customer base. This is another Patreon Alternatives.

Best for: Users of WordPress who want streamlined Google Analytics inside WordPress as well as marketers and agencies who want to create a community.


Cloud-based and completely programmable

Contains a streamlined Google Analytics

Send analytical reports to your clients automatically

View your most successful marketing initiatives and pages.

Create a healthy community and expand your clientele


Minor errors were noted by users.

No mobile app


Paid plans start at $85 and go up to $249 per month or more for big businesses or those operating in regulated sectors. For individuals or tiny enterprises, Tribe furthermore provides a free plan.

4. Podia


You may offer digital goods, online courses, and subscriptions using Podia, a cost-effective, all-in-one marketing platform.

Best for: New businesses, solopreneurs, and people on a limited budget who sell memberships, digital downloads, and online courses. comparable to Zipsell. Also check garage band alternatives


Reasonable prices

Affiliate marketing

Integrated email marketing

Integrated checkout

Video hosting assistance

0% of sales transaction fees


Lack of customisable fields in email builder

The membership feature is exclusive to more expensive plans.


Plans start at $39 and $79 per month. Additionally, payment processors incur a fee of 2.9% + $0.30, which may change depending on your location.

5. Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee

Where Can I Get A Coffee?

A membership platform called Buy Me a Coffee allows one-time and recurring donations from your fans.

Best for: People who want tips from an audience, including artists and creators.


Permits one-time gifts

The capacity to distribute exclusive content and sell digital downloads

Automatic transfers of funds are made to your account.


Not appropriate for larger companies or anyone attempting to scale up


Both monthly fees and paywall features are absent. The site levies regular PayPal and Stripe payment processing fees in addition to a 5% transaction fee.

6. Memberful


WordPress has a membership plugin called Memberful. It enables website owners to tailor the user experience and offer subscriptions. Additionally, it incorporates with Mailchimp, Stripe, and WordPress. This is another Patreon Alternatives.

Best for: Media companies and larger businesses since it supports growth quickly. Restrict Content Pro and MemberMouse are comparable tools.


Specific branding

Email bulletins

Free trials, gifts, and coupons

Logical membership administration

Private forums and material for members

Tracking analytics and conversions


Fewer features than on most other platforms


10% transaction cost with a free initial start. Paid plans begin at $25 per month and have transaction costs of 4.9%.

7. Ko-fi


At Ko-fi, you may share your work and receive donations from admirers for as little as the cost of a coffee cup, if not more. Donations and commissions can be set up either as a one-time payment or a recurring one. This is another Patreon Alternatives.

Best for: Tipping jars for podcasters, artists, writers, cosplayers, etc. A comparable tool is Flattr.


Simple, uncomplicated user interface

No need to register as a supporter

Possibility of providing memberships, content behind a paywall, and customised commissions


$3 is the minimum donation.

No integrated marketing equipment


Ko-fi keeps 0% of your donations aside from the usual expenses associated with processing payments. The Gold plan includes premium paid services and costs $6 per month.

8. Liberapay


The mechanism for recurring donations is called Liberapay. The weekly donation limit is set at €100.00 per donor to guard against outside influence. This is another Patreon Alternatives. Also check GofundMe alternatives

Best for: Content or software creators who continuously develop new material and maintain the upkeep. very much like Open Collective.


Zero platform charges

Teams include

No need to provide rewards

Many languages and currencies are supported

Your reports on Twitter, GitHub, Mastodon, and nine more networks can all be integrated.


Making long-term estimates is challenging.

A small and newly established business, so you could not receive enough exposure


Platform fees are not charged by Liberapay. Your payment processor will charge you the usual transaction costs.

9. SubscribeStar


An independent membership site called SubscribeStar serves musicians, visual artists, and teachers.

The best users for this platform include celebrities, vloggers, entertainers, coaches, teachers, radio hosts, gamers with streaming experience, individual preachers, event planners, and administrative agencies. This is another Patreon Alternatives.

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Any legal content is permitted under liberal content policies.

Integrated statistics and analytics tools

After editor

Protection against content skimming and scraping

Advanced integration options for outside vendors


No Stripe or PayPal

Restrictions on withdrawal of payments

The platform’s lack of strict content regulations indicates that it has some ties to more extreme beliefs.


Charges a flat service fee of 5% for each pledge and a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for successful payments. You will be assessed a payout fee (minimum $3) if you request a payout; this fee fluctuates depending on the frequency and size of the payout.

10. Kickstarter


Projects get a new lease on life thanks to Kickstarter. It is perfect for a variety of media, including movies, music, theatre, games, comics, graphics, and photography.

Best for: Programmers, designers, support staff, writers, musicians, artists, poets, gamers, robot builders, and a wide range of other professions.


For one-time projects only

Each project is thoroughly reviewed before release.


Not all initiatives succeed.

Not appropriate for both personal and charitable crowdfunding

If you reach your fundraising goal, you will only be given the funding.

No recurring monthly subscription model

If your project is a success, you must provide tangible prizes to your backers.


You won’t be charged if your project doesn’t achieve its objective. However, you will be charged a 5% fee, additional processing costs of 3% to 5%, and $0.05 to $0.20 per pledge if it is successful.

11. Indiegogo


Indiegogo assists business owners who are attempting to realise their ambitions. Before they become popular, it offers financing for innovative and altruistic tech and design projects. This is another Patreon Alternatives.

Best for: Charitable crowdfunding for start-ups, businesses, and entrepreneurs


No costs for charitable endeavours

You have the choice of funding that is all-or-nothing or all-or-nothing.

Since campaigns are not pre-screened, eliminating the approval process will increase your chances of success.

Both incentives and equity crowdsourcing is permitted


Less publicity and traffic than Kickstarter

There are no choices for a recurring monthly subscription.

There is little interaction between campaigners and their supporters.


There are no monthly fees other than a platform fee of 5% to 8% that applies to all crowdfunding projects and a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

12. Gumroad


This is another Patreon Alternatives. Gumroad is an online storefront where content producers may sell their books, courses, music, and movies.

Most suitable for: Independent artists and content producers


Easy to use

Free starting strategy

Membership structure

Works effectively for both real things and digital ones.

Gumroad can be integrated onto websites.


There is no A/B testing.

Not compatible with ApplePay

Support only via email

A meagre assistance desk


Starter plans are free, while creator plans are $10 per month. There are standard transaction costs of 3.5% or 5% plus $0.30 for each charge.

13. Anchor Listeners Support

Anchor Listeners Support

The incredibly straightforward mobile podcast production and distribution software Anchor offers a membership service called Listener Support that is modelled after Patreon. For recurring fan donations, creators of Anchor can turn on Listener Support. This is another Patreon Alternatives.

Best for: Anchor-using podcasters.


Cash out whenever you want since Anchor will immediately send you money.

Low costs

Supports both Google Pay and Apple Pay

Certain community rules


Available only to Anchor users

Not accessible everywhere (only available for US Anchor creators)

Low platform discoverability


Use is free. In addition to Stripe’s regular 5% + $0.10 processing cost, Anchor charges a flat 4.5% fee that is waived for 6 months starting on April 1.

Facebook and YouTube remain part of big tech

Several major firms have introduced their own monthly subscription services, including Facebook and YouTube.


In exchange for badges, access to premium material, and one-on-one conversations, Facebook allows users support sites with recurring monthly donations. But regrettably, fan subscriptions are only available to pages that have been invited. Here are some details regarding the service.


You can submit an application to the YouTube Partner Program if you get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing. See here for further details.

How to Choose Your Own Best Platform

What is the most effective Patreon substitute for you or your company?

Obviously, there isn’t a platform that works for everyone. What works well for your use case is a better question to ask.

Choose a platform like Heights Platform or Podia if you want to sell an online course. Both contain elements designed specifically for online schooling as well as a community component.

Choose a platform like Tribe if you’re a marketer or solopreneur trying to grow your network.

Look into Believe Me A Coffee or Ko-fi if you’re merely looking to fund your hobbies or side projects.

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