Top 15 GarageBand Alternatives for Mac In 2022


Best garage band alternatives will be described in this article. Even if you don’t use GarageBand, chances are you are already familiar with it if you own an Apple device. All Macs, iPhones, and iPads come pre-loaded with the free music composition studio software.

Let’s look at various GarageBand alternatives for Mac, Windows, and the Cloud. While it’s a terrific free application used by both novice and experienced audio engineers, it might not be the greatest option for you (or an option at all if you’re on Windows!)

Why you might need alternatives to GarageBand

GarageBand is one of the multiple widely employed digital audio workstations (DAWs) out there. Along with a vast library of instruments and samples, it has several excellent native plugins and audio editing features. Even semi-pro audio processing tools like EQs and compressors are included. The fact that GarageBand is totally free, however, may be one of its most crucial features, making it a great choice for aspiring music producers on a tight budget.

Although GarageBand may be a fantastic option for many, there are other DAWs available. GarageBand might not be the greatest option for you if you’re a professional or someone who truly wants to delve into complicated features. Not to mention, PC owners aren’t even given the choice. Thankfully, there are some outstanding GarageBand substitutes available for Mac, Windows, and even the cloud.

Mac alternatives to GarageBand

All new Macs come with GarageBand pre-installed, but it might not have all the functionality you’re looking for in a music creation programme. If you’re looking for some alternative Mac programmes to GarageBand, take a look at these ones.

Top 15 GarageBand Alternatives for Mac In 2022

Top 15 GarageBand Alternatives for Mac are explained here.

1. Logic Pro

Logic Pro


A comprehensive collection of high-end tools for professional beat creation, audio editing, and mixing are available in Apple’s Logic Pro. Additionally, you may use the vast variety of instruments, effects, loops, and samples to completely transform your music. Also check  jira alternatives

For each composition, this software allows you to record up to 1,000 recordings, layer sounds on top of one another, and apply several effects while the tune is playing. Logic Pro is a great option for Mac users who seek extensive functionality without losing usability because it has a plethora of sophisticated editing features.


Support for 24-bit/192kHz audio, intelligent take management, and seamless punch recording

Create spatial audio mixes that go beyond stereo with integrated Dolby Atmos tools.

Various instruments, effects, loops, and samples are available, along with royalty-free producer packs from artists including Oak Felder, Take a Daytrip, TRAKGIRL, and others.

With multi-touch faders, multi-touch mixing enables you to mix from anywhere in the room.

A touch of the finger can programme drum patterns and produce dynamic rhythms using beat sequencing.

You can operate Logic Pro on your Mac with your iPhone or iPad thanks to Logic Remote.

You may quickly make music with Logic Remote’s Key Instructions by selecting from a list of workflow-specific commands.

Price: $199.99

Why you need it: Logic Pro is much more versatile than GarageBand. Logic Pro is a great option if you’re serious about making music and seeking for a professional tool with all the functionality you could possibly need.

2. Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 11 is a versatile music-making programme that is available for both Mac and Windows. It has a collection of effects, instruments, sounds, and creative tools, giving you everything you need to produce original music. There are three alternatives (Intro, Standard, and Suite) to select from, each with a different set of features and price points.

The Session View in Ableton Live 11 is one feature that sets it apart from other music production programmes and makes it ideal for improvisation. It lets you mix and match your musical ideas without using a timeline. Additionally, it contains the standard Arrangement View, where you may compose your music on a timeline by combining various parts to create your masterpiece.


Consider recording and comping techniques that let you combine the best elements to create your ideal take, or utilise sample splicing to combine random samples from your library.

Linked track editing allows you to join many tracks together and edit them all at once.

Hybrid Reverb enables you to set your sounds in any environment, whether it be real-world or not.

Ideal for DJs and live music performances, Tempo Following instantly alters the music’s tempo based on the incoming audio.

You can produce instantaneous sound variations while performing by creating Macro Variations from stored Macros.

Instrument collections including Upright Piano, Brass Quartet, and String Quartet were produced in association with Spitfire Audio.

Due to MPE compatibility, you may apply bends, slides, and pressure to any note in a chord to make nuanced changes.

Live 11 Intro costs $99, Live 11 Standard is $449, and Live 11 Suite is $749.

Why you want it: Abelton Live 11 is an excellent option if you’re a DJ or utilise your created music as part of a live act because it offers features like Tempo Following and Macro Variations that let you make changes in real time while you’re performing.

3. Cubase 12

Cubase 12

Cubase 12 is a popular GarageBand option for Mac & Windows. With 3 different editions and varied levels of features, Cubase 12 offers something for every type of user and budget.

This music creation programme provides a range of professional-grade audio production features, making it a fantastic alternative for pros. And for those unique to audio engineering, you’ll relish the copious lesson films the firm provides to assist you manage the sophisticated features.


Logical editor allows you to adjust and design your own workflows or use presets

MIDI remote integration immediately recognises your MIDI controllers & map the controls, letting you to operate your devices

VariAudio with Scale Assistant completes it easy to put the scale and alter the pitch of your recording

FX Modulator breathes fresh lfe into your sounds allowing you to create your own styles with varied effects

AudioWarp tool helps you edit your audio recordings directly in the Project window or alter numerous tracks at once in Group Editing

Raiser is a dynamic processing tool that helps you drastically boost the loudness of your creations without sacrificing quality

Native Apple silicon support for individuals utilising the latest Mac systems with M1 processors

Why you like it: If you’re using a new Mac computer with an M1 chip, you’ll want a software like Cubase Pro 12. It features native Apple silicon compatibility so that you enjoy a pleasant user experience.

4. Audacity



Audacity is a free, open source, cross platform audio software developed for ease of use. This flexible multi-track audio editor can be operated on Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and other working systems. This is another garageband alternative.

Built and maintained by amateurs, Audacity doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles that GarageBand does. However, it still contains some advanced capabilities like noise reduction that allow you to make professional music for your projects.


Supports 16-bit, 24-bit, & 32-bit audio for clear, excellent sound

Record live audio utilizing a microphone or mixer and digitise your recordings from other media

Import, modify, and combine sound recordings in many different file formats, allowing you to integrate many files at once

Editing made easier using cut, copy, paste, and delete as well as undo and redo to go back any number of steps

Noise removal tool allows you to sample background hums and rattles and apply those filters to the audio

Supports LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST, & Audio Unit effect plug-ins with the possibility to develop your own plug-in

Spectrogram display mode allows you to visualise and pick frequencies with support for Vamp analysis plug-in

Price: Free

Why you want it: If you’re seeking for another free programme that’s on par with GarageBand, go no further than Audacity, a fantastic alternative for the budget concerned or those new to music production.

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5. FL Studio

FL Studio


With almost 20 years of continuous growth, FL Studio holds its own on this list of GarageBand alternatives for Mac. Its new user interface and collection of plugins means that FL Studio 20 has a lot to offer beginners and pros alike.

With a straightforward workflow and a number of native plugins, FL Studio is one of the greatest solutions for novices who are just beginning how to use audio engineering software. However, it still has the extensive variety of functions specialists seek and need while making music. Also check calendly alternatives


Large collection of native instruments, effects, and loops with one of the most highly respected synth VSTs on the market

Step sequencer that acts like a beat grid, allowing for any sound or sample to be placed on the grid & triggered in the series

High grade effects accessible as supplementary plugins, allowing you to change living sounds with FX

Drag any sound or selection directly onto the play list & put it anywhere along the timeline

Use dozens of presets custom-made for the native plugins so you can start composing music straight away

Sync your tunes to video effects to create visual range ready to publish on social media

Compatibility for Apple Silicon M1 processors and 64-bit native help for macOS

Why you like it: FL Studio 20 is an excellent solution for people who are new to music presentation but want access to an avant-garde quality set in an easy-to-navigate platform at an inexpensive price.

Since GarageBand is created for Apple devices, it’s only fitting that we offer a section for GarageBand options for Windows. While many of the choices on this entire list work for both Mac & Windows, these are our preferred alternatives to use on PC.

6. Cakewalk by BandLab

Cakewalk by BandLab

With 30 years of research and growth, Cakewalk from BandLab is one of the most popular DAWs for Windows. The software offers modern technologies and an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to generate unique, inventive music.

Using this software, you may compose songs with professional songwriting tools and instruments, and record with pristine quality and infinite tracks. You can also edit, mix, and learn with built-in tools and then distribute your music directly to YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, and other channels.


Unlimited audio, MIDI, instrument, loop, & auxiliary tracks for any project

Library of ProChannel modules containing strong EQ, convolution reverb, resonant filtering, dynamic compression, tape and console emulation, and peak limiting

Designed to imitate the configuration of an analogue console, construct and upgrade your channel strip with an extendable

Designed to boost workflow productivity with flexibility in customising the layout, colour theme, & display settings

ProChannel, the 64-bit mix machine alongside the mixing console interface delivers a user-friendly and streamlined audio mixing knowledge. This is another garageband alternative.

MIDI and audio components that allow users to alter plug-in parameters using MIDI controller

Help module flattens the understanding curve by creating the learning process quick and streamlined

7. Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker is the DAW for budding music producers with minimal experience. Built for Windows, this software features an easy-to-use interface and intuitive tools that let you get up and operating with your music presentation in no time.

Magix Music creater is well known for being user-friendly without the vertical learning curve associated with a lot of the other products on this list. While the tool may seem a bit restrictive for specialists, it is a terrific solution for enthusiasts and people who want to get started quickly.


Modular, easy-to-use design that allows you to personalise your workflows and get started with in-app instructions

Connect devices or a mic to your computer to operate your own recordings as part of your songs

Drag-and-drop feature for arranging sound snippets to generate creative compositions

Beatbox allows you to build versatile sample-based beats for every genre with 17 drum kits & 200 patterns

Songmaker AI utilizes artificial intelligence to help you find the best ideas for bespoke beats with entry to 8 Soundpools and 49 sond templates

Music Maker gives every sound you might need for your songs like drums, synths, basses, guitars, string ensembles and more recorded by skilled musicians

Library of sounds, loops, and sections of songs available in the in-app store

Price: Free, with premium versions available from $59.99 to $119

Why you want it: If you’re a newbie with a PC, Magix Music Maker may just be the greatest option on this list with its simple yet powerful capabilities.

8. Pro Tools

Pro Tools

Having lived around since 1983, Avid Pro Tools has evolved an industry-leading DAW. Popular with experts and new producers, this software lets you to go through all the steps of music show from recording & editing to mixing and mastering.

Pro Tools may have begun its beginnings as a drum machine called Digidrums, but it’s now a comprehensive digital audio studio used by renowned musicians and producers like Dr. Dre & Pharell WIlliams. While GarageBand is better for the casual user, Pro Tools is a better alternative for long-term users who wish to produce music often.


Non-destructive editing tools that assist maintain quality no matter what you do with your tracks

Multitrack recording has an auto-cancel feature which immediately disables record-enabled tracks when you record a new take

Pencil tool that allows you to create audio waveforms or edit MIDI messages manually as well as add panning effects with a click & hold

Smart Tool combines the Trim, Select, & Grabber means to automate the procedure

Dedicated Clip FX window that lets you to apply products in real time without needing to install any plug-ins

6 Pro Tools instruments include boom drum machine with sequencer, accoustic grand piano, AIR Vacuum monophonic vacuum tube synthesiser, and more

Includes a video editing function that lets you to import, play, edit, and export video clips on the same timeline where you’re producing music

Why you want it: This is clearly a software you can “grow into” using as both a novice and a professional. Plus, it’s got more collaborative options than GarageBand if that’s important to you.

9. MPC Beats

MPC Beats

MPC Beats is a free, beginner-friendly beat producing software that features MIDI controller compatibility. Those who are new to beat making can get created with a template, while the pros can purchase the expansion pack to obtain access to other sound libraries. Also check patreon alternatives

This DAW gives you everything you require to produce, mix, and master your own beats without the steep learning curve. The ease-of-use and array of features make this a terrific entry-level alternative for aspiring beat producers and amateurs.


Offers 16 pads for triggering drum samples & loops & support for MIDI controllers

Includes a 2GB library of examples, loops, and instruments with the opportunity to purchase an addition pack for added sound libraries. This is another garageband alternative.

Two stereo tracks to record devices or vocals to add a live component to your music

Includes a sample editor to fast and simply slice and edit your samples

Three plug in instruments available from MPC, including Bassline, Tubesynth, & Electric

Over 80 FX plugins from AIR Effects giving a quality collection of tools for adding a professional finish to your beats

With suitable third-party instrument and audio processing plugins, VST/AU compatibility allows you to increase the size of your sound library.

Cost: Free

Why you like it: If you’re new to music production and want to concentrate on crafting beats, MPC Beats is the DAW for you because it provides you everything you need to get started!

10. Reaper


Rapid Domain for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording is the abbreviation for Reaper. Although its name is a mouthful, this program’s straightforward design and ability to be customised let users who use it to create music and edit podcasts rapidly become accustomed to it.

It has a lot more advanced functionality than GarageBand, enabling you to accomplish more than you could with the free Mac programme. Reaper offers a free 60-day trial, so there’s no harm in checking it out to see if it has the features you require.


Multi-track live audio or MIDI recording that can be used to record an orchestra, band, or soloist

Real-time network FX processing and application

Pitch correction, time stretching, and shifting in real-time, with numerous pitch and time stretch engines

Drag-and-drop capabilities for production activities such as importing, organising, and rendering

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Move, divide, glue, resize, trim, loop, time stretch, pitch shift, fade, crossfade, slip, and snap to grid all with a single tool.

ReaSurround, which provides stereo, surround, or multichannel audio spatial visualisation and processing (up to 64 channels)

Experience that may be altered, including colours, icons, layouts, toolbars, and other features

A personal licence costs $60, while a business licence costs $225.

Why you want it: Reaper is perfect for professionals who require sophisticated software with lots of choices at a low cost.

Alternatives to GarageBand in the cloud

This is another garageband alternative. Not only does using a DAW frequently demand a sizable expenditure, but it can also need some processing power to function. You may rapidly create on the cloud while still having access to all the features of a standard DAW with cloud-based GarageBand alternatives.

11. Soundtrap


Soundtrap provides all the same fundamental capabilities as a conventional DAW and was one of the first online collaborative music studios to be made available. It’s a well-liked choice for anyone who want to record with others online because to its collaborative options.

With its app, Soundtrap enables you to record, edit, and collaborate from any location and on any device. The best thing, though? You never hold to be concerned about losing any of your work because everything is stored online in the cloud.


Access to an unlimited digit of projects & more than 800 instruments and sounds, including more than 150k sound effects from

A robust audio editing programme that lets you adjust the volume, pan, and apply filters

Contains tens of thousands of premium beats and presets, including synths, 808s, chords, drum beats, melodies, and more.

You can change the pitch of your representative recordings using Auto-Tune.

Musicians can record and create music on their mobile device using the Soundtrap Capture App.

With the help of Patterns Beatmaker, you can easily and intuitively create your own distinctive beats for your next tune.

Collaboration with nearby users while being able to see who is recording and respond to suggestions instantly

Price ranges from $7.99 for Premium to $11.99 for Supreme, $11.99 for Storytellers, and $16.99 for the Soundtrp x Spotify Premium Bundle.

Why you want it: For bands or musicians who are working remotely or who are producing music on the go, Soundtrap is a terrific solution.

12. BandLab


Another online DAW that enables cross-platform music creation is BandLab. BandLab is like carrying a recording studio in your pocket because it offers unlimited cloud storage. With a mobile device, you can record whenever and wherever the urge strikes. This is another garageband alternative.

You can collaborate with other contributors wherever they are thanks to BandLab’s collaboration tools and technology. To discover fresh prospects for collaboration, you can even join their global network of millions of creators.


Unlimited projects, teamwork, top-notch downloads, and safe storage

Connect your own instruments, use over 200 professionally designed instruments, such as pianos and drum kits, or use sounds from other DAWs.

Includes cross-platform universal FX and presets with high-quality guitar, bass, and voice effects.

Sync all of your job to the cloud so that it is secure and always available for you to work on.

Using a secret algorithm developed by BandLab, the AutoPitch programme allows you to automatically fix pitch in real time.

In order to restore prior versions, full version history records all of your revisions.

You can always sound your finest with unlimited free professional algorithmic mastering.

Cost: Free

Why you want it: BandLab is a user-friendly and reasonably priced choice for folks who are new to music production but desire remote collaboration.

13. Audiotool



The modular-focused cloud-based DAW Audiotool is an excellent choice for individuals who want to explore the processes used by the first electronic musicians. Producers have complete control over their tunes because to the modular workflow, which enables them to route, split, or combine various synth outputs.

The fact that Audiotool employs its community to expand its library of more than 250k samples and 50k device presets is one of its distinctive features. Producers have the chance to participate more actively in a vibrant online community of other musicians thanks to this DAW, which is completely free.


More than 250k samples and presets for various synthesisers and effects are included in the extensive sample collection.

includes a sample editor to adjust, chop, and edit your audio files as well as 28 unique FX, including mastering tools and MIDI effects.

Use three drum machines, such as Beatbox 8 and Beatbox 9, as well as modern recreations of vintage drum machines.

Invite other producers to cooperate, impart knowledge to, or work concurrently in the same studio while corresponding via video, audio, and text chat.

You can use your physical device to play instruments and control sliders and knobs thanks to MIDI device compatibility.

A platform that is driven by community that allows you to share your music on its publishing platform or connect with other producers inside the Audiotool community.

Since all songs are kept on Audiotools servers, you may view your projects using any browser without installing any software.

Cost: Free

Why you want it: Audiotool is the best cloud-based alternative if you want to experience a modular workflow that allows you greater control over your sounds or if you enjoy the collaborative nature of composing music.

14. Roland Zenbeats

Roland Zenbeats

This is another garageband alternative. You can start using Roland Zenbeats, a music-making programme, on any platform or device. It causes it very straightforward for users to create beats, learn new skills, or sample their surroundings while synchronising creations to the cloud from their mobile devices.

Zenbeats is no less helpful or professional than other online DAWs simply because it can be utilised on mobile devices like smartphones and iPads. It’s a DAW that allows you the ability to record and produce music no matter where you are thanks to its versatility and reasonable price.


You can download song templates from a single dashboard interface, as well as open, search, and rename songs.

SampleVerse enables you to play, edit, and record sounds from your environment, such as acoustic music and live vocals.

You have precise control over each note’s parameters with MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

Integrates with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive to make it simple to share projects online.

To assist you in producing new music, Zenbeats Store has a sizable library full of sounds, loops, and artistic resources.

Directly upload your music to SoundCloud and share it with your fans.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Free with in-app purchases needed to access additional features, mechanisms, and effects

Why you like it: Roland Zenbeats is a fun, useful tool that enables you to easily share inspiration with cloud-based collaborators while on the go.

15. Soundation


A fantastic introduction to cloud-based DAWs is provided by Soundation. It is suitable for beginners or hobbyists as well as teachers who want to instruct their students because of its simple controls and extensive learning library.

Soundation has evolved since it was first developed, becoming more powerful and professional with new features that increase its utility. However, it isn’t really the best choice for professionals without support for third-party plugins. This is another garageband alternative.


Modern-looking user interface with simple drag-and-drop controls

A ready-to-mix library of more than 20,000 loops, samples, baselines, melodies, and drum beats

Tremolo, distortion, reverb, phaser, delay, fakie, equaliser, and other sound shaping tools are available.

Grimy wubs are produced by the Wub Machine, an LFO-focused synthesiser, for the dubstep and bass music genres.

With 8 bands available for parametric EQ, you can better control each parameter.

Live collaboration with other musicians is possible as projects are instantly synced to the cloud.

A music community where you can publish your songs to gain more fans has 150k+ monthly active users and 10k+ songs posted each month.

Starter costs $4.99 per month, Creator costs $9.99 per month, and Pro costs $29.99 per month.

Why you want it: Soundation might be your best option if you’re new to music production and want to get started with a straightforward yet effective cloud-based DAW that’s connected to a vibrant community.

Your preferred alternative to Garageband

What features you need and want, as well as your budget, will determine which GarageBand alternative is best for you. But until you look at the various options, you won’t know which is the best audio engineering software for you.

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