Top 12 Calendly Alternatives In 2022

calendly alternatives

Best calendly alternatives will be explained in this article. You probably stopped using Calendly because: It costs a lot (the necessary features are only included in the most costly plan), It’s constrained (e.g., want to add a coupon code to your booking page, but Calendly makes it impossible to do so) Calendly takes pride in its ease of use.

It’s a clear winner for the non-technical user who merely has to schedule appointments. However, it’s time to search elsewhere if you’re looking for a tool that can perform additional tasks.

I contacted entrepreneurs, marketers, and small company owners for this guidance. I questioned why they switched to their current meeting scheduling software from Calendly and what they disliked about it.

Are you prepared to learn which Calendly alternatives are best for your company? Below are the competitors:

Alternatives to Calendly that are less expensive for your company

For your business, AppSumo offers lifelong discounts on the newest appointment scheduling software. They are yours forever with only one payment.

On AppSumo, look for Calendly alternatives.

The best Calendly alternatives for making online appointments

Before we bring into the specifics, let’s have a look at the characteristics that these online appointment scheduling systems share and which you might anticipate from them:

Set up meetings

Showcase your preferred availability

Avert double reservations

To reduce no-shows, send invitees email reminders.

Provide calendar connections for Office 365, Outlook, and Google Calendar

Establish a barrier between meetings.

Top 12 Calendly Alternatives That Makes Scheduling Painless In 2022

Top 12 Calendly Alternatives That Makes Scheduling Painless are explained here.

1. TidyCal


TidyCal AppSumo dealTidyCal by AppSumo Originals

Reviews for TidyCal AppSumo

With calendar connections, booking pages, and customisation, you can make scheduling your next meeting simple.

You can keep all of your booking requests in one location and ensure that you’re never double booked again with up to 10 calendar connections to connect various Google accounts (with further integrations with iCloud & Microsoft Office coming soon).

Within minutes of registering, you’ll be a pro with basic capabilities that won’t overwhelm you.

Additionally, you may plan appointments for paid meetings with clients, customers, and more using TidyCal’s special “paid booking option.”

Along with a tonne of additional capabilities, such as the option to integrate your appointments, set up various booking kinds, define day of the week availability, and ask questions while making reservations, your meetings will remain organised and uncomplicated. Also check LookingGlass Scoutprime reviews 


TidyCal is an easy way to acquire free and paid reservations from clients, customers, prospects, sales chances, and more. It’s straightforward and reasonably priced.


The simple features may not be sufficient for some sophisticated users due to their lack of functionality.

2. Book Like A Boos

Book Like A Boos

Live on AppSumo: Book Like A Boos, an AppSumo bargain.

With Book Like a Boss, you can accept more reservations and earn more money.

No mobile app

To operate a business, not everyone requires a comprehensive website. Sometimes all you need is a capable booking page that aids in managing the business.

A scheduling tool that also helps you sell your goods and services is Book Like A Boss.

With this one-stop resource for scheduling appointments, you can also share prospects’ frequently asked questions to dispel objections, advertise your social network profiles to grow your social following, and incorporate testimonials to increase conversions.

It’s time to move to Book Like A Boss and cancel your web hosting platform membership.


Unlimited bookings and listings for products and services on one fully customisable booking page.


Limited connectors and no mobile app (easily solvable with Zapier).

Best For:

Small business owners that want to sell their goods and services in one location and schedule appointments (such as freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs).

3. CalendarHero


Pricing: A free plan, a $8/month Professional Plan, and a $12/month Team Plan are all offered.

No mobile app (but fully mobile responsive and integrates with Slack, Outlook, Gmail, and more)

With its AI-powered meeting scheduler, CalendarHero differs from many of the other Calendly alternatives listed here. You can relax & go around your day as the tool syncs with your calendars, proposals meetings based on your availability, & sends reminders to attendees. This is another calendly alternatives.

You may connect CalendarHero to have all of your remote meetings’ conferencing connections automatically populate because it is compatible with, Microsoft Teams, Google, Webex, and more.

The People Insights feature retrieves publicly accessible data linked with your invitees to provide you with a summary of who you are meeting with.

By using CalendarHero’s Meeting Types, you can personalise your meeting experience and prevent last-minute and back-to-back bookings while also automatically scheduling over internal meetings to give busy clients priority.


CalendarHero eliminates the stress of manual scheduling by understanding your work habits, meeting patterns, and contact relationships thanks to AI machine learning models.

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Easy to use and requires a Microsoft or Google email to sign up.

Best For:

Salespeople, support agents, and marketers that want to schedule meetings more quickly and stop exchanging emails back and forth.

4. Vocus

Vocus’s Calendly Alternatives

No mobile app is more than just an application for arranging appointments.

This Chrome extension for Gmail and GSuite has three products in one location: Inbox, Calendar, and Campaigns. It is a full-stack email outreach platform.

You receive the most worth for your currency with For around $5 to $20 a month, it includes tools like meeting scheduling, email campaign setup, and team communication.

Zippy Electrics founder Daniel Carter considered it a no-brainer because of the pricing:

“Calendly is a fantastic tool for scheduling meetings. I used to pay $10 per month to get the benefits of the Premium Plan. However, I was utterly startled to discover that the majority of its critical features are only offered on its Pro Plan.

I then switched to using for arranging appointments. is a superior tool because it costs only $5 per month for all of its capabilities. That includes interfaces with CRMs, Zoom, and native Salesforce, as well as scheduling using Gmail, custom branding, custom domain, and custom form fields. Also check crashPlan alternatives

Affordable and simple to use.


No mobile platform support; only available as a Chrome addon.

For Gmail users scheduling meetings, best.

5. Calendar


Alternative to Calendly – Calendar

Starting at no cost. Paid services start at $6 per month when invoiced annually.

Mobile application: (Apple iOS and Android)

Calendar shouts efficiency from every pore.

With the aid of machine learning & artificial intelligence, this appointment scheduling and productivity application helps you prioritise your tasks by displaying how you spend your time.

The following quote from Yaniv Masjedi, CMO of cloud contact centre operator Nextiva, encapsulates why Calendar is a great choice for productivity enthusiasts: This is another calendly alternatives.

Professionals who appreciate the clarity and simplicity of Calendly should avoid using Calendar. They might not value the stats, but Calendar is the ideal tool for a busy professional who wants to improve time management.


Meeting analytics, people analytics, and built-in transcription tool.


Since it differs from the typical calendar tool, there isn’t much of a learning curve.

Best For:

Busy professionals who track and manage their meeting time.

6. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Alternative to Calendly: Acuity Scheduling

Starting at no cost. A 7-day free trial is offered. Plans with a monthly fee start at $14 when invoiced annually.

Mobile application: (Apple iOS and Android)

Any consultant that uses Acuity Scheduling will tell you that it fills the gaps that Calendly has.

On the booking page, you can first enable discounts. You can’t go wrong with Acuity if you offer paid consultations and frequently run promotions to lure clients to your firm.

Because of this particular feature, Delilah Orpi, who provides private coaching sessions at The Holistic Enchilada, switched from Calendly to Acuity:

“I distinctly recall looking up ‘How to apply promo code to Calendly?

‘ and discovering a forum where others were lamenting the lack of that choice, with the majority of the answers recommending Acuity.

I was convinced after checking out Acuity. Since March, I’ve been using it and I adore it. I discover that it offers the same possibilities as well as a lot more, such as upsells, subscriptions, group events, further customisation, and connectors.


Offer coupons and vouchers for discounts and incentives, and upsell customers with checkout add-ons.

Low learning curve is a drawback. It could take some time for non-techies to become acclimated to the interface.

Best For:

Coaches and consultants who charge for workshops, training, and consultations.

7. Drift


Drift: A Calendly Alternative

Pricing: Free to start (only live chat). Paid plans are individually priced.

Mobile application: (Apple iOS and Android)

If you oversee a sales team, you are aware of how annoying it is when clients are given to the incorrect sales representatives. This is another calendly alternatives.

With Drift, you won’t have to go through this again.

Drift is more than just a Calendly substitute. To ensure that every consumer schedules a meeting with the appropriate member of your team, this well-known conversational marketing technology uses routing. Additionally, you can greet these visitors to your website with a highly tailored message.


Customized profile pages and lead routing.

In order to make a better first impression, Ian Kelly, Vice President of Operations at NuLeaf Naturals, picked Drift over Calendly:

“Drift helps me make a fantastic-looking profile page. My former Calendly page appeared to be years behind due to this.


High price points. The majority of functionality, including lead routing, are exclusive to Drift’s Premium and Enterprise services.

Best For:

Sales teams who nurture leads from the very beginning.


Alternative to Calendly: Acuity Scheduling

Starting at no cost. Paid plans start at $8 per user per month when paid yearly.

No mobile app

The scheduling process on is by far the simplest of all the tools on this list.

You may immediately make various appointment kinds and plan meetings in a matter of seconds.

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Even if you’re a novice or technologically challenged user, it’s really simple to use. Also check adsterra alternatives

This is another calendly alternatives. Give a try if you’re searching for a solution that does all the essential tasks a scheduling system should handle (and you don’t want to deal with needlessly sophisticated widgets).

Easy to use is a plus.


Minor bugs and a lack of a mobile app.

Best For:

People who are new to technology and want an easy way to schedule meetings.

9. Harmonizely


Alternative to Calendly: Harmonizely

Author: Harmonizely

Starting at no cost. Available for a free 14-day trial. Paid plans start at $10 per user per month when paid yearly.

No mobile app

When your appointment scheduler doesn’t function with the calendar you’re using, have you ever been frustrated? Then Harmonizely website is for you.

Most online appointment systems (looking at you, Google Calendar and iCloud) only support the most well-known calendars, but Harmonizely works with pretty much every CalDAV-based calendar you can imagine (e.g. Zoho, FastMail, Daylite, etc).

If you want to link many calendars and pull your availability at once, it’s unquestionably a terrific tool.

Supports a range of calendars, which is a pro.


The absence of a mobile app and a few latency problems.

Best For:

Business people that sync all of their appointments between various calendars.

10. Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot Sales Hub

Alternative to Calendly: Hubspot Sales Hub

Starting at no cost. Paid subscriptions start at $40 per month if paid yearly.

Mobile application: (Apple iOS and Android)

Do you run your marketing and sales activities with a variety of tools? If so, a better option exists.

With the help of Hubspot Sales Hub, streamline every sales activity. In one location, you can interact with prospects, organise your sales process, and keep tabs on your objectives. You can talk with prospects in real-time, set up appointments, follow up, and more.


Easy-to-use user interface and integrated sales platform.


High price points.

Best For:

Sales teams using an all-in-one sales platform to schedule meetings with leads and expand their database.

11. MeetingBird


Alternative to Calendly: MeetingBird

No mobile app

Starting out on MeetingBird is simple. You only need to sign up using Google or Office 365 to get started setting up meetings. This is another calendly alternatives.

You may put your available time slots as clickable buttons into the email using this fantastic Google Chrome extension tool. After clicking, the scheduled appointment is added to your calendar and you are notified by email.

The MeetingBird app is preferred by Sam Cohen, CEO of Goldtreeway, due to its simple user interface:

When compared to a Calendly link, MeetingBird offers a significantly more effective approach to schedule appointments.

You may start out by providing a top-notch client experience with MeetingBird.

The email has clickable links and is cost-free.


No mobile application.

Best For:

Businesspeople free unlimited meeting scheduling.

12. Doodle


Doodle, an alternative to Calendly

Mobile application: (Apple iOS and Android)

Organize group meetings in spite of conflicting schedules and time zones? This sounds like a mission that only Amy Santiago would take on, so no thanks. This is another calendly alternatives.

It’s a little bit easier thanks to Doodle, one of the Calendly alternatives.

You can choose the most suitable day for your meeting by looking at the available attendees in Doodle’s crystal-clear visual snapshot.

There’s even an opportunity to limit the number of votes per option – a handy attribute if you’re a consultant who offers complete coaching calls & wants to limit the digit of participants!


Group meeting poll. You can easily create a poll & send it to attendees and let them choose the most suitable time to meet.

Low learning curve is a drawback. Users say it takes some time to get accustomed to the forum.

Best For:

Remote workers scheduling appointments with team partners across different time zones.

Which of these Calendly options will you use today?

No single device functions for all businesses.

An online booking procedure that works like a plan for little businesses may turn into an overkill hassle for lone freelancers.

So, I hope this guide assists you check down a proper scheduling answer for your business!

For easier connection, here’s a quick recap:

TidyCal: The simplest & multiple affordable booking solution with up to 10 calendar links. Get TidyCal lifetime discount on AppSumo for $29.

Reader Like A Boss: Small business owners (e.g. entrepreneurs, advisors, freelancers) selling products and services and scheduling appointments in one place. Get the Book Like a Boos annual sale on AppSumo today starting from $125.

CalendarHero: AI-powered appointment scheduling for faster bookings, with automatic reminders & requests based on availability. Gmail users booking meetings.

Calendar: Busy professionals tracking and optimising their time when running meetings.

Acuity Scheduling: Consultants & coaches offering paid consultations, trainings, & workshops.

Drift: Sales teams nurturing options from the first moment of contact. Tech novices examining for a user-friendly, straightforward method to set up appointments.

Harmonizely: Professionals syncing all appointments across numerous calendars.

Hubspot: Sales teams scheduling appointments with leads & growing databases in an all-in-one sales platform.

Meetingbird: Professionals scheduling endless meetings for free.

Doodle: Remote employees scheduling meetings with team members across different time zones.

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