14 LookingGlass ScoutPrime Review & Alternatives

Best LookingGlass Scoutprime reviews and alternatives will be discussed in this article. LookingGlass ScoutPrime is a platform for Threat Intelligence as a Service (TIaaS). The service is comparable to a threat intelligence feed, with the exception that it is meant for people rather than security software. Through the collection of data from considerable sources of threat intelligence, the service offers scans of gathering attacks. Your company identities may be related to this information, such as references of employees or business locations on the Dark Web or email addresses or Web sites on domains that your firm owns.

Summaries of all current risks to you and the companies you work with are displayed on the ScoutPrime dashboard. The overview categorises risks and provides more information on each current threat.

Regarding ScoutPrime

In 2009, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc. was founded. The company’s founders are no longer employed by it. The Reston, Virginia-based business is still privately held and is financed by venture capital. ScoutThreat and ScoutPrime are two products made by LookingGlass.

ScoutPrime is an expert at gathering data from 88 sources of intelligence and identifying dangers to their clients. These could be specific attacks that originate from revealed credentials, such as access accounts or email addresses, or they could be risks to the technology used by a subscribing organisation.

How do you want to employ ScoutPrime?

Your corporate identities, such as your company name, addresses, and domains, are registered. It would likely be essential to register the names of associated operations, such as suppliers, significant corporate clients, or service providers, in order to conduct a thorough risk analysis. For instance, if one of your service providers handles the processing or storage of the data your company handles, a dispute with that service provider could endanger the privacy of the data your company manages.

A security lapse at one of the companies you do business with can directly lead to a vulnerability at your own business. In such circumstances, you must respond to the threat and learn about the exposure as soon as feasible. Consider the scenario when it is found that a hacker group has obtained a list of the addresses of your customers from a cloud storage system. If so, you must be aware of it and disclose it to keep your standard privacy accreditation.

You should not assume that the companies you depend on are aware of or ready to reveal an assault. However, that disclosure will also be your obligation if a connected business tries to hide a data leak involving your account.

Even if the affected company is reluctant to disclose a security issue, ScoutPrime can find it. On the Dark Web, that stolen data will eventually be put up for sale. But in order to get a fair price, the sellers will divulge some facts about the companies affected by the data leak. This is how ScoutPrime can learn about a data loss incident before you do or even uncover hidden security flaws at other firms.

ScoutPrime is intended for whom?

Your on-site analysts should typically review the reports generated by ScoutPrime to find security issues. However, you would undoubtedly need to hire a managed cyber security provider if your company doesn’t have a cybersecurity team. If so, you would sign up for ScoutPrime so that the service provider analysts could work on your account.

Not every business will have the help or level of complexity to make a ScoutPrime account worthwhile. Small firms are less likely to be interested in this service, and there are even less reasons to use it if your company doesn’t deal with private persons. On the other hand, medium-sized to large businesses that frequently interact with the public, especially those that handle credit card payments or work in the healthcare industry, are very likely to require a threat intelligence service like the one offered by LookingGlass ScoutPrime.

ScoutPrime Features

The ScoutPrime package includes a number of helpful components that aid in your company’s understanding of its exact web-facing assets. Additionally, it enables ScoutPrime to narrow its search for threats. These are:

  • Internet footprints that are dynamic
  • Prioritization and Risk Scoring
  • Threat hunting assistance and investigational tools
  • Management of Threat Intelligence
  • Instantaneous alerting
  • Relationship Observation
  • Support for STIX and TAXII 2.0
  • Reports with summary and detail
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There are no silos in the ScoutPrime system; all of the modules communicate with one another. To automate threat protection, the programme can also be integrated with multiple packages.

Top 14 LookingGlass ScoutPrime Review & Alternatives In 2022

Top 14 LookingGlass ScoutPrime Review & Alternatives are explained here.

1. Dynamic Internet Footprints

Dynamic Internet Footprints

Determining a company’s identities that need to be protected entails creating an internet footprint. The name of the business, its brands, and the names of its products or copyrighted commercial assets will surely be included in this. This is another lookingglass scoutprime alternative. Also check Smart Contract Auditing Companies

The footprinting system serves as the foundation for searches through threat intelligence monitors, which comb through data gathered from a combination of sources to compile a list of the most recent plans and conversations made public on the Dark Web or through other channels by the global hacker community.

2. Risk Scoring & Prioritization

This is another lookingglass scoutprime alternative. The Threat Indicator Confidence (TIC) score, a risk assessment rating technique, is a feature of ScoutPrime. Cyber security experts and analysts can focus on the assets that are most vulnerable thanks to this assessment.

These elements naturally produce rankings that are always changing, thus they must be regularly monitored. The ScoutPrime package includes a number of additional capabilities that facilitate effective and efficient risk management.

3. Investigation Tools and Threat Hunting Support

Investigation Tools and Threat Hunting Support

When further attention is devoted to an asset that the threat intelligence feed has indicated as potentially vulnerable, the ScoutPrime dashboard features investigative tools that allow your cybersecurity professionals to look into the sources of any suspicious activity.

Instead of replacing on-site analysts, ScoutPrime strives to help them.

4. Threat Intelligence Management

The ScoutPrime system’s main service is this module, which, as its name implies, looks for data that is relevant to a subscriber company. It gathers information from 88 different sources about hacker activities. The information is then put into a common format and kept in a searchable collection. This is another lookingglass scoutprime alternative.

In order to determine where client assets are due to be attacked, the threat intelligence system pulls together related events and scans pathways. This could just be a warning about a particular industry that is currently being attacked, like the health sector, which is the target of a ransomware campaign, or an attack type that is becoming more prevalent, like video hijacking or another media type that is known to be used in a client’s presentation.

The ScoutPrime will cycle through its TIC scores for all assets in addition to reporting on specific and broad threats in the console for an account.

5. Focused Real-Time Alerting

Nobody is expected to sit and wait for a new threat post to emerge on the ScoutPrime dashboard. Instead, you can configure an email notification path to be sent out when new information becomes available. Additionally, branching rules may be applied to the notification specifications to allow various technicians to get notifications in different situations.

7. Relationship Monitoring

This is another lookingglass scoutprime alternative. If assets were displayed separately, it would be difficult to see all of their similarities. Your Web server, load balancer, & ISP link are a few examples of specific systems that interact. Therefore, including those services as a potential target is logical. The relationships between related firms would be another example. For instance, your accounts payable department is connected to suppliers, and your billing system is connected to your customers.

Relationship building makes threat management easier.

8. STIX and TAXII 2.0 Support

Two platforms for exchanging threat intelligence are STIX and TAXII. If your system has already been compromised, this is crucial. Sharing such knowledge with others helps all at-risk team members to respond swiftly.

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9. Unlimited Reports

A view of a single central database contains all the data delivered to a client account, and that intelligence is continuously accessible. Users get access to the data whenever they need it for analysis or to produce reports to communicate danger information to corporate stakeholders.

11. ScoutPrime deployment options

There is no need to establish any software on your website because ScoutPrime delivers all of its services through its cloud platform. Also check Defect Tracking tools

You may provide a digital stream directly to your security systems with the use of APIs, plug-ins, and integrations. This enables your IT services to proactively harden their defences, look for signs of an attack, and take corrective action.

12. ScoutPrime Prices

For its ScoutPrime system, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions doesn’t offer prices online. When you ask for a demo, the buying process begins for you. To get a sense of the constant hacker activity taking on worldwide, visit the Live Threat Map maintained by Looking Glass. This is another lookingglass scoutprime alternative.

13. ScoutPrime’s Strengths and Weaknesses

ScoutPrime's Strengths and Weaknesses

Scout Prime is a highly specialised service, and most firms would not be aware to hunt for it among the conventional cybersecurity products. However, it is the type of service that industry professionals advise a company to subscribe to. As a result, ScoutPrime’s industry would be unknown to businesses without system security technicians or without ever having through a security audit.

The significant ScoutPrime facts have been noted.


  • A consolidator that compiles information from 88 sources
  • A consolidator that compiles information from 88 sources
  • A way to navigate all the information online and find the most relevant cautions
  • Alerts that inform technicians when fresh data is received
  • A dashboard with analytical instruments
  • A reporting mechanism


  • Absence of a related system security programme
  • An option for managed services would be beneficial.

14. Alternatives to LookingGlass ScoutPrime

A lot of threat intelligence agencies contribute to ScoutPrime, a great service. It is not the only service on the market, though, and we have discovered some rivals that you should also take into account. This is another lookingglass scoutprime alternative. Also check Coupon websites

Here are the top five alternatives to LookingGlass ScoutPrime that we have found:

  1. CrowdStrike Falcon X Threat Intelligence, for starters (FREE TRIAL) The Falcon X system is an all-inclusive security solution with features that are both on-premises and cloud-based. There are various levels of threat intelligence incorporated in each package that the security system is supplied in. The three threat intelligence tiers offered by CrowdStrike are Assigned Intel Analyst to lead your team through threat intelligence information, Human-readable Intelligence Reports, Tailored Intelligence, a service that competes directly with ScoutPrime, Snort/Yara Rules that automatically programme your on-site defence systems for the latest threats, and Assigned Intel Analyst. You can sign up for a no-risk trial.
  2. UnderDefense With the help of UnderDefense professionals or totally with the help of the UnderDefense team, this service provides a configurable Security Operations Center solution. Set up all of your automatic security systems with UnderDefense, or just have them handle everything on an ongoing basis. Without your involvement, they will safeguard your business using a threat intelligence stream. When you join up for the UnderDefense SOC service, the first month is free.
  3. Quick7 Threat Command This threat intelligence solution allows immediate implementation to stop new attacks as well as live notifications. A cloud platform of security protection choices includes the service. This information may be used by InsightVM, a vulnerability scanner, or InsightIDM, a SIEM service. Access a free threat report to test the service.
  4. Threat intelligence from Exabeam This service was developed on the well-known threat intelligence platform SkyFormation, which Exabeam has since rebranded. The daily update is processed, searched for, and packaged by the service to provide clients with specialised intelligence. The Exabeam Next-Gen SIEM service receives a direct feed from this threat intelligence. Request an Exabeam system demonstration.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence, number 5. One of the top research consultancies for cyber security in the world is providing this threat intelligence feed. Receive it as a feed directly into your SIEM or XDR in report format. To evaluate the system, sign up for Threat Intelligence Free. Additionally, Mandiant offers a full Managed Defense service that includes technicians to safeguard your system and an intelligence feed.

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