Top 10 Best Online Gradebooks for Teachers in 2022

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Best and most popular gradebooks for teachers will be discussed in this article.

Top 10 Best Online Gradebooks for Teachers in 2022

Top 10 Best Online Gradebooks for Teachers in 2022 are explained here.

1. Engrade


Engrade is a capable teaching tool that offers a lot more than a simple gradebook. This free programme has everything teachers require to organise and keep their records, including an attendance record and lesson planner, as well as the flexibility to customise assessment and evaluation categories to teacher needs. This is another online gradebooks. Also check digital Rights management software


  • allowing students to register for accounts so they can track their progress and retrieve and submit assignments
  • applications that let you create tests, flashcards, and wikis for your pupils.
  • tools to make online seating arrangements, store teacher comments, and monitor learning progress
  • The programme is from the reputable publication source McGraw-Hill Education.


  • Even while Engrade works with a wide range of browsers and operating systems, some students who have outdated computers might not be able to use the service from home.
  • You must obtain parental consent to use this service since you will be sending sensitive information to a third-party server.

Engrade Pro offers the following extras for a fee:

  • a tool for creating evaluation criteria
  • a database repository for archiving and retrieving earlier lessons and tasks

Schools and other organisations are urged to get pricing for Engrade Pro by contacting Engrade directly.

2. Thinkwave


Even though Thinkwave has been in existence for many years and the software has evolved since the company’s beginnings, not much else has changed. Thinkwave is still a solid option for monitoring student grades and updating parents on their progress.


  • Set up your class in a matter of minutes after registering an account.
  • a selection of report formats for displaying data
  • the capability of collecting and distributing assignments online


  • Although there are many choices for assessment and evaluation criteria, educators outside of the United States might find it challenging to modify the interface to their requirements.
  • Each student must be entered into the database individually (rather than by uploading a CSV file)
  • Online storage has been expanded to 100 GB.
  • no commercials
  • the availability of digital assignment distribution

3. Schoolology


This is another online gradebooks. If they have the access code, parents and students can self-enroll in a Schoolology class. The UI mixes elements of Twitter and Facebook, making it simple for children to use.


  • the capability of collecting and distributing assignments online
  • Resources for lesson planning can be connected to the internet or uploaded from a variety of sources.
  • integrated attendance record
  • Adaptable learning standards for the United States, Canada, and several other nations
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  • Before they can monitor pupils’ progress, teachers must wait for them to self-enroll.
  • You must establish guidelines for when and if you will respond to student messages beyond school hours.

With the premium Enterprise plan from Schoolology, you get

  • System-wide command and communication capabilities with other users
  • Support for audio, video, and web conferences
  • Unrestricted space

For Enterprise pricing, institutions are urged to get in touch with a Schoolology representative.

4. Edmodo


Edmodo, like Schoolology, features a user-friendly student interface that is similar to Facebook and Twitter, which will aid in increasing student participation.


  • the availability of online assignment sending and collection
  • a shop where you may explore and download free (and paid) apps to make Edmodo more functional.
  • Using the software, teachers can communicate with other teachers.


  • Prior to enrolling students, access to the gradebook is not possible.

Before receiving assignments or having their grades recorded, students must self-enroll with a code.

  • Free apps are inaccessible to teachers outside of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

Although using Edmodo as a tool for student engagement and classroom administration is free, certain apps necessitate payment before installation. After entering their credit card details, users can purchase credits. By publisher, app prices differ.

5. LearnBoost


The point-and-click interface of LearnBoost makes it simple to set up a classroom. Parents and students can both access a teacher’s LearnBoost classroom depending on the permissions the teacher sets. This is another online gradebooks.


  • the incorporation of a number of online services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and WordPress
  • a teacher portfolio that enables the uploading and use of lesson ideas and resources.
  • built-in attendance recorder, seating plan maker, and lesson planner


  • The database solely contains norms and expectations from the United States.
  • There are no hover-labels on a graphics-based dashboard to aid with navigating.

Although LearnBoost does not now provide any paid features, they claim that a marketplace for apps and teacher lesson plans will be available shortly. Also check Estimation software 

Here are 5 online gradebooks that you can pay for:

6. EasyGradePro


This is another online gradebooks. EasyGradePro is a gradebook programme based on spreadsheets that manages an infinite number of classes and students.


  • Telephone assistance and in-depth online tutorials
  • autosave
  • flexible grade determination


  • Although it is customisable, there are only 5 grading categories that can be used.
  • The website advises that in order to use the software efficiently, you need be familiar with the mathematics underlying grade calculation.
  • The software is not web-based, so students or parents cannot access it.

7. MarkBook


MarkBook is a fully customisable gradebook and class management system.

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  • The creators of MarkBook, Asylum Software, will collaborate with your school board to completely tailor your copy of the programme to meet your unique requirements.
  • You can use the software on the go thanks to the iOS Edition’s compatibility with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
  • Training personnel will visit your school to instruct teachers in the use of the software


  • Android users have no software.
  • Each school year requires the purchase and installation of new software.
  • As it is not web-based, there is no access for students or parents.

Worldwide licencing options include individual, department (10 users), site, and institution-wide licences. Contacting a local MarkBook distributor is advised for anyone interested.

8. Alma


Alma is a comprehensive piece of web-based software that makes promises about streamlining everything from board-wide communications to lesson planning and grade reporting. This is another online gradebooks.


  • Integrated completely with Google Classroom
  • cloud-based; no need to install software
  • Web-based, which makes it easier for parents, kids, instructors, and administrators to communicate with one another


  • Demos must be booked and requested.

Before talking about price, Alma requests that schools and/or districts get in touch with them by phone or email to set up a demonstration.

9. Gradekeeper


This is another online gradebooks. Simple spreadsheet-style software called Gradekeeper has only one function: keeping grades.


  • You can use the software indefinitely thanks to the one-time purchase price.
  • Apple devices that are portable can use the iOS version.
  • The programme can be installed on Dropbox to give teachers access to student grades on desktop computers both at work and at home.


While Although collaborating with a number of online providers to enable online grade posting, Gradekeeper is not a web-based programme.

  • Android users have no software.

10. 1st class software

1st class software

Another straightforward spreadsheet-style software tool that lets you input student grades, generate different reports, and communicate outcomes to parents is 1st Class Software. If you’re not happy with their software, which was created by instructors for teachers, 1st Class Software will refund you $50.00. This is another online gradebooks. Also check fleet management software


  • The user interface is simple.
  • Numerous online support resources
  • Categories and weightings can be changed.


  • As it is not web-based, neither students nor parents may access it.
  • It’s not apparent if there is a Mac OS version.


We searched the Internet for the top 10 tools that administrators and busy teachers can use to set up online gradebooks. We sincerely hope that at least one of these materials proves helpful in your classroom.

Do you want to talk about your experiences with using online gradebooks? Please tell us regarding it in the comments section.

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