Top 8 Best Adsterra Alternatives List for Publishers In 2022

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Best adsterra alternatives will be described in this article. One of the biggest pop-under networks, Adsterra has experienced substantial growth in both popularity and size. The network mostly hosts campaigns from marketers and affiliates who want to boost app downloads. It reaches more than 190 countries and offers more than 10 billion impressions each month. The network has protected more than 6000k leads in the previous month with more than 20k successful campaigns. Scale and volume-wise, Adsterra is expanding as a network. Adsterra offers each publisher a personal account manager with a Skype username and a phone number.

Account managers are also made available to advertisers so they can set up the campaigns on their behalf. However, Google recently banned a few AdSense publishers that were using Adsterra after notifying them that the latter had malware and redirects that were promoted by Adsterra, and the move was made to protect the interest of the visitors. The top 10 Adsterra alternatives that are suggested for publishers to test are covered in this article.

Top 8 Best Adsterra Alternatives List for Publishers In 2022

Top 8 Best Adsterra Alternatives List for Publishers are explained here.

Check out the list of the best Adsterra alternatives for 2022. We have a selection of native and pop-under ad networks that don’t have strict traffic criteria. As a result, publishers with moderate to low traffic can easily be admitted into these ad networks.

1. Hilltopads


A recent pop-under ad network called Hilltopads has switched to native ads as a result of Google’s ad blocking and safe advertisements audits. A sizable number of interested publishers have quickly flocked to it, employing its native and pop-under ad formats to monetise their traffic and inventory. One of the greatest Adsterra alternatives we can recommend is Hilltopads, which has far cleaner ads than other ad networks. Also check Business Cards

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2. Clickadu


With more than 6500 active campaigns, the pop-under advertising network Clickadu is expanding. In more than 240 countries, the network includes more than 4500 publishers and delivers significant CPMs. Clickadu is one of the best Adsterra alternatives, with over 240 million daily impressions and 210 conversions. Additionally, you receive a committed account manager and a bilingual customer service team that are always available to help.

3. Popads


For more than ten years, Popads has been a dependable pop-under advertising network. Because of its powerful optimization algorithms, which can generate good revenue for publishers and webmasters, it is used by many top websites. If publishers have high-quality traffic from Tier 1 nations, Popads, which bills itself as one of the most profitable ad networks on the market, can help them generate big cash.

4. Ad-maven


Ad-maven is a well-known pop-under network that excels in the gaming and entertainment industries. One of the most suggested Adsterra alternatives for mid-sized and large publishers is Ad-maven, which offers a variety of ad formats such interstitials, on-screens, and others that offer greater CPM rates to publishers. Adult publishers are permitted by Ad-maven to utilise their ad codes.

5. Infolinks


For a very long time, Infolinks has been a well-known advertising network. They were in-text advertising’s forerunners. The overall CPM rates that Infolinks offers have significantly decreased because to the outdated technology used to power them. The network has added more ad formats, but only top-tier traffic continues to receive greater rates and offerings. Publishers with tier 3 traffic typically aren’t able to make big money using Infolinks. Nevertheless, we observe that several publishers use Infolinks as a supplemental source of ad revenue. Also check software development company

6. AdSense


One of the top performing ad networks, AdSense enables publishers all over the world to profitably monetise their visitors. With the aid of display advertisements, search ads, native ads, in-feed ads, link ads, anchor ads, and more, the network plays a vital role in assisting publishers in making money from their ad spaces. With its auto advertising, publishers can upload a single line of code and trust their machine learning algorithms to display ads where they will most likely be clicked. AdSense offers a wide range of ad forms, including banner ads, link ads, text ads, in-article ads, and in-feed ads, to publishers that want to boost the overall profitability of their website through contextual ads.

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7. Spoutable


One of the earliest native ad networks, Spoutable assists publishers in making money from their exit traffic by focusing on exit intent. The network concentrates on extra income, which accounts for 20–30% of the publishers’ overall earnings. Spoutable optimises the advertising to best complement the visitor’s UX while taking the visitor’s total user experience into account. This both guarantees that advertising are seen and reduces the chance that too many ad units may degrade the user experience.


It is a native advertising network featuring desktop and mobile pop-up capabilities. The measurements are reported in CPC and eCPM, and there is a mix of CPA and CPC. The EU has a healthy market cap for, therefore publishers with EU traffic should consider using it. For traffic from the EU,’s CPC rates are relatively high. Also check CrashPlan Alternatives

Therefore, I think these ad networks are a fantastic place to start if you already use Adsterra and are seeking for a similar alternative. To determine which ad networks perform the best, test many. Please share any more Adsterra substitutes you may have in the comments below, and we’ll add them to our list.

Our suggested revenue partners are:

  • Setupad, a top alternative to AdSense
  • iZooto and Unative’s Push Notification Network
  • is the best contextual ad network. (10% extra for three months)
  • VDO.AI’s Video Ad Network
  • Mgid’s Native Ad Network
  • Exoclick’s Popup Ad Network and Propeller Ads

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