Guide On How To Play Roblox With A Controller On PC?

Play Roblox With A Controller On PC

Roblox not only allows users to relax by playing easy games, but it also provides exciting possibilities for online gamers. It is playable on a PC using a regular keyboard and mouse. You may, however, use a gaming controller to explore Roblox‘s entertaining features. This post will show you how to connect a controller to a PC and play Roblox.

How To Play Roblox With A PS3 Controller On A PC?

This procedure that you can use to play Roblox using a PS3 controller on your PC is straightforward. You’ll need a PS3 controller and a USB type A port.

Install Drivers For The Controller

1 – Before plugging the controller, make sure the computer detects it.

2 – We’ll be using the MotionInJoy driver. The driver may be found here.

3 – Access the zip package using the tools of your choosing. The default zip archiver is Windows Explorer; however, you may also use WinRAR or 7-Zip.

4 – Unzip the file and execute the executable.

5 – The installer will then begin. Follow the onscreen steps to install MotionInJoy.

6 – Prepare the drivers. Select the “Driver Manager” area in “DS3 Tool.exe,” then click the “Install all” button.

The Button Layout

Use Better DS3 for this section. Although Better DS3 has its key mapping tool, it does not allow multiple keys. Follow these steps to configure the button layout:

1 – First, click “New” next to the empty list, and then click “XInput” from the resultant menu.

2 – Click the “Xbox 360” button in the pop-up window. This causes the boxes to fill in with the proper command buttons automatically.

3 – To complete, click “Save Profile” once again.

4 – Next, click on the profile in the list to select it. Then, from the select-down list, choose “Apply.”

You may now play Roblox using a PS3 controller.

How To Play Roblox With A PS4 Controller On PC?

You’ll need a micro USB cable and an approved PS4 controller for this stage. Next, use the same micro USB cable to charge your PS4 controller to connect to your PC. For this to function, you must also install the .NET Framework.

Install DS4windows Software

Install DS4windows first since it is the most important component.

1 – First, click “Download Now,” and the most recent version will be shown.

2 – Save the file as and wait before opening it. You may now open it once it has been saved.

3 – Then, double-click DS4windows.exe. An installer will display if you open it for the first time. Select “AppData.” After it has completed loading, the welcome screen will appear.

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4 – The necessary drivers will be installed.

5 – Click “Finish” to end the setup.

Connect Controller To The PC

Follow this procedure to connect the controller to your PC:

1 – Connect the USB cable to your computer.

2 – Connect the opposite end of the cable to your dual shock controller’s charging connector. When you initially connect your controller to your computer, Windows will begin installing a few drivers. When it is finished, you’ll be notified.

3 – Launch DS4windows.

4 – DS4Windows and the controller have now been connected.

Check the “Profiles” page to confirm that everything is in functioning order. Then, select “Controller Readings.” When you interact with the sticks on your PS4 controller, you should see the same thing happen in DS4Windows. You may now start playing Roblox.

How To Play Roblox With A PS5 Controller On A PC?

Sony DualSense is excellent gaming and computer controller. It has the design and grip to allow you to play for hours and is loaded with some of the most significant improvements in gamepads. It should be noted that it may be connected through a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Using A USB Cable To Connect

A data-capable USB-C cable is required to connect your DualSense to a PC. If your computer has a USB-C port, the USB-C cable might be a C-to-C cable. If you want to use the classic rectangular USB connections, you can use a USB-C-to-A cable. To connect your PS5 controller to your PC, do the following:

1 – Connect your USB cable to an available PC port.

2 – Connect the opposite end of the USB cable to the USB-C connector on the DualSense controller.

3 – Hold for your Windows computer to recognize the PS5 controller as a gamepad.

Windows will discover and install any new drivers that are necessary.

Connecting Via Bluetooth

Follow these steps to connect your PS5 controller to your PC through Bluetooth:

1 – Press the Windows key, type “Bluetooth,” and then click “Bluetooth and other devices” from the option that appears.

2 – Click the “Add Bluetooth or other devices” button.

3 – From the pop-up menu, select “Bluetooth.”

4 – Check that the controller is unplugged and turned off.

5 – Press and hold the “PS” and “Create” buttons on your DualSense controller (next to the D-Pad) simultaneously until the light bar under the touchpad begins to flash.

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6 – On your PC, select your PS5 controller from the list of “Bluetooth devices.”

You’re now ready to use your PS5 controller to play Roblox.

How To Play Roblox With An Xbox Controller On A PC?

Three simple methods to connect an Xbox controller to a PC are USB cable, Bluetooth, or wirelessly. Connecting through a USB cable is the same process as connecting the PS5 controller. Likewise, the Bluetooth connection is quite similar to the Bluetooth connection seen on the PS5. The only difference is that you push and hold the “Guide” and “Sync” buttons on your controller instead of the “PS” and “Create” buttons.

Connecting Wirelessly

Using a wireless adaptor, you may also connect your Xbox controller to your PC.

1 – Purchase an Xbox Wireless Adapter.

2 – Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to a free USB port on your PC. 

3 – Finish the adapter setup process.

4 – Click the “Guide” button (the Xbox logo) to use it.

5 – On the controller’s top, press and hold the “Sync” button (the little button to the right of the LB) until the Xbox logo flashes.

You may begin playing Roblox now that your controller is connected. However, before you begin, you may want to use the “Xbox Accessories” app to customize your controller. This app may be found in the “Microsoft Store.” You can swap out thumbsticks, remap buttons, and do a lot more.

How To Play Roblox With A Nintendo Switch Controller On PC?

Your Switch Pro Controller may connect your PC or laptop by Bluetooth or a USB cable. The cable connection is similar to the one illustrated above. Hold down the “Pairing” button on your Switch Pro Controller until the LEDs at the bottom of the controller flash. You can even use your Switch Pro Controller to play Steam games.

1 – Open Steam and select “Controller settings” after connecting your Pro controller.

2 – Locate the controller.

3 – Select “Controller configuration.” 

4 – In this menu, you may change the actions of each button on your Pro controller.

Well, the Pro Controller should function with all Steam games, including Roblox, once set up.


Roblox is imaginative and entertaining and provides users with several possibilities. If you’re a typical gamer, use a keyboard and mouse. If not, feel free to experiment with some of the abovementioned controllers. Have you ever used a controller to play Roblox? Which controller is your favorite? Share your opinions in the space below.

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