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Pokemon Emulators

Everyone loves playing games. Especially nowadays, owing to the modern technology and crazy rat race, there are few to fewer physical activities. Moreover, pandemics came to add fuel to the fire by further limiting physical activities. Therefore, there should be some interesting activities at home to pass the time. So, what could be better than playing video games then?  There are different games in the digital world, ranging from animated content to amazing feisty games. However, Pokémon still tops the list of the most played games. They are age-friendly. Everyone of every age likes these slot games. Wait, if you are afraid of Pikachu sneaking in and devouring your sandwiches? If so, then worry not, for we are here to present some of the best Pokemon Emulator for your computer. 

Emulators are the software that emulates a game console emulating for the computer. These are absolutely legal and enable users to play Pokémon on their computers. With the best Pokemon Emulator, you can easily battle, catch, snap, and explore the region of the best Pokémon without feeling the need to bring several devices to home. 

Pokemon Emulators Online To Play Pokemon Game

Below is this list of some of the best Pokemon Emulator you can bring home. 


DesMuMe’s name is a little strange, and its pronunciation is terrible, but it is a top-notch DS emulator for PCs. The emulator is compatible with Windows and Macintosh both. The emulator works seamlessly on every platform. However, there is a possibility that the users may experience frame drops in their MacBook Air, precisely for the 2021 edition, while playing the game on the maximum graphics. Overall, the emulator’s performance largely relies on your computer configuration as well. 

This emulator allows for a great deal of customization in terms of visuals and settings. Additionally, essential features such as a cheat code organizer and USB controller compatibility have been included. Additionally, this emulator has a save slot that enables you to resume the game from wherever you left off.

There are a few issues with open source Pokemon Emulator among Nintendo DS fans. For instance, the developers rarely conducted the project, and the stable update arrived in 2015. Even though you may play other Pokémon games, not many games are available. Moreover, Wi-Fi emulation is also not available.  Overall, DesMuMe is widely used today owing to its graphic customization and high compatibility. 


One of the popular Nintendo DS Pokemon Emulator for computers is Melon DS, which can be used to play Pokémon games. Even though DesMuMe dominates the NDS market, MelonDS is constantly a step ahead. However, MelonDS is distinct from DesMuMe in a way as MelonDS lacks the Emulation and graphics. 

In addition to the new JIT re-compiler and the new OpenGL render functionality, you will be able to pick the highest possible resolutions regardless of your system’s performance. This will allow MelonDS to run at high speed. If you are looking for the finest emulator to play Pokémon games, this one is a great choice. Additionally, it is rated as the greatest Windows emulator.

The local Wi-Fi capability for multiple-player games is one of MelonDS’s standout features. This is only a test, and it only works with a select few games. Also included are a few screen layout choices and support for joysticks and a save slot. People continue to use this emulator for only two reasons. First, it is fast, even at higher resolutions, and second, it is really accurate. 

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RetroArch is an all-in-one emulator that lets you play games from practically any retro console, unlike other Pokémon game emulators. Creating this emulator was motivated by the desire to have a mashup of many emulators in a single piece of software.  RetroArch’s MelonDS and DesMuMe options may be used to imitate DNS games. All of Nintendo’s systems may be emulated with this one emulator, including the NES (DS), SNES (DSi), 3DS (SD), and 64 (DSi), as well as Atari’s MAME.

RetroArch comes with an intimidating UI at first, but it quickly becomes second nature once you start using it. However, running the game using RetroArch is regarded as more challenging than other Nintendo DS emulators.

There are several substantial offerings available while using this Pokemon Emulator. That concludes the discussion of the emulation choices and the crucial graphic. Thus, the original resolution may be enhanced up to 4K, and shaders can be used to alter the game’s appearance substantially. The emulator has additional features, including the joystick support, save slot choice, and different other screen layout options. 

The primary disadvantage of this Pokémon emulator is that it might cause problems when it consumes excessive PC resources. However, the overall picture indicates that this emulator is still one of the most recommended computer Pokemon Emulators. Are you curious as to why people utilize RetroArch? There are two reasons why people continue to use this emulator to play Pokémon. That includes the all-in-one emulator and a selection of pre-loaded games. 


OpenEmu is another front-end program to consider for other console Pokemon Emulator. This emulator is identical to RetroArch in terms of emulation choices and supported systems. However, there is one feature that distinguishes OpenEmu from other Pokemon Emulators. What exactly is it? It’s a beautiful, simplified user interface. If you use a Mac, the UI will alert you to the presence of iTunes. For instance, the emulator displays the box art for games. Additionally, it is sorted by platform. In case you want to play Nintendo DS Games, OpenEmu includes DeSmuMe.

One of the flaws of OpenEmu is the absence of some visual options. Furthermore, there is no way to improve the internal resolution. This emulator also has customizable screen layouts, save states, and cheat code support, among other features. This list of supported controllers includes the Switch Pro, DualShock, and Wiimote, among others. In general, this emulator is one of the finest Nintendo DS emulators available for Mac. 


Without question, Citra is the greatest Nintendo 3DS emulator for playing Pokémon games on your PC. It is equipped with a flawed system that is capable of running select 3DS games at high resolution and with full visuals.

This emulator is notable for its ability to let users adjust internal resolutions up to 4K, allowing you to enjoy playing Pokémon games like The Legend of Zelda titles at their highest possible quality. Aside from that, the Citra emulator comes with an official website that includes a section where you can check whether the PC emulator is compatible with Nintendo 3DS games.

Like many other Pokemon Emulators, Citra is created with cheat code support, joystick compatibility, and a variety of different screen layout choices available. It also has a screen recorder that was developed in-house. Furthermore, it emulates the 3DS’s local Wi-Fi network. Consequently, you will be able to play multiplayer games with other people who are also using this emulator to run the same games as you.

Citra is the only emulator that works on Android, and it is the only one that is currently accessible. One of the most highly recommended Pokemon Emulators for playing, Citra is compatible with Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems. In general, users continue to use this emulator due to its multiplayer capabilities and internal resolution of 10 times the original. 

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DraStic DS Emulator is widely regarded as the greatest DS emulator available for Android devices in the emulator industry today. This software is on par with a DS emulator running on a personal computer or a smartphone when it comes to functionalities. This emulator, like many others, is developed with features such as saving states, controller compatibility, button mapping, and so on.

The DraStic DS Emulator provides the ability to increase the internal resolution. The only smartphone with a high setup, on the other hand, is the one with the highest expectations for this emulator. DraStic DS Emulator compensates for its smartphone screen dynamics that vary from those of the Nintendo DS by providing six distinct layout possibilities.

Stacking views, single views, and the ability to make one screen shorter than another are all available in this kind of emulator. The main disadvantage of the emulator is that it has a premium edition of the Android application, which costs $4.99. However, this price is not regarded as a concern because of the large number of features. As a general rule, it is often employed in online Google Drive space to conserve data and to speed up Emulation.


Lemuroid is yet another excellent Android Pokémon emulator. You may play Pokémon games for free using this emulator, which Nintendo DS has made accessible. Furthermore, there is no advertising whatsoever.

The Atari 7800 and 2600 are only two of the many platforms compatible with Lemuroid. In addition to these systems, there are many more, including the Atari Lynx, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color, and others. In addition, there are several features that every Pokémon player should make use of. These features include fast data storage and compatibility for gamepads. This method also works for connecting more than one gamepad at a time. Viewing all of your saved games via the Android app for playing Pokémon games is also possible.


NO$GBA is the last Pokemon Emulator you may want to try. Even though it began off emulating the Gameboy Advance games, it was recognized as one of the top Nintendo DS emulators for Microsoft Windows. The key benefit of NO$GBA is that it supports games for the GBA, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS Lite systems as well..

This emulator has a lot of options when it comes to graphics. DesMuMe is a better-looking game than this one, thanks to a few configuration modifications. Even on low-end PCs, this emulator performs well. Furthermore, it consumes fewer system resources than the other top NDS emulators we’ve discussed thus far. “

The emulator’s greatest drawbacks are the lack of screen configuration options and the experimental multiplayer mode. It was also not possible to use this emulator in every situation. Thus, it is only possible to use the emulator in conjunction with a PC running Windows. As the result, it has all of the standard features, such as joystick support and the ability to store your progress, as well as in-house cheat codes. In most cases, NO$GBA is employed because of its tiny memory footprint, high speed, and compatibility with the GBA Emulator

Final Words:

To sum it up, if you’re a fan of the Pokemon Games, you’ve got a few good Xbox 360 Emulator Alternatives to choose from. First, choose a solution that best meets your needs and preferences from the eight options we’ve just shown. Alternatively, you may try a few of the Pokemon Emulators we suggest.

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