11 Reddit NBA Alternatives To Watch NBA Online

Reddit NBA Alternatives

Today Article is Related to Reddit NBA Alternatives To Watch NBA Online. The NBA is one of the widely known, most-watched, and immensely popular games in the US. In fact, its worldwide popularity is now increasing due to internet availability. People across the world are keen to watch NBA games now. The best part about NBA games is that it is available on the TV and internet both. People, who have enough time, can easily watch sports on the TV, whereas those who don’t have much time can watch the game on their phones while doing anything. Cable, League, Pass, and local TV, are all the options for watching NBA sports. 

They are now coming to Reddit NBA. So, Reddit NBA is one of the famous spots for football lovers to enjoy and discuss their favorite football game. The game discussion revolves around the NBA games, and the platform also renders a streaming platform for the NBA games. No other games are welcomed here. 


  • It lets NBA lovers interact with each other.
  • It is divided into several branches subreddits to talk about different topics
  • The front page shows content in categories, trending to the common ones.

Reddit NBA is the 7th most popular site in the US and 19th worldwide; however, people must have an NBA league pass. Moreover, the site has been suspended nowadays for some reason. Therefore, people are finding ways to somehow access the site by using Proxy/Mirror, but we suggest you find alternatives instead of opting for other illegal practices. 

11 Reddit NBA Alternatives and Best Sites Like Reddit NBA Proxy/Mirror

So, in this article, we will present some of the best Reddit NBA Alternatives that are Similar to Reddit NBA in their functioning or are capable of working even better. So, here we go.

1. 720pstream

Reddit NBA Alternatives

 If you’re a big sports fan, you’re probably familiar with the name 720pstream.me. Many sports streaming channels and services can be found on the internet. You have the option of watching UFC, MMA, MLB, NHL, NBA, or NFL events in high definition. You won’t have to disturb about the quality of the live streaming because the site provides free services. It’s fortunate that there are various alternative businesses or websites dedicated to the sports industry, which you can investigate.

2. NBAStream.net

Reddit NBA Alternatives

NBAStream.net is known to be another one of the Reddit NBA alternatives we have today. Although we have seen many ways to watch NBA Livestream, this allows for free streaming without the worry of frequent ads and disruptions. Through NBAStream.net, one has links to games that are broadcasted both locally and nationally. Not only is the website user-friendly, but you won’t even have to pay a dime to watch your favorite live streams.

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3. WatchESPN

Reddit NBA Alternatives

The official website is espn.go.com, and it is one of the most highly recommended websites for sports fans. Who hasn’t heard of ESPN? This is the most recognizable brand in the industry, with a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. This is one site to check out if you want to watch your favorite sports online (and gain direct access to the live streaming video). Baseball, hockey, cricket, basketball, football, and other sports are among the many to choose from. The site includes three key categories: Live Now, Replay, and Upcoming, which help users have a better and cooler experience. You may simply limit down your search possibilities by exploring each of them.

What about the video or audio quality of the stream? Everything is available in high definition, and you may access them on your PC or smartphone without sacrificing performance. Clarity and quality are both improved in the perfect way. Another fact of using this website is that it provides mirror connections, all of which are high-speed and of excellent quality. Thanks to the user-simplicity, interface you should have no trouble watching replays of online matches.

4. NBAStreams.tv

Reddit NBA Alternatives

So, this  Alternative to Reddit NBA that we have is NBAStreams.tv. This is, in fact, one of the best Reddit NBA alternative that one can ever have. The website contains all sorts of features that Reddit has, and it also streams different games that are present in the Reddit NBA website. Since it is a legal and safe website, the users will not have to worry about any problem like snatching their data or having copyright issues. However, because of having different sports on their website, NBAStreams is somewhat difficult to navigate. 

5. LiveTV

Reddit NBA Alternatives

LiveTV is yet another name on the list of best Reddit NBA alternatives. This is similar to Reddit NBA and displays football streams and other NBA games on their website. The streaming website offers streaming options for free. Moreover, the interface is also relatively simple. Usually, the broadcast Is in English only; however, you can always change to your preferred language only if it is available on the website. All these features Of LiveTV make it the most recommended Alternative to Reddit NBA.

6. Mobdro

Reddit NBA Alternatives

Mobdro is yet another acceptable Reddit NBA replacement. The website has a simple interface. It is easy to use and enables you to access all the desirable sports options with a single click. Above that, it also has the opportunity to let you choose the resolution of your choice. The best part about Mobdro is that it is compatible with android and iOS both.

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7. Sling TV

Reddit NBA Alternatives

Next on the list of recommended Reddit NBA alternatives, we have Sling TV. The website has a myriad of sports options available, and the NBA is the best and the most recommended sport on the website. The website is free of cost and contains some ads; however, you can easily block them by using adblocker. Additionally, the website is restricted in certain regions, so you will need to use a VPN to be able to live-stream your favorite game. 

8. FuboTV

Reddit NBA Alternatives

FuboTV is yet another recommended Reddit NBA replacement. The website is known to have exciting movies and films besides streaming NBA sports. It has a pretty attractive yet straightforward interface. However, the website is not free; it only gives 14 days trial, after which you are supposed to pay $6.99 to continue using the services. So, if you like to watch NBA games in good quality videos and are also interested in movies, this website is undoubtedly for you. 

9. YouTube TV

Reddit NBA Alternatives

YouTube TV is the most popular Reddit NBA alternatives. It offers DVR functionality besides providing a live TV option. It is possible to buy the Free YouTube TV trial to stream NBA TV for free. Afterward, you are supposed to buy a subscription to access NBA games. 

10. Sportsurge

Reddit NBA Alternatives

Who doesn’t know about Sportsurge? Sportsurge is hands down one of the most popular Reddit NBA alternatives. The website offers a direct streaming link to your favorite NBA games. It is pertinent to know that it is a proxy site and only provides a streaming link through VPN; however, accessing it is still safe. But, if you’re too concerned about your privacy, you should buy the NBA league pass. 

11. Live NetTV

Reddit NBA Alternatives

Live NetTV is yet another option. The website is not only peculiar to NBA sports but also has sports of other types Like NFL. A website like Sportsruge is also a proxy site, and you need a VPN to access it. However, it is safe to use it. Suppose you’re still concerned about the privacy issue, the registration system is there at your disposal. Other than that, it is relatively convenient to use Live NetTV.

Final Words:

So, this brings us to the end of our favorite Reddit NBA alternatives. We recommend you watch your programs on Tv first; however, if you are not able to watch TV, then the streaming site is the best option for you. All you must to do is download r/NBA league pass from Apple App Store, Google Play, or you can always look it up on smart tv. Don’t forget to sign in with your username. 

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