Top 15 Best And Most Efficient Spy Tools In 2022

Top 15 Best and most efficient spy tools will be described in this post. You could find it challenging to continuously come up with new ideas or to test hypotheses without knowing which direction to go as an affiliate marketer. You might think of spy tools and spy services as assistance in intelligence gathering and reconnaissance. Even if we use the word “spy,” this does not indicate that you should just copy someone else’s concept from the internet and use it in your own work. It’s not only morality, either, for many reasons.

Top 15 Best And Most Efficient Spy Tools In 2022

Top 15 Best And Most Efficient Spy Tools In 2022 are explained here.

1. AdHeart



This is another spy tools alternative. Landers, creatives, and offers can all be tracked and saved using AdHeart. It is ideal for promotions on Facebook and Instagram. Also check Defect Tracking tools

Language, ad type (image or video), copy, headline, traffic source, etc. are all filterable. A tool for eavesdropping on mobile Apple and Android apps is also available.

You can get a 15% discount from Aivix by using a promo code. To access the promotional code, go to the Bonus area of your affiliate account.

2. AdMobiSpy



AdMobiSpy is a spy tool for tracking advertisements, finding relevant traffic sources, and increasing your CTR.

The platform’s database includes information on 12 well-liked traffic sources, including social media and commercial networks. You can use this tool with any GEO. Additionally, you can download track links and promotions.

Plans with varying monthly fees range from $49 to $599.

Aivix will provide you a discount code that will save you 25% off of any tariff. Valid for the initial payment month. To access the promotional code, go to the Bonus area of your affiliate account.

3. AdPeriscope



An expert spy tool for marketers who handle adult campaigns is AdPeriscope. The platform offers 56 GEOs, 150 mobile carriers, a sizable database of pornographic banner ads, and access to major adult networks. There are several other ways to search, including by ad network, GEO, keyword, carrier, device type, language, tracker, and lander. Additionally, users can capture landing pages and construct a list of their favourite advertising for later analysis. Additionally, there is a function called advance notifications that will let you know when your rivals run fresh advertisements. This is another spy tools alternative.

This service is available for $89.99.

4. AdPlexity



One of the most well-liked spy services used by affiliate marketers to outperform rivals is AdPlexity. It enables browsing of landing pages, content, and creatives. The tool includes 90 Internet service providers, 80 GEOs, and more than 100 ad networks. For those of you interested in learning AdPlexity, Attila o’Dree, also known as iAmAttila, has put together a really helpful guide.

This tool comes in several variations that enable searching inside a certain traffic niche, including Mobile, Adult, Native, Push, Desktop, and eCommerce.

AdPlexity doesn’t offer a free trial. The monthly subscription rates begin at $149.

When you use an Aivix coupon code, you will get:

  • 20% off Pushcarts and Carriers
  • 50 percent off adult, desktop, and mobile
  • Native ads receive a 50% discount

To access the promotional code, go to the Bonus area of your affiliate account.

5. AdSpy



This is another spy tools alternative. AdSpy is a spy service that works best for Instagram and Facebook advertising. The affiliate networks, offer and affiliate IDs, landers, and comments are all searched by the Ad Intelligence Tool. You can find veiled advertising and collect demographic data as well, which gives you a tonne of extra information that you wouldn’t get from other businesses.

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AdSpy includes 216 GEOs, 88 languages, and more than 116.4 million adverts.

A monthly AdSpy subscription costs $149. The tool has a free version with fewer features.

6. AdVault



Another marketing spy service devoted to native advertising is AdVault. The inventory consists of 14 million advertising, 13 ad networks (including the most well-known native platforms Outbrain, MGID, and Taboola), and 19 GEOs.

By using affiliate filters based on ad strength and popularity, you can learn more specific information about your rivals. You can create lists of your preferred advertisements and advertisers to follow more carefully. Additionally, AdVault gives you access to the whole campaign funnel, which is invaluable for in-depth analysis.

There are two pricing tiers for AdVault: $97/month and $1499/month. Visit their website for additional information on the features they cover.

7. Ahrefs


One of the most well-liked spy programmes for SEO efforts is Ahrefs. It examines a variety of factors related to the campaigns of your rivals, including as backlinks, domains, bids, creatives, and landing pages. This is another spy tools alternative.

The terms that your competitors rank for in organic search are displayed in the Ahrefs Organic Search Report. A tool like the Top Pages report can help you identify the pages on rival websites that receive the most traffic, and the Content Gap function reveals the keywords you are lacking in comparison to them.

Fees range from $99 to $999 per month with no discounts or free trials available.

8. Anstrex



Anstrex is a spying tool available in Native, Push, Dropship, and Pops variants that offers analytics for your campaigns. It offers a sizable database of marketing materials (landing pages and creatives) and an intuitive user interface that beginner affiliates particularly value. Keywords, ad networks, categories, nations, devices, affiliate networks, tracking tools, etc. can all be used for searching. Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, AliExpress, AWS, and Digital Ocean are simple to integrate with the tool. Also check ICO Marketing Tools

Push advertisements cost $79.99 per month, while native ads cost $59.99. $124.99 is the total tariff plan price.

9. Arbalet


Arbalet is a flexible platform for reselling and traffic analysis. You can interact with trackers, integrate offers, and automatically download landing pages thanks to advanced capabilities. You can utilise a local hosting service, save landers, update the code, and filter results by offers. Free trials are available, while regular plans begin at $13.

You can get a 20% discount on 1-month and 3-month tariffs with an Aivix promo code. To access the promotional code, go to the Bonus area of your affiliate account.

10. SEMrush


This is another spy tools alternative. SEMrush is a spy programme mostly used for SEO analysis, though CPA campaigns can also benefit from it. You can examine the campaigns of others, including their backlinks, landers, and budgets, and export copy using this service. Your campaigns will be genuinely unbeatable thanks to keyword ideas and keyword research, which will help you find the keys your rivals have missed.

Additionally, SEMrush gives advertisers the option to localise their ad campaigns, which is really helpful if you are generating conversions from a different GEO. Use a feature like CPC Map, which offers pertinent information on current bids for various nations, to make the most of your campaign budget.

11. SpyOver


SpyOver is a service for tracking and evaluating advertisements. It has been in operation since 2017 and specialises on teaser advertising. More than 1 million adverts are available in the service’s database, which is constantly expanding. Analyze rival advertisements to stay one step ahead. The database includes 150 GEOs, 5 browsers, 14 ad networks, and 8 trackers.

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There are two paid tariff options that cost $149 and $299 per month, as well as a free trial version.

You can get a 30% discount from Aivix by using a promo code. To access the promotional code, go to the Bonus area of your affiliate account.

12. SpyPush



A monitoring assistance for push, native, popunder, and pornographic adverts is called SpyPush. It is compatible with Adsterra, Megapush, MGID, PropellerAds, Evadav, and Datspush, six well-known ad networks. The database of the system has more than 500,000 adverts from 100 different countries. This is another spy tools alternative.

Aivix will give you a discount code that will save you 20% off your initial payment. To access the promotional code, go to the Bonus area of your affiliate account.

13. WhatRunsWhere



A marketing spy tool called WhatRunsWhere displays traffic sources, landing sites, creatives, and other information. You may set prospective traffic sources, track the best creatives in your industry, filter results by keyword, ad type, country, date period, etc. Direct placements can be exported and added to your own campaigns.

You may select a publisher’s website and view which advertisers run advertising on it, which is another valuable function. This offers helpful insights into the top-performing placements in your campaigns that you may have missed.

The platform supports 60 million advertising, 5 GEOs, and 500 networks. There is a 3-day trial period for the platform. To learn more about the available tariff plans, get in touch with the team.

Tools for tracking SEO campaigns

14. Hootsuite



This is another spy tools alternative. The Hootsuite spy service focuses in campaign management and social media analytics. Also check Coding Tools

Affiliates may monitor and manage several networks from a single dashboard thanks to the platform’s integration with 35+ social networks. The programme offers searching by specific hashtags, which is highly important for social media campaigns, in addition to all the standard metrics by creatives, landers, and keywords.

Free plans with fewer features are available, and paid plans range in price from $49 per month to a customised option.

15. SimilarWeb



One of the best spy usefulness for desktop marketing is a product called SimilarWeb. This is what it looks like when you investigate the traffic sources because it enables you to view the traffic of your competitors in its entirety:

90 countries, 100 million websites, 250 million banner advertising, and 4.7 million mobile apps are all covered by SimilarWeb. The cutting-edge tools include specialised options including Advisory Services, Shopper Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, Investor Intelligence, and Investor Research Intelligence. This is another spy tools alternative.


Since affiliate marketing is such a fiercely competitive field, you’ll need all the assistance you can get. Instead of stumbling around in the dark and wasting your advertising budget, detailed information and granular analysis enable you to obtain important information and make data-driven decisions.

You can only employ spy tools to the extent of your skill. Only when you are clear about your objectives and what you need will these services work to your advantage. Don’t forget about open ad libraries that you may access for free, such as Facebook Ad Library, if you are not willing to pay for a spy tool. Also keep in mind that knowledge is accessible to those who know how to use it.

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