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Tyler King

Mr. Tyler King is an entrepreneur who believes in the concept of innovation and achieves all he desires. In this interview, we asked Tyler King a few fascinating questions regarding his success and the challenges he faced.

Mr. Tyler King, Tell Us About Yourself? 

I’ve always been a bit of a maker. I adore creating, constructing, and establishing things. I’ve always appreciated the process of making anything new, whether it’s real or virtual, professes or goods.

When you think about it, it’s empowering – according to physics; everything tends to flow from ordered to chaotic, never reverse. So, making anything together is essentially rebelling against the inherent order of the cosmos. As a result, entrepreneurship comes easy to me. Of course, that is not my only interest, but it is a significant one that defines me as an individual.

Mr. Tyler King, What Sets You From Other Professionals In Your Field?

It’s amusing how the news labels things at times. One of my favorite characteristics is that I am unconventional. I’ve also been characterized as unconventional. And I suppose I enjoy that. It signifies I’m doing something different than others, which distinguishes me. What truly sets me is how I handle challenges or complex topics.

I introduced my technique to the consulting business I ran, the most noticeable of which is a bottom-up approach. To truly understand what is going on in a company, I go all the way to the bottom, the source, rather than starting at the top and working backward. As a result, many people are surprised when they assume a problem occurs for a certain reason, only to discover later that another underlying cause caused the problem.

This is typical of our consulting engagements. I’ve discovered that when you enter a new organization and use a unique combination of psychological techniques and people-oriented procedures, you arrive at many different conclusions than when you look at things from the top, in a systems way. This is most likely how I and my business, Assuras, separate from other professionals in our consulting area on the market.

Mr. Tyler King, What Is Your Potential Market Share In The Next Three Years?

Assuras has been quickly expanding, and we have witnessed several great results with our clientele. As a result, I anticipate that we will continue to grow at our present rate, doubling our market share every 24 months. Moreover, if our forecasts are correct, this exponential growth will not slow but rather accelerate. Therefore, I am optimistic about our current prospects.

Mr. Tyler King, What Was The Most Important Aspect Of Your Professional Journey?

I constantly tell the entrepreneurs I advise that the principles of value and failure are the two most important things to learn. For an entrepreneur, the concept of value is everything. In our environment, understanding what produces value and perception is critical. Failure, or, more precisely, knowing how to fail, is one of the most important stages of every entrepreneur’s journey.

This is quite important. Failure will happen, but it is also important to go through the process, accept it, and learn from it. The most important thing to remember is that success is built on a strong foundation of failure. And it’s critical to learn how to fail effectively so that you don’t harm yourself too terribly. This is what I mean by failing correctly.

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Mr. Tyler King, What Are The Best And Worst Purchases You’ve Ever Made?

I’ll begin with the worst.

My boat was the worst purchase I ever made for myself. It was stunning, with twin jet engines, a sleek design, and cutting-edge technology. However, it deteriorated fast was everything from an asset was a liability overall – and was used infrequently.

You might be surprised to guess that my best purchase was a boat. With all of these disadvantages, I concluded that many people would reach the same conclusion. As a result, I created a chance to turn my terrible position into something good.

I took this boat, sold it to an LLC I created (at a significant loss, of course), and then created a rental company. It was unique since there were few high-end performance boats in this class for hire. Many people who wanted this degree of luxury made the purchase and had a similar experience as I did.

They despised boat ownership and used it little, eventually selling it at a significant loss compared to what they purchased for it – and the cycle repeated with the buyer after buyer. So I followed suit, buying up all these boats and renting them back to the same people who wanted the boating experience without the ownership and maintenance headaches.

As a result, I created a hitherto unexplored niche market and grew to possess a fleet of high-performance boats that generated a tidy profit every season. This was the worst purchase I’d ever made, yet it was one of the best professionally.

Mr. Tyler King, What Consumes Too Much Of Your Time?

Emails and social media – I strongly suggest anybody considering starting a business hire a social media manager to handle this business area. Delegation is essential since it can take significant time away from you. Instead, hire the proper people to represent your brand, focus on the growth elements, and bring in quality people to complete the necessary tasks.

Mr. Tyler King, What Three Pieces Of Advice Would You Give College Students/new Startup Business Owners That Desire To Be Entrepreneurs Or Field Leaders?

I believe I have previously offered some of my favorite bits of advice; let me summarise two and then present a statement that summarises a third thing I believe is critical. First, understand that failure will happen. It does happen, and it is important not to attempt to avoid it. Of course, mitigate the risks, but accept that failure will happen on the way to success.

Entrepreneurship is about trying new things. You are effectively doing an ongoing experiment in which you test something to see if it generates a better outcome, implement it if it does, then learn from the experience and try again.

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It would help if you also learned to see things from a value standpoint. You are the best salesperson in your organization. As a leader, you must sell your ideas to people and bring them to join you. As a result, you must learn how to market your ideas in a way others find useful. Everything in business revolves around value. Finally, I’d like to share one of my favorite phrases. It goes like this: Every guy is my superior in some way, and I learn from him.

It’s Emerson, and it describes how I view life. Everyone has a skill that they excel at over you. I learned my best sales skills from a homeless man, the best chess moves from a prisoner, and some of the most significant life lessons from an individual who is deemed intellectually retarded on all measures.

In their ways, all of these people were superior to me. Don’t dismiss what someone is providing you simply because you feel superior to them; I guarantee you, everyone on this earth is better at something than you. So go out there and learn from everyone you meet. The best ideas and insights emerge from the most unlikely places.

Whose Achievements Have Most Impressed You?

I want to add that I give all of these business Mongols who have created fantastic empires in their own right – I truly admire some of these incredible people. But the people who inspire me the most overcome adversity and turn something unpleasant into a positive. We don’t have much control over the situations we find ourselves in life. We only get to respond to them and are hence defined by our choices. So these people have impressed me most and had the largest influence on my life.

What Motivates You To Persevere In The Face Of Adversity?

I believe that we’re defined as humans not by what is easy but by what is difficult and difficult. As a result, it is this concept that keeps me going. I want to be known as someone who perseveres in the face of adversity and does what she believes is right since my failures define me. I try to approach every scenario as if it were my final decision in this life, which makes me give it my all. Always give your all in all you undertake. It will pay off in the end.

Mr. Tyler King, How Should People Contact You?

I’d be lying if I claimed I examine all of my social media, but if you want to connect with me, send me a message via any of my social media accounts or websites, and it will reach me. Professionally, I also mentor entrepreneurs and business executives. So please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m constantly seeking for amazing people to collaborate with.

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