Best Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

Typing Games For Kids

The world we know is continually changing, and so is the technology, trends, and our way of living. Roughly a decade ago, the skill of typing was for experts who worked on computers. And today, with everything becoming digital and online, typing skills are required by almost everyone, from professionals to school children. Therefore, it becomes important for kids to master typing skills since childhood as this would be helpful now and later on. This post focuses on the best fun Typing Games For Kids among the many available in the app market. 

Best Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

There is 1 thing for sure: until the course is designed under the “Learning Can Be Fun” pattern of education & skill development, it will be tough for the parents to get their children to begin anything. Keeping that in thought, I have listed only those applications that can be termed as fun Typing Games For Kids. These web applications are free to play and practice and are suitable for kids of all ages. 

1. TypeTastic

Typing Games For Kids

The free typing game for kids is Typetastic, with around 14 fun games to practice typing. These games have three levels and are fun and interesting to play. Some of the most delightful games are Astro Bubbles & Letter Trucks. 

  • Introductory games. 
  • Special training for numbers and symbols. 
  • Timed tests. 
  • Typing Fluency. 

2. Dance Mat Typing 

Typing Games For Kids

If you saw free Typing Games For Kids developed by/for a well-known company, your search ends right here. Dance Mat Typing is controlled by the BBC, which is 1 of the most popular news stations worldwide. This teaching tool has 4 levels consisting of 3 stages divided by letters and rows. 

  • Helps with Touch Typing. 
  • Levels can be obtained from the same point the next day. 
  • Straightforward and intuitive interface. 

3. Typing

Typing Games For Kids

Another 1 on the list of free Typing Games For Kids is This site provides difficult and challenging typing games which are entertaining at the same time. Some of the impressive games are Keyboard Jump and ZType. It supports English, Portuguese and Spanish languages. 

  • Helps keyboard strokes of Punctuations & Special Characters. 
  • A special lesson for the numeric keyboard. 
  • Many games, tests, & themes to choose from. 

4. TurtleDiary

Typing Games For Kids

When watching Typing Games For Kids in kindergarten, you can’t miss checking Turtle Diary, which includes over 30 games like Balloon Typing, Under Water Typing, etc. Users can choose the difficulty level along with the keyboard area to practice. There are 51 lessons for typing, which are classified under the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. Some of the traits are: 

  • Involves a lot of games for children in Preschool up till 5th 
  • There are a lot of learning videos & quizzes. 
  • The printable section includes worksheets and coloring 
  • There are teaching tools that assist parents and teachers in training the children. 
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5. KidzType

Typing Games For Kids

Going on, towards the next free typing game for kids, we have KidzType with a large collection of typing games & allows users to choose the difficulty level. This is 1 web app where parents will have to check the games to identify which 1 is most suited for their kids. Some of the complex ones include Car Rider & Bull Spell. Other features include: 

  • Includes several lessons classified into the top, middle, and bottom rows. 
  • Further includes exercises and practice 
  • The fingering chart serves to understand the basics of typing 
  • Gives a free certificate after kids successfully pass the typing test. 

6. Nitro Type

Typing Games For Kids

Nitro Type is a wondrous, fun typing game for kids suitable for teachers and students alike. This tool is produced by and is best for typing practice. This game is a running game which is a global real-time typing competition. 

  • There is 1 Typing game that matches the standards of professional racing games. 
  • Teacher’s dashboard for tracking student’s activity. 
  • Users can create & join teams and invite friends. 

7. Free Typing Game

Typing Games For Kids

The next on our list of free Typing Games For Kids is the Free Typing Game web app. This site offers three different options to its users, namely Games, Lessons, and Tests. It is suggested to start with the Lessons first and then practice with the Games, and finally, the Tests would help decide how much you have learned. Some of the other features are: 

  • There are 30 different lessons to pick from. 
  • Different game themes to hold the children interested. 
  • Available in English and Spanish 
  • Customization of games and lesson is possible 

8. ABCya

Typing Games For Kids

Talking concerning fun Typing Games For Kids, one cannot miss ABCya, which has several games categorized under different grades. Additionally to the grade-wise sorting, the games are further sorted under various categories like Math, Food, Story, Art, Music, etc. However, although there is no separate category for typing games, users can obtain these games by typing “TYPE” in the search box accompanied by entering. 

Some of the other highlights include: 

  • Over 100 games to pick from. 
  • A separate section for Parents & Teachers. 
  • Games are sorted into various.
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9. Slime Kids

Typing Games For Kids

Slime Kids gives kids a lot of options to choose from among different games that all concentrate on improving the typing speed of the children. These games include familiar concepts like shooting aliens or playing Pac Man but with a change inclined towards letters & typing them. 

  • There are no lessons or tests—however, a lot of challenging typing games. 
  • This site also contains children’s book reviews. 
  • Users can further play educational games other than typing like Wordspector and Letter Weave. 

10. Learning Games For Kids

Typing Games For Kids

Learning Games For Kids site is a fun typing game for kids that offers several games, including typing that supports kids memorize the entire keyboard. So, There are over 20 different choices to choose from, and the challenges range from easy to hard. This application also includes a speed and accuracy test. Other features are: 

  • It involves Spelling and Art games as well. 
  • There few animated videos that involve the alphabet, vowels, colors, etc 
  • Lessons involve typing, syllables, and analogies. 

Bonus Gaming App for Kids 

Typing is surely an important skill that your kid should learn, but the amazing application can help your children study Alphabets and math early. Let us check this application on the Free Android Games platform for now and be easily installed on tablets and smartphones. 

ABCD Drawing App 

Typing Games For Kids

ABCD Drawing App is a fun application that innovatively teaches kids the English Alphabet using musing and drawing as support tools. This application makes learning and writing the alphabet fun and enjoyable, especially for toddlers. It is a small application of 10 MB and does not consume most of the phone’s resources. Some of the highlights include: 

  • Learn Alphabet: Every letter has a unique shape & sound that helps pick up things faster. 
  • Musical Drawing: Listen to music & leans about different colors and shapes – all-in-one. 
  • Practice Writing: Press on any letter of the alphabet & run your finger creating its shape. 
  • Colour Book: Fill colors in various shapes and characters. 

Final Word Of  Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster 

It has become necessary for parents and teachers to introduce Typing Games For Kids and students as early as possible. They are pleasant, which makes it fun to use them quite often. While the children have entertainment, they do not realize that the familiarity with the keyboard and typing skills is subconsciously inculcated into them.  For any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments section below. We want to get back to you with a solution.

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