Top 9 Best URL Shorteners In 2022

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Best and amazing URL Shorteners will be described in this article. Have you ever noticed while tweeting that you don’t have enough characters to include a link to a recent blog article of yours? A URL shortener is an easier alternative, so keep that in mind as you struggle to condense your Tweet.

By using URL shorteners, you can condense complicated, lengthy URLs into a small number of customisable characters.

Anyone with a website, social media profiles, and a brand they wish to promote can benefit from URL shorteners.

Here are the eight top solutions and the reasons why you need a URL shortener.

Why is a URL shortener necessary?

There are numerous benefits to using URL shorteners when sharing links.

Make unique brand linkages. You have the chance to include your brand name and advertise it while using URL shorteners that let you customise your short link.

Monitoring performance Most URL shorteners let you monitor the effectiveness of your links. You can determine the campaign’s ROI by keeping track of information like who, when, and where someone clicked on your link.

Maximize your use of character restrictions. Character counts on social media networks like Twitter are frequently low. For instance, Twitter restricts you to 280 characters. Posts should be kept to a minimum, and shortened URLs allow you more room to discuss the topic you’re promoting.

Short links seem cleaner. You can have a lengthy URL if you’re linking to a page that is hidden deep within your website or using UTM parameters to track your visitors. Wherever you post a long URL, whether it be in text, emails, or social media, it appears clumsy and unorganised. Links you create using URL shorteners seem professional and reliable.

Top 9 Best And Amazing URL Shorteners In 2022

Top 9 Best And Amazing URL Shorteners are explained here.

1. Bitly


Your brand will never be concealed behind generic URLs thanks to the branded links that Bitly generates.

Remember that utilizing your chosen domain name makes links instantly recognised and, according to Bitly, can increase a business’s clicks by up to 34% if you need any more persuasion to use branded links.

You can use Bitly without making an account if you only need to shorten links periodically. You can get your abbreviated URL by simply pasting your complete URL into the box on the homepage and clicking shorten.

The URL shortener really shines, though, when used for business. You may view 20 data points on its comprehensive dashboard, all of which are updated in real-time, including regional information, the top referral channels, and clicks. These data remove all uncertainty regarding the performance of your links, allowing you to concentrate on sharing more of what your audience wants. Also check transcription software 

Pricing: A Basic package is $35 per month and covers up to 1,500 branded links. A $300 premium package enables 3,000 branded links per month.

2. Shorby 


Shorby was created specifically for Instagram users. Shorby has been designed with Instagram’s single link in bio format in mind, as opposed to merely shortening a long URL.

This is another url shortener. A link to a product, a blog post, a video, or a podcast is usually updated in the link in the bio of Instagram creators and company owners. Shorby makes life simpler by providing users with a short URL profile that they can customise, update, and display multiple things at once. You can just post your most recent material to Shorby and leave the link alone, saving you the hassle of having to alter the short URL in your Instagram profile.

Making call-to-action boxes for messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype is another amazing function. With the help of Shorby’s analytics tools, you can monitor the performance of your URL. Use Blocks to display dynamic content from YouTube and online stores if you wish to provide connections to specific web content. If you use Instagram to advertise content and goods on other websites, this is fantastic.

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Pricing: A Rocket plan is $15 per month and comes with 5 smart pages. A Pro plan is $29 per month and comes with 50 smart pages and analytics capabilities.

3. Sniply


Sniply can be the finest URL shortener for you if you want to shorten URLs and motivate your readers to act after viewing your content.

The unique feature of Sniply is the ability to add a CTA to any shared link. That means you may create a pop-up asking people to subscribe to your channel so you can share additional videos with them when they click a link in one of your Facebook posts to a YouTube video. If you require additional signups, connections, or purchases, this practical functionality is ideal.

When someone clicks on the URL, forms, images, and text CTAs can be created. Additionally, there are analytics and tracking solutions that provide link hits, CTA engagements, and time spent on the website.

Price: For $29, a Basic plan allows for up to 5,000 monthly clicks and two brand profiles. For $79, a Pro plan offers up to 20,000 monthly clicks and support for six brand profiles.

4. T2M URL Shortener

T2M URL Shortener

You may personalise your short links with a branded domain, group them into distinct campaigns for your next email or text message campaign, and create printable dynamic QR codes for each one with T2M URL shortener. Also check Software Providers 

T2M also provides a wide range of additional enterprise-level functionality, including CSV import tools, mass short link creation, and password protection. When a caller clicks on an passed deleted short URL, T2M will transfer all the broken links to your predefined 404 redirect URL. This is another url shortener.

T2M tracks visitors’ browser details, platform names, referrer sources, and device types. That means you will have access to detailed data like clicks timeline plots, timezone, and browser language details.

Pricing: The Basic Plan forms at a one-time $5 statement verification cost (this is merely to keep spam away) (this is just to maintain spam away). The Standard Plan starts at $9.99/month & the Premium Plan of $89.99/month. You can always have a customised package as per your requirements.

5. TinyURL


This is another url shortener. If you require a quick solution for shortening your URLs & don’t want to form an account, TinyURL could be the ideal URL shortener for you.

TinyURL is free to operate if you don’t mind not utilising your domain and only altering the end of the abbreviated URL.

If you like access to better additional features, you may sign up for a subscription account and create your own custom imprinted links. Paid plans also allow you to find out how your links are performing, who relates on your links, from where, & from what device.

6. Rebrandly


While Rebrandly does a similar service to other URL shorteners on our list, its focus on bespoke branding makes it a useful tool for anyone wishing to modify references to them or products throughout the internet.

For example, someone may alter the long URL to their YouTube video channel to start with their own name first followed by YouTube.

YouTuber PewDiePie may modify the long URL to He might use this personalised URL on his site, social media, or in marketing.

Their free tier gives five personalised domains––more than any other shortener on the list. You can also customise the complete short URL & not just the double half of it.

Tracking tools deliver data on the popularity of each link, who is clicking your links and automatically produces QR codes too.

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Pricing: A Free plan permits up to 500 engraved links & 5,000 tracked clicks every month. A Starter subscription is $29/month and gives 5,000 branded links with 25,000 clicks counted every month.

7. Hyperlink


If real-time URL data is a focus for you, Hyperlink could be the finest URL shortener for you. You can get real time notifications when individuals click on your links or modify the settings to hourly, weekly, or monthly summaries. You may also modify your settings to get messages via Slack and Zapier or as standard push notifications.

Hyperlink also gives you per-click details showing you the device, location, and referral statistics for every visitor, along with a live hunt dashboard. That way you don’t need to stress that you’re looking at obsolete numbers. Also check tax software

A Chrome extension means you can simply shorten URLs directly from your browser. This is another url shortener.

Pricing: A Free plan provides you 100 URLs and unlimited clicks but doesn’t allow you to customise your environment. A Standard plan gives you complete branded links & provides you with a personalised domain at $49/month.

8. Shorte.ST 


Shorte.ST makes it comfortable for you to monetize links & send the correct URLs to the right audience.

When consumers click on a URL, they see an ad on an intermediate page before accessing the terminus page. You then receive a commission for each time person views the ad.

Most URL shorteners let you comprehend where people are clicking on your links and from which device. However, Shorte.ST goes this a few steps further and allows you to deliver a distinct customised link to visitors in different places or using different devices.

This is useful if you want to make sure that users of various devices or visitors from various locations see the appropriate currency or software download link. To learn more about the details of when, when, and how users are clicking on your links, visit the Statistics and Click Stream pages.

Without ever leaving the app you’re using, it is now simpler to shorten URLs thanks to integrations with Slack, Zapier, and Google Chrome.

Price: 1,000 branded links and 50,000 tracked clicks are included in the free plan. For $20 per month, a Personal plan offers tracked clicks, limitless branded links, and other capabilities including country targeting.



BL.INK is a comprehensive URL shortener that can condense lengthy URLs and offer you robust real-time data.

Link management services enable you control, track, and monitor each touchpoint in the customer journey in addition to simply shortening URLs. Analyze traffic by referrers, geography, and devices. See what duration of day your audience is numerous likely to click on your links by sorting your clicks by time of day. This is another url shortener.

Teams or lone users can scale up their operations and shorten numerous URLs at once thanks to BL.INK’s user-friendly dashboard. Business managers can easily add and delete team members thanks to the user permissions and security that are flexible.

Price: An Expert+ package costs $48 per month and includes 15 domains and 10,000 active links. A SMB plan costs $99 per month and offers 30 domains and 50,000 active links.

Best URl Shortener: AppSumo’s final verdict

How many active links you require, if you want analytics features, and whether you want to customise the domain will all influence which URL shortener is best for you. TinyURL is a fantastic choice if you have a tight budget and don’t mind having little customisation.

Hyperlink is a fantastic pick if you want access to strong data tracking solutions. However, Shorby is a better choice if you only intend to use your URL shortener for Instagram links.

As with other software, decide your priorities and the purposes for which you’ll use the URL shortener before using the free tiers and trials before committing.

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