Video Editing Software For Mac You Can Use in 2024

Video Editors for Mac Users in 2021

In this article, we give you 10 best Video Editing Software For Mac That You Can Use. While you’re looking for the best video editing software for macOS, you should think of asking yourself a few questions inclusive of Where are you planning to use your video? This shall assist you in choosing the best tool that helps in building professional-quality videos, be it a presentation or a tutorial. The society we breathe in is surrounded by a large range of high-tech tools that are utilized by commercial video or film producers and editors.

Video Editors, as soon as I listen to this term, the single software that comes to my mind is the prominent video editing tool by Adobe, i.e., Adobe Premiere Pro. If you don’t know many of them, you can check out the list of popular video editing software for Mac for your convenience.

Best Video Editing Software For Mac 2024

Be it a beginner or a pro consumer, everyone requires the best video editors to get excellent results. Along with these top tools, we’ve explained their traits as well to make it easier for the user to compare them.

1. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Video Editing Software For Mac
First on our list is Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. This is yet another wondrous video editing tool for macOS that gives a vast selection of tools for organizing, editing and exporting videos. Pinnacle video editor allows you to enjoy a user-friendly workflow that makes it possible for the consumer to sort, build and import projects from the media clips. This amazing tool allows you to use advanced controls like color grading: tone curve, HSL tuning, color correction: adjusting white balance, correct underexposed scenes, and more.


  • Add titles, graphics, and overlays.
  • Get creative with templates, filters, and effects.
  • Completely loaded video editing software from basic to advanced features.
  • Unusual work with time-lapse.

2. DaVinci Resolve

Video Editing Software For Mac
This video editing software for macOS is greatly known for its color grading. Also, this has a little complicate interface that makes it difficult for the newcomer to understand at the very first use. While contrast to other video editors, DaVinci is full of professional tools that involve color correction, image stabilization, and more. Even when you use its free variant, you can get a frequency of 60fps and export your ready movies in SD, HD, and UltraHD. For a completely digital audio workstation, DaVinci Resolve is a great match. For a full-functional free variant, consider downloading the tool from the Blackmagic website.


  • Many audio parameters
  • Multi-camera editing, curves, extended filters
  • Certified training courses with multilingual tutorials
  • Package rendering

3. Camtasia

Video Editing Software For Mac
Next on our listing of best video editors is Camtasia. It is not just a video editor but also a feature-packed screen recording solution. Users are given a program that can be used to integrate video captured from either a camera or screen recordings. There are several other traits; for instance, you can add eLearning materials like surveys and quizzes in your video. Camtasia is a wondrous video editing software that is pretty beneficial for educators and users who produce tutorial videos. Camtasia does give a free trial, and you can sign up anytime for its full version starting at $249.99.


  • Screen recording with audio.
  • Amazing video templates
  • 2 in one solution, i.e., video editing and screen recording.
  • Added effects to polish videos.

4. Movavi

Video Editing Software For Mac
Next on the list of best video editing software is Movavi Video Editor Plus. This amazing video editing software allows you to make the most out of your video experience. It promotes the tagline ‘Make Videos. Create. Inspire’. Movavi video editing tools allow you to turn your ideas into engaging videos that can be shared on YouTube and other platforms. Use its amazing traits like slow motion, reverse, and other special effects. Moreover, it gives access to ready-made intros, animated titles, and theme-based stickers to liven up your videos.

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  • Expert tool and takes around 20 minutes to create a finished video.
  • Gives an exclusive collection of filters, special effects.
  • Provides chroma key to change background anytime.
  • Sleek and super simple interface to make videos with pro grade features.

5. WonderShare Filmora

Video Editing Software For Mac
Another Wondrous Video Editing tool for Mac is Wondershare Filmora that not only allows you to edit videos but also allows you to add some added effects to the same. Wondershare Filmora supports ‘n’ number of video forms from MP4, AVI to MKV, and more. Also, this amazing video editing utility is capable of both basic and advanced functionalities such as crop, trim, cut, split, along with some advanced tools like Tilt Shift, Face Off, Mosaic, and more. Not simply this, Filmora video editing software lets you use exclusive Action Cam Tool to cut and merge large action cam footages within minutes.


  • Advanced audio editing traits audio mixer and Equalizer.
  • It has a simplistic video editing process: Import Media > Edit > Save the project.
  • Provides approx 100 audio and video tracks.
  • Enables you to edit GoPro and action cam videos with precise speed controls.

6. Blender

Video Editing Software For Mac
If you’re looking for a free and open-source video editing tool, Blender is at your service. All you’ve to do is download and install this wondrous software on your macOS, and that’s it. It arrives with a built-in video sequence editor with every basic functionality, including video cuts and splicing. You can utilize this video editor to perform complex tasks like video masking, color grading, and more. Also, Blender gives a set of functions for work with moveable objects, training, modeling, interface, animations, and more. Blender- video editing software for Mac is a highly technological interface and integrated appliances and suits perfectly for 3D enthusiasts, artists, and designers.


  • Made by hundreds of contributors across the globe.
  • Up to 32 slots for adding video, audio, images, scenes, masks, and effects.
  • Fully featured tool for an animator, VFX, modeler, game developer, and more.
  • Free tool to use, share, change, and also sell your work.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Editing Software For Mac
Our particular favorite and the best video editing software for Mac is Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a great tool for video professionals, i.e., filmmakers, videographers, YouTubers, and TV editors. It is a constantly growing video editor as Adobe rolls out updates over time. Another benefit of Adobe Premiere Pro is that it is a cross program utility. While you purchase it’s a subscription, you get access to Premiere Pro to edit videos of all kinds from 3D and 8K. If you’re the one who also uses Adobe’s Photoshop or Illustrator, Premiere Pro lets you easily integrate different workflows.


  • Advanced post-production & video editing capabilities.
  • Table of menus at the top gives quick access to key editing traits.
  • Edit and create high quality videos from 3D to 8K.
  • Seamless workflow and integration.

8. Lightworks

Video Editing Software For Mac
Lightworks video editing software for Mac possesses a simple learning curve and offers all exclusive features in the Lightworks Pro version. It allows you to export your final product in more video forms and higher versions. Prominently well known as a craft editing tool of choice, Lightworks give a comprehensive feature-set with new export and import capabilities.


  • Social Media Templates for sequence output.
  • Powerful asset grouping associations.
  • Universal projects with simple user interfaces.
  • Custom definable sequence output formats.
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9. VideoProc

Video Editing Software For Mac
VideoProc is a great and versatile video editing tool that quickly edits, resizes, splits, cut, merged, and trim videos in no time. This 1 stop video editing tool is moderate, lightweight, simple to work with, and pocket friendly. While you’re looking for an exclusive 4K video editor or convertor, VideoProc is the ultimate solution for the same. It also hosts GPU acceleration that gives you process videos at a fully accelerated speed. This software assures no compromise in video quality. Moreover, you get a chance to access a lot of advanced features such as enhance video, remove noise, make MKV, etc., to transform your video into a streamlined workflow.


  • GPU acceleration support.
  • A full video toolbox with both basic and advanced functionalities.
  • Built-in access to multiple video and audio sites.
  • Lets you simply process and transform large videos into a polished ones.

10. iMovie

Video Editing Software For Mac
We cannot miss the popular name here when it gets to using macOS as a platform for video editing. Yes, we are speaking about iMovie, a solid video editing software exclusively for Mac users. It is possible for all Mac users for free on Mac App Store. iMovie video editor for Mac gives you a number of classic themes, chroma keying, audio tools, and an easy to use interface. For beginners, iMovie is a great video editing software that lets you edit your videos with a clear flow. The latest iMovie variant supports 4K editing.


  • Enable sharing videos to YouTube or export them to iOS devices.
  • Includes picture-in-picture, special effects, and more.
  • Free to use tool for iOS and macOS.
  • Supports 4K video editing.

What To See For In A Video Editing Software For Mac?

Since we have given you the listing of the best video editing software for macOS, here’s an important thing to consider. Don’t miss these considerations before you finalize 1 or the other video editing software for your Mac. The top three considerations while opting out for the best video editor are as follows;

  • 1. Features and Benefits

The features given by video editing software matters a lot. While looking for the most reliable video editor for Mac, assure that you look at all of its features and see what it has within that benefits you the most. Always see for a tool that is handy, convenient, offers multi track timelines, high-quality audio and video formats, special effects, and more.

  • 2. File Compatibility

Assure that you opt for video editing software for Mac that is compatible with the video type you will be shooting. Additionally, see which video form does the software support. As some of the programs support 8K video, 4K video, while some don’t. Remember that you think of both input and output formats before choosing the best video editing software for Mac.

  • 3. Free Or Paid

Check if the product you’re about to download is free or paid. We suggest beginners go with a free product first, for the intermediate and advanced users, it is best to bet to opt for the paid version of the tool. Nevertheless, most of the programs have free trials that let you try them before you buy.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best chances for Video Editing Software along with the top three considerations before closing the deal on one. Assure that you are wise while selecting 1 of these video editing tools for your Mac. Always answer yes to software that can take your video from beginner to professional level.

As previously mentioned earlier in the article, our preferred pick is Adobe Premiere Pro, do share your choice of video editing software with us. Furthermore, tell us if we missed out on any of the best picks. We’ll surely consider all your suggestions.

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