WhatsApp Not Downloading Media | Fixed

WhatsApp Not Downloading Media

WhatsApp users send & receive millions of images and videos every day. Suppose you want to save the files you receive from WhatsApp, you can edit your app settings to download your device’s files. As well, the app may not always follow your instructions. Most users complained about WhatsApp not downloading media files. So, We dug a bit into this matter and found five solutions that may help you to fix this issue.

WhatsApp Not Downloading Media File Like Videos or Photos.

Check your Connection

Suppose your network connection is not stable, and the signal is weak, then WhatsApp not downloading media files. Make sure you have got a long-lasting relationship and enough capacity to download the individual files.

Whether this issue occurs when using cellular data, check if the problem persists on a wireless connection. So, If this is not the case, check your network settings and disable any bandwidth restrictions.

Well, If you restricted cellular data usage or set a monthly data limit, then you may need to disable those settings — at least, while you are downloading media files from WhatsApp.

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Now, Go to Settings → Mobile Network → Data usage → More data settings → disable data limiting locations.

WhatsApp Not Downloading Media

Check your Date and Time Settings

Using the right Date and time settings are crucial when it comes to downloading media files. Suppose your date or time settings are incorrect, your device won’t be capable of connecting to WhatsApp’s servers and download media files.

  • To set your Date & time correctly, go to Settings → System (or System & Updates)

WhatsApp Not Downloading Media

  • Select Date and time and check your phone’s time & time zone configuration

WhatsApp Not Downloading Media

  • Set your Date & time to Automatic or Network Provided.

Check your SD card

Whether you still can’t download media, make sure your SD card is working correctly.

Well, If you don’t have enough free storage space, this might explain why you can’t download any media files from WhatsApp.

This quickest solution is to permanently delete WhatsApp data from your SD card and remove any other files you no longer need. So, Make sure the read-only mode is turned off.

Suppose your SD card is corrupted, there are only two things you can do: format it or get a new SD card.

Formatting your SD card means deleting absolutely everything you stored on it, including your chat history & all the files stored on your card.

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Update WhatsApp

So, Running outdated WhatsApp versions means you are more prone to experiencing various issues. Often, updating WhatsApp is enough to solve most problems, including media file download glitches.

So, Open the Google Play Store, enter WhatsApp in the search box and check if there’s an Update button next to the app.

It indicates a newer WhatsApp version is available for download.

Click on the Update button to get the latest app version.

WhatsApp Not Downloading Media

Reinstall WhatsApp

Suppose WhatsApp still won’t download images and videos on your device despite following all the steps listed above, go ahead & uninstall the app.

Well, Installing a fresh copy of WhatsApp will fix any data corruption issues that might be preventing yours from downloading media files.

Now, Press and hold the WhatsApp icon until the Uninstall button pops up. Click Uninstall and restart your phone.

WhatsApp Not Downloading Media

Also, Check :

Lastly, After deleting WhatsApp, open Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp and download it again. Here, Enter your user credentials and check if you can now download media files.

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