How to Disable Contects Joined Alerts on Signal and Telegram?

Alerts on Signal and Telegram

After the uncertainty over WhatsApp’s shift to the privacy policy, the access to data security platforms such as Signal and Telegram has become the product of millions. But following this mass migration, many people are irritated by a feature provided by both Alerts on Signal and Telegram.
Whenever an individual is on your contact list, the apps give you the warning that the person you are joining to the network. So you may have many of those alerts recently if you are already using Signal or Telegram. And that’s understandable if you’re frustrated.

Luckily, this annoyance is an easy solution. You can configure notification settings for both Alerts on Signal and Telegram, and you can explicitly tell both applications to do not to send new sign-in alerts. Here we discuss how Alerts on Signal and Telegram contact login can be disabled.

Stop Receiving Alerts every Time a Contact Joins Signal on Android and iOS.

The following steps allow you to deactivate “Contact Joined Signal” notifications:

  • Open your Android or iOS application and select your profile image at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap Notifications.
  • To the Events section, scroll down.
  • Turn off the “Joined Signal Contact” switch.

From now on, if one of your contacts joins Signal, you will not be notified or told.

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Note: the steps above apply mainly to the Android and iOS Signal applications. On the signals app for iPadOS, macOS, Windows and Linux, the steps to deactivate “contact connected” notification are similar.

Stop Receiving Alerts Every Time a Contact Joins Telegram on Android and iOS.

Telegram can also turn off “contact attached” alerts from the app’s settings. The steps to do this are below:

  • Open Android or iOS Telegram.
  • Tap the Menu icon on Android and select Settings in the top right-hand corner. Type on iOS at the bottom of the screen of your Settings tab.
  • Tap “Sounds and notifications.”
  • On Android, press the “Contact Joined Telegram” button in Events. Display the “New Contacts” toggle on iOS and disable it.

Contact Alerts with Telegram will now be disabled, and if one of your contacts is available on the network, you will not receiving notification.

Note: the steps mentioned above apply mainly to the Android and iOS Telegram apps. However, on Telegram for iPadOS, macOS, Windows and Linux, the steps for disabling “contact connected alerts” are also identical.

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Final Thought :

You can now avoid the upsetting contact with Alerts on Signal and Telegram. Please leave a line in the comments below if this article helped you find a solution.

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