How to Verify WhatsApp Shares your Data with Facebook?

The latest terms and conditions of WhatsApp have caused some controversy. It is enough to make millions and millions of users turn to other messaging apps if the information is shared with Facebook. You might also have read the words attentively and have concluded that you did not.

But, did you know that for some time now, WhatsApp might have shared your information with Facebook? WhatsApp sent a notice in 2016 requesting permission to share this data. This notification did not cause such uproar because it was not compulsory this year. WhatsApp only demanded you.

Some users may have approved the requirements because they have been told that their user experience will be enhanced. It’s what others like Google are looking for. You have to go to the WhatsApp settings to change it if you have changed your dental mind and don’t want to share your information. You can also choose to use the pop-up, but it only took 30. You promised to share your information if you forgot to.

How to verify if WhatsApp shares your data since 2016?

Note: It takes three days since 2016 to verify if WhatsApp has shared your information with Facebook. WhatsApp must give you a report that will let you know that there is a report. But it takes three days to get the news—the drawback.

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Open WhatsApp and tap the three things to go to Settings to obtain this article. Tap the Account choice in Settings.


Tap the Request Account Details option when you are in Account Settings.


Tap the Request Report choice in the next phase. You will see how it says it will take three days for the report to arrive. You won’t be upset that the message is incomplete because it will give you a note that the story is ready to download. Tap it to download your information when you receive the alert.


Bear in mind that the report can be downloaded for a whole month. You’d have to start all over again if you forget and the month goes by. You will find a lot of information when you receive the WhatsApp report, including the name of the WhatsApp Groups you were a member of. Maybe you respond as I did, wondering if I was a member of a particular community because I don’t remember it. But you’re going to have to look at a piece of it to see if your data is already shared with Facebook.

It’s called Service Requirements that you need to check for. This section will list the 2016 Terms of Service of WhatsApp. Here’s a date you can see. Data sharing is called Opt-Out if the piece of information confirms or denies that WhatsApp shares your news with Facebook. If you see a No on your side, you’ve been sharing your information with Facebook for some time. When you see a Yes, before it was too late, you got out.

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Final Thought:

WhatsApp has refused the deadline for its users for three months to accept the revised terms and conditions. Time would claim that if WhatsApp users continue to turn to Telegram or Signal massively, they will call it down. Do you agree with WhatsApp sharing your Facebook information? In the comments below, let me know. 

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