12thPlayer Alternatives For Free Football and Basketball

12thplayer Alternatives

Are you a sports enthusiast and Love to watch live Free Sports? Do you wish to watch sports all day long? If so, you must want to have a TV channel or online streaming website that only shows sports programs. Well, to slake your thirst for sports programs, the 12thplayer Live Stream caters to your wish to have a separate sports channel that streams only sports-related programs. A group of experts creates the site, and it is the collection of the critical services and channels that vow to offer the best experience to people of all ages. 

With 12thplayer Live Sports, streaming ongoing tournaments and league matches from across the world becomes possible, and that makes the site the best sport streaming website ever. Additionally, the website renders news updates and highlights from NFL, basketball, baseball, volleyball, rugby, and tennis. However, the majority prefer this site for streaming football matches. The setbacks to this website are its lack of American sports links and a little low-quality video streaming. These setbacks call for better 12thplayer alternatives.

12thplayer Alternatives For Free Football and Basketball

This article has compiled a list of best 12thplayer alternativesthat aim to provide content Similar to 12thplayer Stream.So, let’s get started. 


12thplayer Alternatives

OffsideStreams is the subscription-based service that demands you to give £13.97, and in recovery, you will get a plethora of diverse TV channels, all in excellent balance. OffsideStream is usable on almost every device. It comes with an XBMC add-on that suggests it runs on all your set-top boxes and Android devices. It also allows you to watch all the streams via a mobile web browser, so OffsideStream has enough for you to grab your preference. OffsideStreams is an excellent platform that provides the best streaming across the globe against the per month charges system.

2 Myp2pguide.com

12thplayer Alternatives

The Myp2pguide.com is a live sports streaming service where you can get immediate and accessible access to the dozens of links offering to watch sports channels for free. It is an excellent source on the internet to watch live sports and TV.

3 Sport365 

12thplayer Alternatives

Sport365 is the great 12thplayer alternative. The site is famous for Streaming Sports content live, and that too for free. It also lets sports enthusiasts watch sports channels from across the world anytime. Moreover, the site is famous for streaming sports matches of all genres, including Football, Cricket, Baseball, WWE, MotoGP, Hockey, and whatnot. And the best thing is that every genre has its channel. 

Moreover, the site does not require any log-in formality. You just have to search the site and watch your, locate your favorite genre and viola, and you are good to go. Hence, Sport365 is the best alternative to 12thplayer. 

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4 LiveTV

12thplayer Alternatives

The best sports channel that we have on the list of best 12thplayer alternativesisLiveTV. It is also a free web portal that offers live streaming of ongoing matches and tournaments of different sports games from various genres. It only requires users to have a subscription while creating an account. Other than that, the site is free to use. 

The unique part about the sports program is that the third-party hosts and streaming providers’ channels are also embedded in it. 

5 VipLeague

12thplayer Alternatives

The next name that we have on the list of recommended 12thplayer alternativesis the VipLeague. VipLeague is a site like 12thplayer.It is straightforward and offers captivating streams. The website contains some ads, but it is a ritual to have them when streaming a match online. The only downside of the sports website has fewer TV channels. 

6 WiziWig

12thplayer Alternatives

Next on our list of best 12thplayer alternativesis the WiziWig. It is one of the most popular alternatives to 12thplayer and, like 12thplayer,it does live streaming of different sports matches and provides channels from across the world. It provides a schedule to find streaming and match schedules for volleyball, baseball, tennis, and a variety of other different games and videos. 

7 SportP2P

12thplayer Alternatives

SportP2P is the next 12thplayer alternativethat we have onboard. It is famous for live streaming the most famous sports worldwide, specifically football. SportP2P primarily transmits channels through different protocols instead of processing as an independent streaming platform. This is why its primary focus is on football matches. 

8 CricFree

12thplayer Alternatives

Next on our list of approved 12thplayer alternatives is the CircFree. It is a site like 12thplayerand aims to provide different TV channels. This alternative to 12thplayerhas more than 12 categories, each category streaming and focusing on different sports. The chat section allows users to interact with one and another and share their love for sports.

9 BatmanStream

12thplayer Alternatives

Batmanstream is one of such 12thplayer alternatives that is strikingly similar to 12thplayer. It is simple to operate. You just have to click on the desired place and check for the live streaming like NBA. You can also check for a live match individually. The other best thing about it is the advanced search engine. 

10 SportStream

12thplayer Alternatives

SportStream is yet another 12thplayer alternative suitable for live streaming of ongoing matches and another sporting event. It is perfect for sports enthusiasts who want to stay updated on the ongoing matches and tournaments. The users are capable of viewing the online scores of the ongoing match through Sportstream. Due to its immense popularity, it is becoming the globally recognized website for sports. 


12thplayer Alternatives

The next option we have on the list of best 12thplayer alternatives is ATDHE. You will be amazed by how simple, easy, and straightforward this website is. With it, you can live stream matches and tournaments. Moreover, you can easily change live streaming programs from one channel to another. 

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12 Stream2Watch

12thplayer Alternatives

The next on the list of best 12thplayer alternatives is the Stream2Watch. It provides entertainment and sports information both, specifically sports. The site has hoarder literally tons of sports channels and renders live streaming of snooker matches, football, NHL, and hockey. The viewers can stream live matches anytime because the website embeds different web-based channels for streaming purposes. 

13 GoATD

12thplayer Alternatives

GoAtd is another better replacement for 12thplayer. Though it is not as good as other 12thplayer alternatives,it can provide enough sports-related entertainment. It provides good options for sports lovers and is best for people living in the US.

14 FuboTV

12thplayer Alternatives

FuboTV is another best replacement for 12thplayer. With it, the users can watch and stream sports matches online, and also the DVR live sports and TV channel is also available. It can be accessed through official websites and also through streaming videos. The only setback is its lack of availability in different countries. 

15 Laola1

12thplayer Alternatives

Laola1 is one of the best 12thplayer alternatives so far. It provides videos of sports and also games. It offers access to a myriad of live sports channels and highlight clips from across the world. The best thing about Laola1 is that all the games and sports match played worldwide are available to stream for free.

16 BossCast

12thplayer Alternatives

BossCast is yet another reasonable option. It allows users to stream online or watch sports-related events and matches online whenever and wherever they like. The site renders 130 best streaming channels, enough to quench your thirst for watching sports. It works in categories that include Football, Hockey, WWE, Soccer, etc. Each class has its own channel for streaming. 

17 Feed2all

12thplayer Alternatives

Feed2all is the seventeen option on our list. The website is based on WizWig and allows sports enthusiasts to stream/watch football and other sports online. The website is best for uninterrupted streaming of tournaments and videos. Also, the website keeps viewers updated on the ongoing and upcoming events. 

18 Sportlemon

12thplayer Alternatives

It is mainly an entertainment website providing sports lovers to watch sports online. The website is perfect for those looking for a place to play games and watch matches. However, it does not work independently and relies on other websites for this purpose. 

19 StopStreamTV

12thplayer Alternatives

It is by far one of the best alternatives. It is capable of streaming sites, offering different sports channels that can be accessed anywhere anytime. The theme of the website is black, and it has a better interface. It regularly updates fans on upcoming sports events. 

Final Words:

So, with all these 12thplayer alternatives, our quest for finding a better option comes to an end. To decide which one caters to your need, we recommend you to try all these out and later decide which you like the most. Most of them are Totally free. Only a few are paid. 

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