Top 11 Best Android Custom ROM You Need To Try

Android Custom ROM

The most common reason for installing custom ROM is that businesses stop delivering new updates after 2-3 years of using an Android device. Due to a shortage of updates, your device may get slower. Are You Looking for the Best Custom ROM for Your Android? So relax! The best Android Custom ROMs are mentioned below. Every smartphone comes with a stock ROM. Here, System ROM is referred to as “Stock ROM.” You’ll enjoy this stock ROM for some time. However, you will soon tire of it and feel the urge for a fresh ROM with an infinite interface and superior performance. Custom ROMs for Android may help you solve your difficulties. They have an appealing interface and perform great in battery life, reaction time, update speed, and other areas. But With Rooting Android Devices, We Can Install Custom ROMs. So, what are you waiting for? Read the article about Android Custom ROMs and choose the Best Android Custom ROMs.

Android Custom ROMs Advantages

  • Upgrade your system from a previous version to a newer one.
  • It will speed up your smartphone.
  • Customization Options and Features are Increasing.
  • Android will operate properly.


  • Android devices must be rooted.
  • Android Custom ROM
  • A little awareness.

Top 11 Best Android Custom ROM You Need To Try

Here are some of the Best Custom ROMs for your smartphone. These Custom ROMs for Android provide your Android with a great interface, and you will undoubtedly like using them since change is always welcome. So, please look at the Great Free Android Custom ROM, which you may install on your rooted Android device.

1. CyanogenMod Custom ROM

Android Custom ROM

The best Android Custom ROM is Cyanogen Mod. CyanogenMod speeds up and enhances your device’s performance. Furthermore, CyanogenMod is updated every time a new Android operating system is released. Some devices come pre-installed with this ROM. Some key features are provided, including a privacy guard, CPU overclocking, theme support, etc.

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2. Carbon ROM

Android Custom ROM

Carbon Custom Android ROM is a fantastic custom Android ROM with an excellent interface. It best suits users who desire more space in less Android. This ROM compresses everything and includes lots of new features. So, I will test this ROM.

3. Paranoid ROM

Android Custom ROM

Paranoia may replace CyanogenMod. This Android Custom ROM provides some features not provided by other ROMs. It lets you customize the navigation bar, status bar, and much more! It promises to be the quickest ROM currently available. This ROM supports CyanogenMod’s theme engine.


Android Custom ROM

AOKP stands for the Android Open Kang Project. It is the most trustworthy ROM and offers several customization options. Its features include custom toggles, LED control, CPU overclocking, permission control, and more. You may also easily customize your navigation bar.

5. MIUI Custom ROM

Android Custom ROM

MIUI is a ROM made by Xiaomi that provides a hybrid Android and iOS experience. Xiaomi phones already have MIUI installed. This Android Custom ROM enables you to modify the typeface and icons efficiently, enable kid mode, and provide access to a wide range of themes and engines. It is accessible for a variety of devices.


PAC-ROM was inspired by the game PAC-MAN. This Android Custom ROM includes CyanogenMod, Paranoid, and other features. It is a feature-rich ROM that has customization options. It is accessible for all devices!

7. XenonHD

The Android Custom ROM XenonHD is lightweight and based on Lollipop. It supports layer-based RRO theming, allowing users to customize themes to their liking. XenonHD has features such as built-in root access and filter alerts. It doesn’t provide its users with many options, but its stability is worth considering.

8. Dirty Unicorn

Dirty Unicorn looks like CyanogenMod. The most significant feature of this Android Custom ROM is battery backup. Due to its integrated super SU, this custom ROM does not require rooting your device. This ROM contains a ‘Dirty Tweak’ section with features such as a double-tap lock and an OmniSwitch floating toolbar.

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9. OmniROM

Former CyanogenMod developers developed OmniROM. Well, an update for the marshmallow Android system was just published, including excellent features like OmniJAWS weather service, DSP Manager, improved DO NOT DISTURB mode and more. OmniSwitch allows you to transition between applications easily. OmniROM is the finest option for expert Android users.

10. SlimROMs

Well, SlimROMs is the only Android ROM whose interface I like; no launcher can match with SlimROMs Launchers. There is a great Android app chooser in the right corner, a calm menu exposure, and many more features you should watch while using this Android Custom ROM on your device.

11. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is among the most stable ROMs. Updates for this ROM are readily accessible. An update that supports the Marshmallow Android system has already been issued. With this Android custom ROM, you may customize your lock screen, navigation buttons, animation, and other features. The pitch-black gloomy theme provided by this ROM is a must-have feature.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

It’s time to pick the Best Android Custom ROMs for your Rooted Device. Here are some of the top Android custom ROMs with amazing features. If you wish to replace your stock ROM, try the abovementioned ones. There are some more Android custom ROMs for rooted devices. If you know them, please leave a remark below! Please feel free to share it with your friends.

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