Top Apps To Lock Snapchat On Android

Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows apps to communicate messages with one another. Despite the developers providing encryption, no one, even Snap Inc., can read your messages or access your content. However, this encryption cannot protect your mobile phone from the prying eyes of snoopers and gossip mongers. To prevent others from seeing your private messages, lock your Snapchat app using an app locker that only you can access. Today, we provide a list of incredible apps that will answer the question of how to lock Snapchat and ultimately choose the winner.

Apps To Lock Snapchat On Android

You only need a trustworthy App locker for Android cellphones to protect your Snapchat messages.

1. AppLock By Lite Tools Studio

Apps To Lock Snapchat

AppLock By Lite Tools Studio is one of the best Snapchat locker apps, allowing you to protect your apps with a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. This app is compatible with all system apps as well as third-party apps. In addition, you will be notified automatically to set a lock on a recently installed app and can hide the pattern draw path.

  • The intrusion alert records the photo, date, and time of the intrusion incident.
  • Secret Vault keeps your photos and videos private and secure.
  • Lock phone settings such as Sync, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc.

2. Locker For SnapApp Chat

Apps To Lock Snapchat

Locker For SnapApp Chat, a dedicated Snapchat locker, is one of the best apps for locking Snapchat. The app locker may lock private and group conversations, which can only be accessed with the master fingerprint or the secret passcode. The app uses few resources and does not consume much battery power.

  • Passcode and fingerprint locking options are available.
  • You can quickly recover your lost or forgotten password.
  • Unlimited conversation locking is supported.
  • Personal and group conversations may be locked and unlocked with a simple tap.

3. Norton App Lock

Apps To Lock Snapchat

Norton App Lock, one of the best Snapchat locker apps available for free from the well-known Norton Tools, is one of the best Snapchat locker apps for locking Snapchat. The app is simple and lightweight, allowing users to lock apps with a four-digit passcode. Then, the app content remains hidden when you share your device with your children or friends to play games or watch videos.

  • Avoid embarrassing “pocket-dial” disasters.
  • Protect snoopers from your personal information and images.
  • Make certain you are the only one who updates your status or posts on social media.
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4. AppLock – Lock apps & Password

Apps To Lock Snapchat

If you’re seeking an answer to lock Snapchat, go no further than AppLock – Lock apps & Password. This app employs a three-way lock system to safeguard your apps: pin, pattern, and fingerprint. The graphical interface is straightforward to use and reacts quickly. In addition, other than your default gallery, you may lock all of your system and social apps with an inbuilt photo vault.

  • It takes a snap of intruders who enter the erroneous passcode.
  • Incognito mode on a private browser.
  • Lock 3G, 4G data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other devices.

5. Applock – Lock for Apps

Apps To Lock Snapchat

Applock – Lock for Apps is ideal for individuals seeking answers on how to lock Snapchat. You can now lock your apps, galleries, messages, videos, and social networking assets from prying eyes by locking them. You may also use this app to lock system apps like Playstore, Settings, and Incoming calls.

  • Select between Pin and Pattern Lock.
  • There are built-in themes from which to pick.
  • Simple to use and easy.

6. AppLock – Fingerprint

Apps To Lock Snapchat

AppLock – Fingerprint is a great app for locking Snapchat with a pattern, password, or fingerprint. This app photographs intruders who attempt to unlock your apps. The photograph is then emailed to you. It also includes a phony lock and a phony error popup.

  • Set separate passwords for each app.
  • 31 languages are supported.
  • The pattern is 18 x 18 instead of the standard 3 x 3.
  • Lock phone functions such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and incoming calls.
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7. AppLocker: App Lock, PIN

Apps To Lock Snapchat

Moving on, AppLocker: App Lock, PIN is one of the best Snapchat lock apps. This app lets users lock their apps using any of three methods: pin, pattern, or fingerprint. It enables users to lock contacts, settings, and the gallery and install apps. You may also photograph any intruders who attempt to break into your phone.

8. AppLock by IVYMobile

Apps To Lock Snapchat

The best Snapchat locker is AppLock by IVYMobile, which allows you to lock a Snapchat app and other wallet apps, system apps, and other apps. In addition, it enables an invisible pattern locker, which is not visible when the user slides their finger to create the pattern.

  • The intruder’s selfie is captured.
  • Those who try to access your phone will be shown a bogus crash screen via Force Stop.
  • To deceive snoopers and protect your privacy, replace the AppLock emblem.
  • Your phone will consume 50% less power after switching to power-saving mode.

9. Chat Locker For Snap, SnapLock

Apps To Lock Snapchat

The top Snapchat locker app list includes Chat Locker For Snap and SnapLock, a lightweight app meant to lock the Snapchat app solely. It may be unlocked with a passcode or a fingerprint. The interface is relatively simple to use and has minimal design and settings.

  • Only minimal permissions are required.
  • It takes up relatively little space and resources.
  • With a simple tap, you can lock or unlock any conversation.


The list of the top Snapchat locker apps to lock Snapchat has ended. However, each app has a high rating on the Google Play Store and is a winner. Please leave any questions or recommendations in the comments area below.

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