Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools for SEO In 2022

backlink checker tools

Best and most popular backlink checker tools will be discussed in this article. If your website ranks highly in searches, you may be able to promote it for free. When it comes to SEO, having quality backlinks is a terrific method to rank better.

Backlinks are a significant factor among many others that might affect a website’s SEO. Backlinks are connections between two websites. Your website may rank higher in SEO if another website contains a link directing users to it. There are three key components that search engines look at when evaluating backlinks.

The quantity of backlinks a website receives is one element. Along with this, they also take into account the number of visitors a website has accrued over time. When Google considers this factor, they want to be sure that the backlinks are legitimate and that the website owner isn’t just buying website likes.

How relevant the links are to the content or website that has a backlink to another website constitutes the second element. Finally, they examine the backlinked sites to determine their domain authority ranking. For instance, a backlink from a reputable website like Forbes to your website will help you rank better.

These elements may help you rise in the rankings. Backlinks can take the form of clickable text, graphics, or URLs. It will direct the user to a different page by clicking on the URL, image, or text. Because they are a crucial component of SEO ranking, backlinks are significant.

  • In actuality, it is the most important aspect.
  • A website’s SEO score increases with the number of relevant backlinks it has.
  • Algorithms are used to calculate rankings by determining the relevance of the linked websites.
  • Links from trustworthy websites to other trustworthy websites are more reliable, in accordance with SEO.
  • There are a occasional tactics you can use to get other websites to link back to your website.
  • You can create a blog, which will be beneficial because they are frequently updated and added to, giving you lots of opportunity to have backlinks that direct visitors to your page.
  • Asking dependable clients to link to your website is another tactic you can utilise.
  • You can support one another by cooperating.
  • You can provide them partnership badges so they can display your graphic on the partner website.

In order for your collaboration to be as effective as possible for you, try to work with reputable organisations that have domain authority.

People will want to link back to your website if you have both high-quality and noteworthy information on it.

Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools for SEO In 2022

Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools for SEO are explained here.

You may learn about the links pointing to your website and how to make them better by using backlink checker tools.

Ten excellent tools for enhancing SEO rankings are listed below.

1. MOZ


Moz is a backlink checker tool that may help you discover possibilities to generate links, remove connections that might harm your company, and understand what backlinks are currently pointing to your site.

Beginning with a thorough study of the link profile, Moz identifies what is helpful and harmful.

Knowing what backlinks point to your website can also assist you determine whether they are helping or hindering your SEO ranking.

Your rating could be harmed by links to spam websites.

To help a company stay competitive, Moz’s backlink research tool may help you gather all the information you need about your site and its backlinking.

In order to improve your position and drive more visitors to your website, Moz Pro can also assist in making sure that the links you already have are as effective as possible.

Moz provides a variety of plans and pricing alternatives that can be discovered by contacting customer care on the website. It is also incredibly simple to use.

To make the most of the links you already have and to discover possibilities to add new links, Moz will assist you in optimising your link profile.

2. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks

You may determine which of a domain’s backlinks are the best with the free application Monitor Backlinks.

The backlinks are ranked in the report from strongest to weakest, which is quite useful information. This is another backlink checker tools. Also check keyword research tools

The report can be created by simply copying and pasting a URL into the text box.

This makes it exceedingly simple to use for anyone, regardless of their level of backlinking expertise.

All free choices have some restrictions, but Monitor Backlinks also offers paid plans if more is required to raise a site’s SEO ranking.

The plans cost from $21 to $120.

All programmes provide a risk-free 30-day trial period during which you can sign up without using a credit card.

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The more complex subscriptions provide consumers the option to track backlinks for several domains, track a bigger number of keywords, and have multiple users share one account, among other features.

Any type of business can profit from monitoring backlinks.

You can register to receive alerts when a backlink is added, removed, or when one of your competitors starts to build new links.

You only need to sit back and wait for the reports to arrive after signing up.

3. SEO Review tools

SEO Review tools

All of your SEO tracking requirements can be met with SEO Review Tools.

Additionally, it offers a quality that enables you to monitor the backlinks that lead to your website.

Anyone can use the free tool because it is so straightforward.

Access to the backlink profiles of virtually any website on the internet is available to you.

This indicates that it is simple to keep up with the competition’s profile.

Knowing what has to be done to raise your website’s SEO ranking will be made easier with access to this data.

The top 100 backlinks will be displayed when the URL you want to search up is entered into the text field.

You can use SEO review tools to check the effectiveness of the content on your website and to assist you build more backlinks. This is another backlink checker tools.

It could be challenging to get backlinks without the right content.

The three most crucial link-building tactics can be aided by this free backlink checking tool.

It can aid in recovering a broken link.

If links are not working properly because of error messages, this can be useful.

When this information becomes clear, it can be corrected.

Additionally, it can help with competitor backlink auditing so you can observe what your rivals are doing.

It can also aid in developing relationships or discovering new link prospects, which is the third aspect.



SEM Rush includes a wide range of capabilities that might be useful in effectively promoting a website.

You can learn what links exist for your website, what can be improved, and what other options there are to get more connections by using its backlink auditing feature.

You will fully understand what is happening with all of the backlinks related to a website thanks to the in-depth and exhaustive analysis that will be performed.

The ability to comprehend and assess the authority of the referring domain, which can have a significant impact on ranking, is a fantastic feature. This is another backlink checker tools.

This tool can be used for more than just backlink analysis; it can also be used to track keywords, increase traffic, and solve issues related to SEO.

Customers like eBay, Overstock, and SEO Book have already used SEM Rush to their advantage for marketing and SEO requirements.

Freelancers, small startups, and other marketers looking to obtain backlink data for their websites will benefit greatly from the pro plan, which starts at $99.95 per month.

The monthly cost for other plans ranges from $199.95 to $399.95.

If businesses want more tools for evaluating their backlinks for SEO, there is also a choice for corporate plans.

5. Majestic


Majestic is a fantastic backlink checker tool that can assist you in keeping track of the status of your backlinks on a daily basis. Also check spy tools

You’ll be able to understand what your rivals are doing in order to keep up with them.

You will receive a very full and detailed report, not just a general concept of the ties you have.

When it comes to Link Intelligence, Majestic is recognised as having the largest database.

Additionally, it contains a function that enables you to see links that have already been discovered, even if they have already been broken or removed. This is another backlink checker tools.

Understanding why links have been added or removed and whether they assisted with ranking can be made easier with this information.

If you only need information on your own website, Majestic is free.

You should think about a paid package if you want additional details about your website and other websites.

The monthly prices for the plans range from $49.99 to $399.99.

For small or start-up businesses, the Lite Starter package is ideal.

A Pro package will run around $99.99 per month for more established businesses.

With the API plan, multiple people can share a single account, which is advantageous for bigger enterprises.



Linkody is a fantastic tool for business owners and marketing managers that assist clients in understanding their own link profiles.

Understanding whether to earn links from partners or lose them will help you.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is also a terrific instrument for assisting you in comprehending how your rivals are using backlinks.

There are multiple metrics that can be utilized to analyse your profile and determine what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Negative links can be located and eliminated using Linkody as well.

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It’s crucial to use backlink checking tools like Linkody to raise your SEO ranking.

Before purchasing Linkody, you can use it for free.

Additionally, a number of alternative pricing and plan options are available.

Plans are available with monthly costs ranging from $14.90 to $147.90.

The plan you select will depend on how many domains you want to monitor, how many monitored links you want to include, and how many users will be using the account.

7. BuzzSumo


According to BuzzSumo, backlinking is the most crucial component of SEO construction.

It is an excellent tool for checking backlinks due to this reason.

Utilizing backlinks is one of the most significant and modern methods to raise SEO ranking.

Before upgrading to the pro version, the tool can be used for seven days without charge.

In addition to being excellent for backlink analysis, BuzzSumo also enables you to conduct limitless searches, monitor brand mentions, research online inquiries, and increase Facebook interaction by identifying the most popular posts among yours. This is another backlink checker tools.

Depending on what you may be looking for, there are a few distinct possibilities when it comes to plans and pricing.

You can change at any time during the trial period and plans start at $99 per month.

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly for the plans, which depend on how many notifications and mentions you want to have.



You can use Ahrefs as a tool to aid in a variety of business growth strategies.

Use of a backlink checker tool is one technique to enhance and boost your SEO.

You can get aid from Ahrefs for the accomplishment. Also check benefits of seo 

It is crucial to comprehend how your scores are performing in comparison to those of your many rivals.

You can use Ahrefs to help you decide what has to be done in order to rank higher than your rivals.

Ahrefs is a tool that can assist you with more than just backlink analysis; it can also be used for keyword research, content analysis, and website monitoring.

Most people believe that maintaining a website is simple, however there is more more involved than one may imagine.

This application can assist you in establishing links with partners online so that you can complete backlinking.

Ahrefs may be the right instrument for you if you are new to link building or simply need some pointers to get started. This is another backlink checker tools.

To test out this fantastic tool’s features, start with a seven-day, $7 trial.

Plans start at $99 per month for smaller organisations and go up to $999 for bigger ones.

9. SEO kicks

SEO kicks

Another well-liked and practical backlink checker tool, primarily utilised in Germany, is SEO Kicks.

It is starting to spread and being utilised in other nations as well.

Once the data has been gathered, it is stored in a database for individuals interested in backlinking.

This is another backlink checker tools. In order to help businesses with link building, web crawlers are employed to collect link databases.

Because it is one of the elements taken into account when evaluating a website’s rating, link development is essential to SEO.

Knowing why backlinking is significant and how it can be used to improve SEO rankings is the first step in comprehending it.

You can help with that and much much more with SEO Kicks.

With a focus on the backlinks, SEO Kicks can help you determine how to make them better.

Finding out what other links your company’s website can obtain is a crucial component of SEO Kicks.

This will aid in raising your website’s SEO ranking score.

The SEO Kicks tool makes obtaining backlink information simple and charges per credit.

Please spend some time visiting the website to learn more about how much each credit costs.

10. SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass

With SEO Spyglass, you can carry out link-related research, fix broken or ineffective links, and conduct analysis that show you what your competitors are doing. This is another backlink checker tools.

You may download SEO Spyglass for free with just your name and email.

Many companies, including Disney, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon, have employed this tool.

The big web link index can be handled using SEO Spyglass.

Google Analytics can be used in conjunction with this tool to assist organise and comprehend your data better.

There aren’t any other backlink checking services that also happen to work with Google Analytics.

You will be informed by SEO Spyglass that a link deprives you of seniority in SEO rankings.

You must be aware of this information in order to take action.

It includes a disavow tool that enables you to remove links.

The provided reports are straightforward to read, easy to distribute, and helpful to all those involved in managing your company.

Real-time link checks are possible, and you’ll be able to observe what your rivals are doing.

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