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Ever since people got easy access to the internet, people have stopped watching Television. It is because everything is available on different live streaming browsers. Moreover, Television fails to broadcast the best movies and dramas from other countries. With the world is becoming a global village, so people are more interested in the art and literature of different cultures and countries. This is when online web browsers come to the rescue. So, amongst many like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV 4K, Roku TV is a smart TV having a built-in TV display. It makes it possible to put streaming content from Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and Disney in the one-easy-to search process on TV. 


  • It has a very intuitive UI
  • It is capable of pausing Live TV.
  • Roku has a straightforward interface.
  • The browser also enables private listening.
  • It is also possible to do mobile streaming by offering a free mobile app 

You should know that Roku TV offers a limited set of features when it comes to browsing. Though, this doesn’t make it any less desirable. Moreover, Roku doesn’t render an in-built browser for surfing the internet, so you better find the best browsers to use it. Therefore, if you are seeking for the best browsers for Roku, this article is undoubtedly for you. Stay tuned to know more about some of the best browsers for Roku. 

8 Best Web Browser For Roku Device 2021

We’ve provided the list of the best web browsers to browse the internet with their features. You can choose from the browsers listed below, according to your needs. So Let’s get started.

1. Firefox

Browser For Roku

Another very good Roku browser is Firefox. This browser is also very well known and most operating systems are compatible. The best way to stream on Roku is through this Web browser. This web browser allows you to do it easily. In addition to the best features, it provides a simple interface that can be quickly adapted by every user.

You can stream videos on YouTube and listen to music without interruption on any website. This is one of the best browsers for all operating systems and you can also trust Roku with this browser. You can switch from the link below to the Firefox official website and download the Roku web browser. 

2. POPRISM Web Browser

Browser For Roku

Next up, we have POPRISM Web Browser. The browser offers a quick navigation process with the help of the up, down, left, and right keys on the Roku remote. Likewise, heading back to the homepage is also a piece of cake, as all you have to do is to press the “Return” key to head back. Other than that, the web browser is not much impressive. It has a pretty basic interface along with a text-based look. In fact, upon visiting the webpage, you will come across slightly unformatted fonts that are enough to put you off.

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Moreover, POPRISM Web Browser does not accept many websites and is hardly compatible with one or two. The browser also doesn’t support images, GUIs, JavaScript, and CSS. Apart from that, the browser is good for retrieving the simple Google research readable on POPRISM.

3. Xfinity

Browser For Roku

Xfinity is a one-stop solution for all streaming requirements. Watch this Roku web browser, and you can stream live sports, local news channels, and other channels. This is convenient. You can easily adjust the plan to the requirement and enjoy uninterrupted streaming. The app can be used on any device and you can enjoy your programme at the end you left. 

4. Opera

Browser For Roku

Opera is the first option we have on the list of best browsers for Roku. Suppose you are searching for a simple and less time-consuming method for navigation over the web on Roku devices, Opera is the best choice for you. Opera is mostly recommended because it’s lightweight and has a pretty fast engine capable of getting back to users’ queries in no time. In addition to that, Opera has an outstanding integration with the VPN service. In this way, you can easily unlock the desirable entertainment content without breaching your digital identity. The most desriable thing about Opera is that it lets users attach streaming devices to Windows computers and allows the use of a regular keyboard for searching purposes. Apart from that, it also supports a video pop-out feature for YouTube. The only drawback is that the startup process needs much effort.

5. Web Browser X

Browser For Roku

Next on the list of the best browser for Roku, we have Web Browser X. The browser is ideal for specific web pages, as users can quickly check certain websites and bookmark their desirable web pages. The navigation process of any webpage is quite simple: all you have to do is to click the left and right, up and down buttons on the Roku remote, and that’s it. Moreover, the Web Browser X is famous among users for its straightforward interface and its ability to save your homepages to make the surfing experience seamless. Apart from that, the browser is also renowned for delivering pages along with clickable links. However, you should know that this web browser is not ideal for handling YouTube content. Other than that, it is perfect. 

6. Web Video Caster

Browser For Roku

Web Video Caster is yet another best browser for Roku. The web browser is the best and dramatically supports Roku TV by enhancing your browsing experience. Web Video Caster letsusers browse websites, watch TV shows, and do live streaming. Additionally, Web Video Caster can also support Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, DLNA receiver, etc. The best thing about this browser is its ability to cast local videos on your mobiles. Web Video Caster offers a premium version for just $4.99 that supports Bookmark, Video History, and Home Screen shortcuts. In a nutshell, this browser is worth giving a shot. 

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7. The Roku Channel

Browser For Roku

Lastly, we have The Roku Channel. It is, without a doubt, the best browsers available for streaming a myriad of content on this platform. The best part about the browser is that it never lets its users get bored and keep updating them by uploading content from Yahoo. It is also helpful for watching the latest news, streaming your favorite shows, and playing your favorite songs. In short, it is the best for bringing a perfect surfing and streaming experience. 

8. Media Browser for Roku

Browser For Roku

Media Browser for Roku is yet another best browser for Roku. This web browser works seamlessly and makes the surfing progress of rich content relatively easier. The best part about the browser is that it keeps upgrading itself by bringing minor updates like Live TV, Photo Slideshows, and Remote Control from different Media Browser Apps. Before installing the Media Browser for Roku, ensure that the Media Browser Server is installed and running on a local network. Moreover, the app is excellent for browsing, controlling, and playing all types of regional movies, TV & music. Its straightforward and friendly interface makes it more desirable. 


  • Is it possible to browse the internet on Roku?

Well, Roku lacks a built-in browsing facility, but you can install other web browsers that can help you browse on Roku. All the web, as mentioned earlier, browsers are perfect for browsing on Roku. Do check them out.

  • Can we get Google Chrome on Roku?

Unfortunately, Google Chrome is not available on Roku, but keeping in view your love for Google, we suggest you give screen mirroring a shot to have a chrome-like experience. 

  • How can we cast the browser to Roku?

You can do it either by installing a third-party web browser or by using screen mirroring.

  • Is there any free-of-cost web browser for Roku?

All the options, as mentioned earlier, are free and render the best experience. 

Final Words:

These were some of the best web browsers for Roku. All these mentioned third-party web browsers are easy to use, have a friendly interface, and are free of cost. Moreover, they ensure fast uploading speed. However, we would still recommend you opt for the Screen Mirroring method, which is relatively better and safe. It lets your phone’s content cast on the television screen smoothly. 

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