Top 10 Best Bulk Email Sending Services In 2022

bulk email sending services

Best and most popular bulk email sending services will be discussed in this article. Regular email services like Gmail and Outlook are never enough if you use emails to generate leads and sales for your company. You require a bulk email sending service for this reason. Email services that can send mass emails to a lot of recipients at once are known as bulk email sending services.

Sending out newsletters, company announcements, and sales campaigns is made simpler and more effective by using these tools. Bulk email senders not only give you direct access to your consumer base but also enable you to observe the effectiveness of your emails using crucial email marketing data. They increase your chances of raising click-through rates and conversions in this way.

Finding the best bulk email sending service at a fair price might be difficult, though. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled 10 of the top bulk email sending services so you don’t have to do the legwork. It’s crucial to first go through what to look for in a bulk email sending service provider and how to pick the most suitable one for your company before we get started.

Important Characteristics of Bulk Email Sending Services It will be difficult for you to track your receivers’ responses if you utilise Gmail or Outlook for email marketing. Additionally, crucial analytics like open, click-through, conversion, and bounce rates cannot be measured. But you won’t have these issues if you use a bulk email sending provider. A lot of bulk email sending services also offer automation features that facilitate email marketing.

Having said that, below are important characteristics to consider while selecting a bulk email sending provider. Track user behaviour

  • An email builder using drag and drop
  • Segmenting and personalising emails
  • Testing A/B
  • Automating workflows and email
  • Design-templates
  • High rates of email delivery

Some of these features might need you to purchase a premium package, while others are available for no cost in a free or basic form.

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Popups, sliders, or floating bars are all adaptable methods for including opt-in forms on your website. Features for testing and analytics that remove uncertainty from your lead generating campaigns Advanced targeting and trigger capabilities guarantee that the correct individuals see your campaigns at the appropriate moment. Simple connectivity with leading email providers and CRM platforms

Top 10 Best Bulk Email Sending Services In 2022

Top 10 Best Bulk Email Sending Services are explained here.

1. SendinBlue


Bulk email sender Sendblue A bulk email and SMS sending service is SendinBlue. You can optimise your email marketing and have excellent deliverability. Beginners in email marketing will find the straightforward drag-and-drop editor on this bulk email sender to be quite helpful. It enables you to manage all of your contacts using your current CRM (customer relationship management) application and gives you access to a number of lead generation services. Also check UI UX Design Tools

You may set up workflows to let you send emails automatically, send transactional emails, and establish user segments with SendinBlue’s marketing automation features. By utilising their AI algorithms to choose the best times to send out your bulk emails, you may raise your email conversion rate.

You can utilise the comprehensive reporting tools it includes to keep an eye on the performance and deliverability of your email campaign.

SendinBlue offers both complimentary and paid plans.

Their premium subscriptions include cutting-edge tools including a sales CRM, a landing page builder, Facebook ad integration, and live chat.

For an unlimited number of contacts, SendinBlue provides a free bulk email sending service plan.

Although your emails will have their branding, this plan allows for up to 300 email sends per day.

Their Lite plan’s monthly cost for their paid premium plans is $25.

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2. Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

Amazon SES

You can use Amazon SES, a cloud-based bulk emailing service, to send customers transactional and marketing emails.

This affordable service is the ideal choice for new and small companies.

You may effectively trace your email sends with this. This is another bulk email sending services.

Additionally, it is possible to monitor email deliverability, click, open, bounce, and unsubscribe rates.

Support for email authentication is one of the additional services that Amazon SES provides.

This gives you an additional degree of security and ensures that your emails will be delivered at a high rate.

Additionally, you have access to a cutting-edge dashboard with real-time data, sophisticated email personalisation tools, and email testing.

Amazon SES is fairly inexpensive in terms of price.

There is a free plan with a monthly cap of 62,000 free emails.

The following 1,000 emails will cost you $0.10 each.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Ongoing communication

Fast-expanding bulk email service provider Constant Contact.

It is practical and easy for beginners.

You are able to send an infinite amount of emails with Constant Contact.

It has built-in sharing options for social media, a free picture library, an easy tracking and reporting feature, list segmentation, and interfaces with Shopify and Facebook advertisements.

This is another bulk email sending services. More potent tools like email automation, polls and surveys, drip campaigns, online donations, and coupons are available with its Email Plus accounts.

The use of this plan is that you may A/B test your email subject lines to resolve which has the highest open rate.

With phone calls, live chat, email, community support, online training, and a vast library of helpful materials, Constant Contact offers great customer service.

In addition to these, they provide live lectures across the country.

This assists small business owners in learning the fundamentals of email marketing from experts so they may grow their enterprises.

A complimentary 30-day trial of Constant Contact’s service is available.

After that, their premium plans begin at $20 for the Email plan and $45 for the Email Plus plan per month.

4. HubSpot


A well-known name in email marketing is HubSpot.

Their bulk email marketing solution is free to begin with.

Additionally, it has a tonne of automation tools that can enhance your email marketing.

Their simple drag-and-drop email builder and collection of lovely themes let you make a unique email that matches the colours and personality of your company.

Regardless of where the recipients are located, HubSpot enables you to send emails in bulk to an unlimited number of recipients.

You can create landing pages, create personalised sign-up and pop-up forms, manage your online advertising campaigns, and even track their effectiveness.

The HubSpot CRM and other free capabilities from HubSpot Email Marketing’s marketing, service, operations, and sales tools are included in the free plan.

With this plan, you can keep an unlimited number of contacts and send up to 2,000 emails every month.

You can purchase their paid plans starting at $45 per month for the Starter plan, $800 per month for the Professional plan, and $3200 per month for the Enterprise plan if you require more advanced capabilities.

5. Mailjet



Service for sending mass emails

Mailjet is the next company on this list of the top bulk email sending services. Also check coding platform

It is an easy-to-use bulk email sending tool that was created with marketing and development teams in mind.

You may quickly and easily create email templates using its responsive drag-and-drop email builder tool.

You may tailor the emails that each subscriber receives with Mailjet. This is another bulk email sending services.

In order to allow your team members to work independently, you may also provide them access to sub-accounts.

Additionally, you may obtain useful information about each email campaign’s performance, such as deliverability rates and statistics on email opens and bounces.

You can send up to 6000 emails every month using Mailjet’s free plan, with a daily cap of 200 emails.

There are 4 levels of the premium plan, with the entry-level option costing $9.65 per month.

6. SendGrid


sender of mass emails

SendGrid is another another excellent and simple bulk email sender.

If you require more complex customisation and integrations, this is the best option.

You can access scheduling, contact management, and testing features in one location with SendGrid.

You may use it to create efficient workflows and automate just about anything using straightforward triggers.

Even while SendGrid is a powerful bulk email sender, its drag-and-drop functionality still makes it incredibly user-friendly.

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This is another bulk email sending services. With the CSV file upload feature, you can also import contacts.

You can fast & easily create beautiful emails using the email design editor.

As an alternative, you can customise any of SendGrid’s templated designs whatever you choose.

SendGrid also offers analytics and automation tools that let you monitor the effectiveness of your drip or cadence email campaigns.

There is a free plan available from SendGrid, however it only allows you to send 40,000 emails for 30 days.

After that, your daily email sending is restricted to no more than 100.

Their starting monthly price for 50,000 emails under their paid premium plans is $14.95.

7. Drip


Service for sending mass emails

Bloggers, eCommerce store owners, and online marketers can use Drip as a bulk email sending service.

A variety of opportunities are available from this bulk email sender that make it simple to personalise, automate marketing, and build sales funnels.

With this solution, popular website builders like WooCommerce and WordPress can be integrated with ease.

It enables you to develop more leads by adding opt-in signup forms or popups to your website.

Email segmentation, split testing, and email automation are further intriguing Drip features.

Drip offers training, free guides, live chat assistance, and other support services.

With the use of Drip’s clever eCommerce marketing automation function, you can interact with and engage your email subscribers. This is another bulk email sending services.

It also offers a revenue attribution tool that enables you to track the revenue that was brought in by your email marketing campaign.

Drip offers a free plan and premium options that start at $49 a month.

8. SendPulse


SendPulse bulk email sending

A multi-channel marketing solution called SendPulse provides numerous communication channels, including Viber, Facebook Messenger, SMS, web push alerts, and emails.

Without any prior coding experience, you can develop responsive email designs using SendPulse.

A readymade design from SendPulse’s library of over 130 layouts is another option.

You may create your subscription forms with SendPulse’s drag-and-drop editor in a variety of designs, then embed them into your website to collect information from your subscribers. Also check retail business management software

Additionally, SendPulse enables the integration of systems like Pipedrive, Prestashop, Zapier, Drupal, and WordPress.

SendPulse provides a no-cost plan.

You can send up to 12,000 emails with this package.

This is another bulk email sending services. You must purchase a premium plan starting at $8.85 per month or $69.03 per year if you want anything more.

9. Mailgun


Email sender Mailgun for bulk

You can easily identify email delivery issues with Mailgun’s tracking and analytics services.

Additionally, it includes tools for email routing and parsing.

Additionally, it offers an anti-spam tool to guarantee that your emails reach recipients’ inboxes and not spam filters.

Additionally, Mailgun enables you to purge your email list of invalid email addresses.

Regarding cost, Mailgun offers a free plan that permits you to send 10,000 emails every month.

Three additional premium plans are available, with the first one costing $79 a month.

10. Elasticity Email

Elasticity Email

Elastic bulk email sender. This is another bulk email sending services.

Another strong bulk email sender with a tonne of capabilities is Elastic Email.

It’s perfect for little business owners and separate contractors.

It offers a wonderful editor that you can use to customise your email layout.

You can create landing pages and opt-in forms using the editor as well.

Multiple campaigns can be scheduled simultaneously using Elastic Email by using various options.

A user-friendly design editor is available in Elastic Email.

This editor is incredibly powerful, especially if you know how to code in HTML.

Additionally, you may create unique forms and landing pages using Elastic Email’s design editor to bring in leads for your company.

This platform is also incredibly scalable.

There is a free plan for Elastic Email.

Only 100 emails may be sent daily under this plan.

Elastic Email offers two paid price tiers: Unlimited and Unlimited Pro.

For as many as 10,000 contacts, the Unrestricted plan’s unlimited emailing costs $15 per month.

The first month of the Unlimited Pro plan is $30.

Additionally, Elastic Email offers various add-ons that could raise the cost.


Your email marketing campaign might be extremely successful if you use the correct bulk email sending service provider.

Finding the best bulk email sender, who can make your email marketing efficient and affordable, can be difficult.

This work will hopefully be made easier for you by this list of the top 10 email sending services.

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