Top 10 Most Popular Coding Platform In 2022

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Best and most popular coding platform will be discussed in this article. Solving coding challenges is an excellent method to advance your coding abilities. You may improve your problem-solving skills, master the nuances of a programming language, get ready for interviews, discover new algorithms, and more by taking on various challenges and puzzles.

Top 10 Most Popular Coding Challenge Websites In 2022

Top 10 Most Popular Coding Challenge Websites are explained here.

1. TopCoder



One of the first websites for online programming competitions was TopCoder. It offers a list of previous algorithmic tasks that you can perform independently right online operating their code editor. Several times a month, at a set time, they deliver their well liked Single Round Matches, in which you compete with others to achieve tasks as fast as possible while scoring the most elevated. This is another coding platform.

The individuals with the highest rankings on TopCoder are skilled programmers who frequently participate in programming competitions. The user with the highest ranking runs a blog called Algorithms weekly by Petr Mitrichev where he discusses coding contests, algorithms, arithmetic, and other topics. Also check Online Coding Courses For Kids

2. Coderbyte


You can instantly tackle 200+ coding problems provided by Coderbyte online using one of 10 programming languages (check out this example). The difficulties range from simple (identify the longest word in a string) to difficult (print the maximum cardinality matching of a graph). This is another coding platform.

Additionally, they provide a selection of video tutorials, interview-prep courses, and tutorials on algorithms. In contrast to HackerRank and other like services, Coderbyte allows you to browse user-provided solutions in addition to those that Coderbyte has officially uploaded.

3. Project Euler

Project Euler

Mathematical and computer science-related tasks can be found in abundance through Project Euler. Writing a simple programme to solve a complex mathematical formula or equation, such as calculating the sum of all digits in a series of numbers, is a common task for the challenges. This is another coding platform. Also check  conversion rate optimization tools

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You would need to build a solution on your own computer and then post it on their website because you cannot immediately code in an editor on the website.

4. HackerRank


HackerRank offers challenges in a variety of areas, including algorithms, mathematics, SQL, functional programming, artificial intelligence (AI), and more. You may complete every challenge online (check out this example).

Every task has a discussion and leaderboard, and the majority of them have an editorial that provides more information about the issue and suggests approaches for coming up with a solution.

Right now, if you don’t fix the issue, you can’t view other people’s solutions. You won’t get the idea of solving the problem at all if you also try to read the editorial before doing so.

Here’s an illustration of a problem I haven’t yet solved while trying to review other people’s submissions:

This is another coding platform. And now I’m trying to check the editorial even though I haven’t figured out the problem:

Users of HackerRank can also submit applications and apply for jobs by completing enterprise-sponsored coding challenges.

5. CodeChef


There are numerous challenges available on the competitive programming website CodeChef, which is situated in India. You can browse a variety of tasks that are divided into several categories based on your skill level and write code in their online editor (check out this example). They have a sizable community of programmers who participate in CodeChef’s coding competitions, develop tutorials, and contribute to the forums. This is another coding platform. Also check Coding Tools


This is another coding platform. A website called Exercise offers 3100+ coding exercises in 52 different programming languages. You take on the coding tasks directly on your computer after selecting a language that you’d want to learn (Exercism has their own command line interface that you can download from GitHub).

The fact that you work with a mentor after finishing each challenge sets it apart from other challenge websites. Your online responses are reviewed by the mentor, who offers feedback if necessary. Once your responses have been accepted and uploaded, new challenges become available.

 7. Codewars


A sizable selection of coding challenges that have been submitted and revised by the Codewars community are available. You can complete the tasks in their editor immediately online in one of various languages. You may see user solutions as well as a debate for each issue. This is another coding platform.

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8. LeetCode


You can get a list of 190+ tasks from LeetCode, a well-known online judge, to help you get ready for technical job interviews. You can use one of nine programming languages to directly answer the problems online. While statistics for your own solutions, such as how quickly your code ran in comparison to other users’ code, are supplied, you cannot examine other users’ solutions.

This is another coding platform. They also run their own coding competitions, have a part for articles to aid in problem-solving, and have a Mock Interview area designed specifically for practise employment interviews.



Online judge Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) offers more than 20,000 coding assignments. Your code can be submitted using an online editor. Additionally, SPOJ runs its own competitions and provides a forum for users to talk about coding difficulties. But unlike some other websites, they do not currently offer any official solutions or articles.

10. CodinGame


On CodinGame, unlike other websites, you really participate in writing the code for games that you play online, rather than just solving coding challenges in an editor. A list of the games that are currently available can be found here, along with an example of one. A problem description, test cases, and an editor where you can type your code in any of more than 20 programming languages are all included with the game. This is another coding platform.

This website is still well-liked by programmers who like to solve problems and compete, despite being different from normal competitive programming websites like the ones described above.

This list was collected from a variety of sources, including my personal website usage, some Google searches, posts on Quora, and publications like these and these. I also frequently visited forums and reddit subreddits, such r/learnprogramming, to check which websites were typically suggested by the community there. Disclaimer: One of the websites mentioned above, Coderbyte, is where I work.

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