15 Best Maximize Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

conversion rate optimization

Best maximize conversion rate optimization tools will be discussed in this article.  There are hundreds of tools available, all of which promise to simplify your life. Many of them fall short of their promises, however some do. I’ve put together a list of the top 15 tools to help you get in and take control without having to spend every waking hour staring at a computer screen.

At the end of this piece, I’ve included a freebie with my personal swipe file of extremely useful A/B Test Case Studies in addition to this list of amazing conversion rate optimization (CRO) Tools. Let’s first examine what conversion rate optimization is and why it matters to you before moving on to that.

Conversion Rate Optimization: What Is It?

Conversion rate optimization is defined by Qeryz as using analytics, feedback, and analytics to enhance the functionality of your website. a methodical technique that enables you to make future decisions in the best possible way. In essence, it refers to utilising information you gather from testing and questioning to increase the functionality of your website while improving user experience.

Analyzing headlines, colour schemes, call to action (CTA) buttons, menu layouts, and any other elements of your website that can be altered or rearranged to improve the user experience are all included. For each new marketing campaign they roll out, 48% of marketers, according to Marketing Sherpa, create a new landing page.

To find the pages that are most effective for them and their intended audience, they must test and make adjustments. As a savvy marketer, you must have the greatest tools at your disposal to ensure that your campaigns are successful and that you receive the highest returns on your efforts.

The CRO tools will be divided into two groups:

What transpired on your site, exactly? What is your conversion rate for visitors that watched videos, downloaded files, or went to landing pages?

The greatest tools for testing various iterations of features on your page are called “the tweaking.” Does the red button or the green button, in essence, increase conversions more?

How Conversion Rate Optimization Works

Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization that assist you in determining “What is happening”

Top 15 Best Maximize Conversion Rate Optimization Tools In 2022

Top 15 Best Maximize Conversion Rate Optimization Tools are explained here.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Like with everything else Google, a sizable portion of the market has been captured by Google Analytics. They presently hold 63% of the market for analytics, and none of their rivals even come close. If you know what you’re doing, the raw data that is provided can be of great assistance.


  • Since it’s so popular, a lot of third-party instructions explaining how to utilise it are available.
  • When you want to quickly filter out the metrics that matter to you for specific campaigns or time periods, custom reporting is invaluable.
  • Simple to install; most content management systems include plugins or integrations that make it possible to quickly add javascript to all of your pages.
  • Segmentation is simple to use.

Multiple users may be hosted by a single analytics account.


  • Inability to monitor fields and forms on your website
  • For a newbie, the volume of information and features may be daunting.

Inability to export raw data

2. Clicky


Many individuals use the free and paid analytics service Clicky to get around Google (for instance, PBNs) or to make analytics data easier to interpret. Also check Defect Tracking tools


  • An intriguing function of Clicky is the ability to track up to five Twitter keywords and categorise them using various criteria, such as a hashtag, links, queries, etc.
  • You can keep an eye on site visitors in real time by viewing the pages they are visiting, the actions they are taking, and of course, how they found your site in the first place.
  • Using custom cookies, you can identify a visitor by name the next time they visit your website after they leave a remark.


  • Because Clicky occasionally runs slowly, the real-time visitor statistics might be a little wrong.
  • The ability to track events is currently restricted. Subscriptions, such as RSS Feeds, cannot be tracked.
  • Poor funnel visualisation

3. Chartbeat



A premium analytics product called Chartbeat focuses on a few critical topics. This is another conversion rate optimization tool.


  • Excellent social media interface that enables you to track your progress and add a twitter handle to keep tabs on conversation.
  • Supplies you with a clear picture of how long it takes for a page to load and how it influences your bounce rate.
  • Beautifully designed (despite the fact that the functionality is unrelated; it is a great touch by the developers)
  • You can see each visitor separately, which makes it possible to see your funnel in real time.


  • Unable to see where users are leaving your website from
  • Because the social referrals do not identify the specific platform from which the visitors are coming, you cannot determine whether a particular channel is effective.
  • The rewind button, which is designed to let you look back at what happened on your site earlier, doesn’t always work (it’s in beta).
  • Less of a full-fledged analytics suite and more of a lightweight tool
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4. Woopra



Woopra is a free and paid analytics tool with a variety of useful features that will benefit everyone from the owner of a tiny blog to a corporate user.


  • Woopra offers a strong support staff and a wealth of knowledge to get you up and running.
  • The tracking is nearly frightful. Each person who visits your website has a profile, and you can see information about their life cycle. You have access to any activity they’ve ever taken on your website.
  • You can access your dashboard and see exactly what’s occurring while it’s happening thanks to real-time statistics.
  • Apps for iOS and Android are accessible.


  • For beginners, the user interface can be overwhelming.
  • Limited integration with third parties
  • The 90-day data cap in the free version
  • Excel format exporting of data is not possible.

5. Mixpanel



Actions, according to Mixpanel, speak louder than page views. They are an analytics programme that ranges from free to enterprise-level and makes some rather strong claims about their capacity to assist you in getting the most from your users.


  • You may learn in detail where visitors leave your funnel and where they do so most frequently.
  • Gives you the option to segment your analytics data so you can see more clearly what is occurring on your website.
  • Raw data export is possible! all of it.


  • Ineffective online store tracking systems
  • Is only able to view analytics that span three months.
  • User flow setup can be a little rigid (ie being able to map different paths a user takes when they come from a specific starting point).
  • The reporting tools don’t let you create fully customised reports, thus you can’t view references split down by geography even though you can see where they came from or where they reside.

6. GoingUp



GoingUp! is a lightweight analytics tool that is not intended to be utilised on its own for your primary website. This is another conversion rate optimization tool.


  • They offer users free SEO tools to assist them optimise their websites in addition to their analytics service.
  • Keeps track of your Page Rank and Alexa rankings on the backend so you don’t have to visit those pages yourself.
  • Heat maps allow you to delve further into the website traffic patterns.


  • They add advertisements to your website as it loads
  • Their support staff is inadequate when issues do occur.
  • The backend interface occasionally takes a long time to load.

7. Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics


An affordable alternative to some of the more expensive tools available is open source web analytics.


  • It can monitor bot visits to prevent data skewing in your statistics.
  • Comprehensive reporting down to the ISP
  • With Open Web Analytics, visitor flow tracking, geo segmentation, and customised event tracking are all feasible.
  • Data is kept in your database, allowing you to use and store it as you like.
  • Heat maps are available to help you identify the page elements that users are engaged with.


  • The inability to export data from the user interface is a significant issue.
  • Lack of cross-segmentation It is not possible to display one set of data alongside another set of data.
  • It is impossible to track mobile devices, which is a major issue given that a significant portion of internet users now utilise mobile devices.

8. Church Analytics

Church Analytics


Church Analytics is an advanced analytics solution that tracks visitors from desktop and mobile devices and has a very inexpensive price point. Also check business cards


You may check on your website from anywhere in the world with Church analytics’ mobile app.

  • They deliver on their promise to track site visitors in real-time, which is useful if you’re running a specific traffic campaign.
  • The dashboard may be customised, allowing you to see an overview of your priorities as soon as you log in.
  • Easy interface with e-commerce platforms so you can track the performance of your shopping cart.


  • Is deficient in the powerful analytics tools you’d anticipate in a high-end programme.

9. FoxMetrics



This is another conversion rate optimization tool. In order to make analytics software more user-friendly and make it possible for one person to manage all of the data required to run a successful website, FoxMetrics was developed in 2010.


  • You may delve further into your funnel to learn more about where and why visitors are leaving your website.
  • High level of assistance, which you can reach out to if any of the features overwhelm you.
  • By establishing unique parameters, you can virtually track every event on your website.
  • Site visitors’ individual customisation so you can see the whole customer life cycle


  • If you want to use the product to its full potential, a higher price point can make it prohibitive for you.
  • The information base might use some improvement, and it takes some getting used to.
  • Unable to track website speed and how it affects engagement and traffic.

10. Mint


A simple self-hosted analytics solution is Mint. You can completely personalise it or just use the essential elements you value.


  • Capable of creating reports that cover days, weeks, or months with ease.
  • You may monitor several domains, occasions, and the speed of your website.
  • Monitor internal search to learn what users are seeking when they arrive at your website.
  • Simple integration with outside software for exporting and creating stunning reports
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  • When you want to perform detailed data comparisons, the data may not be sufficient.
  • If you work with local businesses, it can be aggravating that they don’t know the location of your visitors.
  • Not being able to monitor how long visitors stay on your website
  • The lack of Excel or PDF functionality in the exporting capability can seriously impair your data analysis.

Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization that help you customise your website (A/B test)

I must admit that because A/B testing is so intriguing, I enjoy it far more than other areas of conversion rate optimization.

Understanding how particular fonts, words, and headlines impact your conversion rates is invaluable. Because I enjoy tweaking, I’ve looked at a LOT of things that can benefit you regardless of your financial situation.

11. Simple Page Tester

Simple Page Tester


Only intended for use with WordPress sites, Simple Page Tester is a plugin that enables you to test numerous items on a single page. This is another conversion rate optimization tool.


  • Easily incorporates Google Analytics goals

No prior coding experience is necessary.

  • You can use custom CSS short codes to test certain items.
  • You can use percentages to regulate the volume of traffic going to each variation.
  • Considers caching software so your results won’t be impacted


  • Support is only available for a brief period of time and solely via email.
  • It can be challenging to test particular parts on a page, such as click through rate, if you don’t have much coding experience (CTR)
  • Is not compatible with multivariate tests (you can only test two variations at once)

12. Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing


This is another conversion rate optimization tool. With the help of the Nelio A/B Testing toolkit, which was created exclusively for WordPress websites, you may test a variety of choices without knowing how to code.


  • You may use Nelio to test practically everything on your website soon after installing WordPress.
  • They contain a built-in heat map function that displays the page elements that receive the most clicks.
  • You can contrast two different themes side by side to determine which is receiving the most feedback rom your audience.
  • Simple backend interface that makes it possible to compare data rapidly.


  • Fewer impressions available before you must “purchase” additional
  • Although the Plugin is free, you can’t use it without first signing up for a Nelio account, which is a little misleading.

13. Optimizely



With over 10,000 users at the moment, Optimizely is a market leader in A/B testing. This is another conversion rate optimization tool.


  • A large variety of providers are supported, and syncing Optimizely with analytics accounts is very simple.
  • Offers multivariate testing, however be mindful that this calls for at least 10x more traffic to test numerous page changes at once.
  • Lets you experiment with several versions for desktop, mobile, and even tablet devices.
  • Beginners may easily use editing features, while advanced users who are familiar with CSS and HTML can test out more complex capabilities to their heart’s content.


  • Have a few odd default options, such as analytics (data gathering) being turned off by default.
  • Since the majority of the best features are only available on the enterprise plan, most customers cannot afford it.

14. AB Tasty

AB Tasty


This is another conversion rate optimization tool. The ease of use that AB Tasty provides users when setting up tests to enhance their websites makes it a popular premium split testing solution on the market. Also check spy tools


  • The A/B Tasty team constantly solicits and receives consumer feedback to improve the product.
  • With the help of advanced targeting options, users can display pages according to referral or location
  • A nice WYSIWYG editor is useful for making quick modifications.
  • Segmentation is simple to use.
  • With multivariate testing, you may test different combinations of page elements.


  • On occasion, a small amount of Javascript is required to properly implement certain of your tests.
  • On sometimes, it may lag (slow)
  • For the pricing range, the lowest plan’s visitor capacity is fairly modest (5,000)
  • It can be challenging to segment traffic between a variant and a control page at times.
  • There isn’t any contextual assistance, such as a question mark next to some of the more esoteric elements, to help you navigate swiftly.
  • More rigorous training materials might be provided.

15. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer


VWO is an A/B testing tool created for marketers to maximise their use of web space.


  • To find ideas, use A/B Ideafox to search case studies of A/B tests.
  • You can use the built-in conversion recommendations to optimise your pages.
  • VWO allows you to carry out site-wide adjustments.
  • Segmenting visitors depending on several factors, such as search engine users
  • Includes integrated heat maps as well.


  • VWO increases page load times.
  • The VWO backend only allows you to view one metric at a time and does not permit cross-referencing data.

A Final Note

These are the greatest available solutions to help you make the most of your digital assets. I advise you to test out a couple of them to discover which one suits you and your objectives the best. This is another conversion rate optimization tool.

Test again and again until you achieve the highest conversion rate possible. Nothing is established until it has been put to the test.

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