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Best and easy UI UX Design Tools will be explained in this post. When it comes to web design, UI and UX work together like pen and paper to organise the entire layout. UX, on the other hand, improves the experience a user has with your product or service, whereas UI focuses on the interface of the design and how the web page interacts with the user.

And because of this, UI and UX design tools are used in tandem by designers to create projects that are both useful and communicative. We’ll thus be going over the top 15 (and simple to use!) UI and UX design tools today so that you can get started on your creative endeavours.

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Top 15 easy to use UI and UX design tools for designers In 2022

Top 15 easy to use UI and UX design tools for designers are explained here.

1. Axure



One of the multiple useful UI & UX design tools for creating interactive prototypes and wireframes is Axure.

It aids in keeping track of your workflow and facilitates the process with a user-friendly interface.

For complicated projects involving technical UI UX data, it is an excellent tool. Also check backlink checker tools


Axure is frequently chosen by businesses searching for software that has a high level of functionality and outstanding visual details to keep everyone informed about the status of the project.


Numerous diagramming tools are available.

Implement dynamic interactions.

Wireframes, flowcharts, and other diagrams are simple to design.

Simple to share prototypes with stakeholders.


Thirty days of no cost

$29/User/Month for AXURE RP PRO

AXURE RP TEAM for $49.00 per user each month

AXURE RO ENTERPRISE is also available for $99 per user per month.

2. Sketch



Professionals frequently use the UI UX tool Sketch.

Despite several attempts to unseat it, consumers still place a high value on Sketch.

Designers can quickly produce high-end interfaces and prototypes because to its smooth characteristics.

The UI UX designers may make designs that maintain the interfaces consistent with the aid of the Symbols element in Sketch.

Allows users to return to the original data.

Codes and presets are simple to export.

The software has features like Grid and Guide.

UI UX designers can develop customisable designs using the symbols feature.

Team collaboration is facilitated by libraries.


Free 30-day trial period.

Typical package is $9 per editor per month.

Demand-driven business plans are available.

3. Proto.io


Proto.io was originally intended to be a mobile app with UI and UX design tools for prototypes, but it has now expanded its UI and UX design tools.

You can develop simple to complex prototypes with the aid of proto.io.

Starting with a hand-drawn style and turning it into a wireframe is a simple process for UI UX designers.

You can communicate, integrate, and evaluate the accuracy of mockups using this programme the best.

Features An easy and quick method for making prototypes.

Make a library of project-reusable components for yourself.

Combine and contrast the various pre-made templates.

There are many interactive and UI things available.

15-day free trial on pricing.

$24/month for a freelancer.

starter package at $40 per month.

a monthly agency plan for $80.

$160 per month for the corporate plan.

4. Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Because it has the best UI and UX design tools, Adobe XD, which was introduced in 2016, quickly became popular with design professionals.


Professionals may efficiently design mockups and prototypes for a vector-based user interface with this software.

Additionally, it enables real-time collaboration, which makes it simple for UI and UX designers to collaborate.

For designers, this software merges many disciplines on a single platform.


Quickly repeat elements using the repeat grid function.

Draw pathways rapidly with the pen tool.

You can select custom screen dimensions for the gadget on the welcome screen.

There are many options for colours, text sizes, components, and icons.


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Free 7-day trial.

You may purchase all software through Adobe Creative Cloud for $52 per user each month.

5. Marvel


Marvel is a fantastic platform for bringing your ideas to life and transforming your projects completely with a team.

You can use interactive prototypes to develop low- and high-fidelity wireframes.


Additionally, it enables user testing, giving designers access to everything they require on a single platform.

Additionally, it permits strong integration, allowing you to include your concepts into the project workflow.

Features quickly validates the design.

You can use it to make interactive mockups.

Gives you automatic design specifications.

Gathers information about your prototype and evaluates its performance.


You are allowed one project per account under the free plan.

Pro plan is offered for $12 per month.

The team plan is $42 per month.

A business strategy is also available upon request.

6. Origami Studio

Origami Studio

But eventually, experts started to use it frequently.


Compared to rival software that is simpler to use, Origami Studio is a little more difficult to use.

This platform has more sophisticated prototype tools that provide experts more patch editing power.

Designers will be able to incorporate more sophisticated functionalities into the project thanks to it.


Allows for modification using layers.

Let’s import data from outside applications like Sketch.

Time-saving pre-built library components.

Interactions are created using patch-based designs.

You may view the designs in real time with the smartphone app.


There is no charge for this software.

7. Figma


One of the best browser-based UI & UX design tools is Figma, which enables designers to create dynamic prototypes and mockups as well as evaluate the usability of their design. Also check conversion rate optimization tools 


Figma increases team collaboration by allowing numerous users to collaborate on one document at once, similar to Google Docs.

The ideal platform for different project stakeholders is this one.


Collaborates in real time.

Give the project to a third party for embedding.

Enables testing using UI/UX design tools for mobile.

Each file is automatically saved, building a history of previous versions.

Component libraries can be produced and distributed by designers.


Free introductory package with three figs.

$12/editor/month for the Figma Professional plan.

Plan for Figma Organization for $45 per editor every month.

8. Balsamiq


You may quickly create structures and layouts for your projects using this software.

This software makes it simple for users with no prior wireframing skills to create an efficient wireframe.

On this platform, you can immediately begin your interface plan and recruit your team.


Simple drag and drop capability.

Enables you to record all interface information prior to implementation.

Depicts and potential web design components.

There are pre-defined assets like icons, texts, labels, etc.


The $9/month budget for two projects.

Cost per month for twenty project plans is $49.

The cost of 200 project plans is $199 per month.

9. Mockflow


One of the best UI and UX design tools for producing effective wireframes is mockflow.

It gives you a complete answer for your product design process.

With the use of mockflow, you can swiftly lay out the fundamental concepts of your design process.

You may include projects from third-party applications and collaborate with your creative team more easily thanks to it.


With a drag and drop function, the interface is clear and simple.

Sharing your prototype with your colleagues is simple.

There are several readily usable templates available.

There are many editable choices, including mockups, texts, and photos.

Easier to collaborate with your team and demonstrate understanding of the site’s flow.


One UI drawing’s free basic plan.

$14/month wireframing programme.

The $19/month curriculum for product design.

On demand access to enterprise plans is provided.

10. Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp

With the help of its mobile UI UX design tools, this programme enables you to quickly construct your project concept even while on the go.


You can include resources from your creative cloud library, which makes it easier for you to swiftly build eye-catching layouts.

It enables you to easily interact with all of your tools, including colours, images, brushes, and fonts.


Enables the downloading of fonts from Typekit.

Compatible with photo-editing programmes like Illustrator and Photoshop CC.

Has a Creative Cloud integration.

Works well with tablet computers and mobile software.


The cost of each Creative Cloud App is $53 per month.

11. UXPin


A strong tool for accelerating product development is UXPin.

It is simpler to design from 10 than from 0, thanks to the outstanding merging technology and the hundreds of available components and frameworks.

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Additionally, it uses the same building pieces to create interfaces that are consistent.

You can efficiently engage with your team and stakeholders with UXPin, which offers exceptional customer support.


With excellent Merge Technology, the development process can be sped up.

Assist you in producing a prototype that feels like the finished article.

UI elements and documentation that are interactive.

Simple to receive feedback on your designs and share them.

Functions as a common language for UI code components.


Startup package at $89 per month per editor

Editorial plan at $119 per month.

On demand access to enterprise plans is provided.

12. InVision Studio

InVision Studio

Designers can simply develop dynamic prototypes with all the features and design animations using InVision studio, which offers all the UI and UX tools on one platform. Also check keyword research tools


This software gives users access to user-friendly UI and UX design tools that streamline and improve team communication.

It also enables you to show your work to others, get comments, and make the necessary improvements.


Crop and resize pictures without using a mask.

Animate a number of art blocks together.

Creates a responsive prototype without requiring the writing of any code.

Real-time team cooperation is possible.

There are pre-made templates available.


Available to individuals is a free plan

Cross-collaborate teams can purchase a pro subscription for $4/month.

On demand access to enterprise plans is provided.

13. Craft



The InVision plugin Craft integrates effectively with design programmes like Photoshop and Sketch.

Craft distinguished itself from other UI and UX design tools with placeholder content.

It enables you to access both Getty and iStock photos and allows you to improve the graphics in your layout.

You can also drag in your design or data with this feature, which can help you fill up your mockup with more useful information.

This enables your mockup’s final presentation to reflect your final process design.


Enables the gathering of feedback and appropriate revisions.

Comes with a road map for the product.

Available texting and chat features.

Allows you to keep track of project progress and time spent on individual steps.

Plan essential for $39 per month.

$89/month for the pro plan.

On demand access to enterprise plans is provided.

14. Framer X

Framer X

Initially, Framer X was just a piece of code.

However, it has developed to provide the user with more useful UI and UX design tools so they may create prototypes that are more useful.


Additionally, it enables the user to test the project’s usability.

Additionally, Framer X permits third-party plugins in their stores, providing designers more possibilities for their own work.


Enables interaction with social media platforms like Twitter and Snapchat.

Embed different layouts and media.

Enables the creation of code components.

Simple to work with designers and produce concepts that are ready for production.


Plan is free for up to three projects.

Pro plan costs $20 per month.

Demand-driven custom plans are available.

15. Webflow


You can design with Webflow, a potent programme, even if you don’t understand HTML or CSS.

It has a fantastic UI and will let you construct whatever you had in mind at first.

With its drag and drop capabilities and available components, Webflow gives you the freedom that designers long for.

With the aid of this software, you are able to design effective website prototypes.


Enables the addition of CSS filters on any object.

Enables you to add any necessary code.

Builds a CSS layout using a visual grid.

Optimize and scale photos automatically.


free 1-GB bandwidth beginning plan.

The $12 monthly base plan.

CMS’s monthly plan is $16.

36 dollars a month for a business plan.

GoVisually’s UI and UX design review tool

It’s time to proceed to the following level now that you are aware of the tools you may use to create stunning and useful UI and UX designs.

After the design is complete, it must go through several rounds of feedback.

This can involve gathering internal input, or if you work for another organisation, you’ll also need to get them on board.

And this is when, if you don’t get the correct input, everything may start to go wrong.

So how can you make sure you receive feedback on time and can follow changes without having to worry about exchanging emails back and forth incessantly?

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