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Buying stuff online is all the rage these days. People prefer buying things online. In fact, in recent days, when the Pandemic condition has gotten the best of our lives, resorting to online shopping is the safest thing nowadays. There are several websites for this purpose, and amongst them, Craigslist is one of the most renowned websites for buying and selling old stuff online. The website is widely used and is known for having the best buy-and-sell community. However, just like anything else, the website also has some setbacks. Therefore, other people prefer using other websites that work just like it or even better. 

So, if you are desperate to either purchase or sell an item but fail to find the best website for this purpose, don’t worry. You always have the option to find a better alternative. And we are also here to help you find better alternatives to Craigslist that would help find websites that are like Craigslist or claim to work even better than it.

Free Craigslist Alternatives 2021 Personals

However, For this purpose, we have compiled the list of Craigslist alternatives that are perfect for purchasing and selling vehicles, cameras, accessories, and premium bags. All these alternatives to Craigslist are user-friendly, have the best offers, and provide security too. So, let’s get started. 

1. eBay


eBay is not hidden from anyone. Everyone knows about the website either through personal experiences or from advertisements. The website comes to the rescue every time Craigslist proves to be a bummer. From cars’ spare parts to electronic gadgets, you name it, eBay has it. 

To make the process reliable, eBay gives all the information about the seller, be it users’ reviews or his membership duration. eBay has to be on your priority list if you are rooting for a site like Craigslist. 

2. OfferUp (LetGo)


So, the best alternative in our list of funding options like Craigslist is OfferUp. It is one of the best alternatives for buying and selling stuff so far. It allows sellers and buyers to opt for the location and search for items with filters under different categories. The amazing part about the website is that it has acquired LetGo that works as a Craigslist alternative. Due to this reason, OfferUp has a relatively greater base of buyers and sellers than other buy-and-sell websites. Moreover, the website is also best from a safety perspective. 

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Moreover, the websites also have apps that are compatible with Android and iOS. The best thing about the website is that it lets you converse with the buyers, and it also indicates if you have any mutual friends with the potential customer. So, if you are looking forward to a site like Craigslist, then what are you waiting for. Go and check this website out. 

3. Recycler


The next Craiglist alternative that we want you to opt for is the Recycler. It is pretty clear from the name to encourage users to rejuvenate their products and put them online for selling. You can find cars, sports gear, and even pets on it. Moreover, finding garage sales in your area has never been easier. 

The website is quite particular about sellers’ information and encourages them to upload a full bio to smooth the transaction.

4. Kijiji


The following website that we have on board to act as a Craigslist alternative is Kijiji. As peculiar as the website sounds, it also aims to be different from other websites and vows to offer the best products to millions of users. Though it is a Canadian website, it is used in the US too. Owned by eBay, Kijiji is free-classified, and it advertises products like cars, job events, and even real estate. Isn’t it great? 

Moreover, it lets you post videos of your products, so the customers better view the things before buying them. So, in short, if you are seeking for a website like Craigslist, then Kijiji can prove to be the best option. 

5. Gumtree


Gumtree is yet another Craigslist alternative that is almost similar to Craiglist. The website works as a European version of Craigslist and offers both free and paid ads. The website proves to be widely known for vehicles and job listing in the UK. However, the website also rips people off, so you have to be careful while dealing with people. 

6. Mercari


So, the six Craigslist alternative that we have onboard is Mercari. Owned by a Japanese firm, Unlike Craigslist, Mercari is new, and it is modern. The website has garnered millions of viewers ‘ attention based in major countries like the US, US, and Japan. The website has it all, from toys, trendy items, home accessories, sports items, to electronics. 

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The website has also added customers’ reviews for your satisfaction and to make the experience worthy. With all these features, Mercari comes off as a solid competitor to Craiglist. 

7. Facebook Marketplace


People use Facebook for fun purposes only. Little do they know that, similar to Craigslist, the social networking website is an excellent marketplace for buying and selling items. The dubbed Facebook Marketplace offers the purchase and sell materials and apartments. As Facebook has immense followers, the site connects you to the concerned sellers. 

Put [Your city name] garage sale to find the related results and filter the results. In the world of social networking, this option proves to be the best Craigslist alternative. 

8. OLX


The next Craigslist alternative that we have is the widely known OLX. People from every region and every class know about it. The site contains everything. It offers services similar to Craigslist and has a decent collection of used products. Everything is on it: music instruments, furniture, cars, sports gear, books, and electronics. The site is a tough competitor to Craigslist and offers excellent services to buy-and-sell goods. 

9. VarageSale


VarageSale is the online version of garage sales and the last Craigslist alternative on our list. The website adds a unique touch to the selling game and encourages you to establish enduring customer relationships. 

The interest-based groups make selling and looking for particular items a hassle-free job. The service is primarily active in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany. Italy, and the UK.

10. Locanto


Locanto is a free-classified Craigslist alternative, offering services in the US and India mainly. The website hosts a myriad of products. The website also accepts photos to boost ads. Locanto’s hot feature is its Safer Trading option, ensuring protected transactions. 

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Final Words:

Hence, this brings us to the end of our hunt for Craigslist Alternatives. Unlike Craigslist, these websites ensure smooth and safer transactions and have a more extensive range of products. These websites help you make a profit off of your used item. So, all you have to do is to search your region-friendly website and start posting on it. 

We wish you Happy Shopping. 

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