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Fix Openload Pair Streaming Error

Online streaming is one convenient method to watch your favorite shows online. You can watch anything anytime without caring about the time frame or missing out on your favorite shows. However, online streaming could get problematic upon getting server errors. Amongst many errors one can get online, one that has the potential to pop up on your screen frequently is Let us introduce you to the olpair server first. So, olpair is a server that helps users use the service for four hours by hiding their IP address. Once the time is out, you are to change the IP address, which requires 3 authorization methods every four hours. However, if you use a good VPN, it will automatically change the IP address, and you would not have to worry about being interrupted every 4 hours for a change. It offers the best service for ages and is quite beneficial for users. Now Check How to Fix Openload Pair Error ?

Fix and Error on Kodi

Today, we are here to teach you to Fix the Openloaf Pair error. So, let’s get started.  We have listed several methods to fix the error. Take a look. 

1. Pair your IP address and fix error (For Windows)

This one is one of the most simple methods to fix the pair error. Just pairing your IP address with their servers will solve your issue. However, this is not a permanent solution, but you can watch your favorite movies, and TV Shows from the servers.

Fix Openload Pair Streaming Error

Follow the steps and pair your IP address:

Step- 1: Enable your VPN

A good VPN is key to having a stable IP address. In this case, the best and superfast VPN services are Express VPN and IPVanish VPN. These VPNs ensure stable IP addresses for trouble-free streaming. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself a stable VPN to avoid any inconvenience. 

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Step- 2: Open a Web Browser

The second step is to open a web browser supporting HTML5 and the latest scripts. Let us help you by offering some advanced browsers supporting the latest scripts and codes. These include Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. 

Step- 3: Enter in the URL bar

In the web browser, head to the URL address bar and type the URL. You will come across a public IP on the screen as soon as it opens. 

After that, pair it for streaming all the content from and several other hosters. 

Step- 4: Check I’m not a robot Box.

The next step would be to check the box “I am not a robot” to prove your identity as a human. 

Step- 5: Hit the Pair button

Once you verify your identity as a human, check the blue tick mark in the, I am not a robot box. Then, finally, click the Pair button. 

Step- 6: Close the browser

You have successfully paired the IP address with the and web browser. A message will pop up on your screen after everything is done. Close the web browser. 

Fix Error by Disabling Hosters with captcha (Permanent Fix)

There is another method to fix the error as well, and the method is to disable all the streaming links asking for captcha verification. To be able to do this, the first thing to do is to disable the hosters with captchas. Follow these steps to do so. 

Step- 1: Open Exodus Add-on

The first step is to Open Exodus Add-on. First up, open the Kodi on your device and Head to Add-ons> Video Add-ons> then Exodus.

Step- 2: Go to Tools

Once you open the Exodus addon, there is an option named Tools in the dashboard. There is a chance other tools might not have this option. Click on the Tools. 

Step- 3: Select SETTINGS: Providers

The third step would be opening the Provider setting of the Exodus Kodi addon. 

Step- 4: Disable Hosters With Captchas

In providers, settings scroll down and disable hosters with the captchas option from the dashboard. Once you successfully manage to disable, click on Ok to save the setting and then reload Exodus. 

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After reloading, you can watch your favorite TV shows, seasons, and movies. At this point, you can stay relieved from having any error for pairing or captcha verification. In addition, you will not have to pair with to have access to streaming links. 

Fix and Error on Firestick

Fix olpair com and Openload pair Error on Firestick

If you use Kodi on Firestick and get the air every now and then, then follow these steps to resolve the issue. First of all, you will have to replace your IP Address with a VPN for safe streaming. 

Follow the steps below. 

  1. First of all, Head to the Firestick Setting with the help of the right button on the remote. 
  2. Opt for the My Fire TV option
  3. Head to the Developer Option.
  4. You can now enable USB debugging and allow the apps from an unknown source. 
  5. You can now head back to Firestick Home. 
  6. Head to the Search option and search Silk Browser 
  7. Opt for Download and open Silk Browser. 
  8. Type in the URL address bar. 
  9. Identify yourself as a human by verifying “I am not a Robot.”
  10. Opt for Pair and head back
  11. Choose Pair and go back home

Viola! You can now enjoy streaming without any interruption. You are to repeat the same steps after a few hours. 

Final Words:

We have mentioned two ways to resolve and Openload pair errors. The first method is simple yet temporary. Using the first method, the users should repeat the process every 4 hours. It is pertinent to authorize IP on to use this method. On the other hand, the second method makes it necessary for users to block hosters that see captchas manually. All you have to do is to block hosters using captchas. We have mentioned steps to help you disable captchas. 

If you are still struggling with following the methods, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section, and we would be happy to help you. 

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