Top Google Doodle Games You Must Try

Google Doodle Games

Since the days of feature phones, the game has been one of the best ways to pass the time. And nowadays, we have many options, including puzzles, RPGs, real-time strategic multiplayer, simulation, and many more games. Google Doodle, the search engine leader, has been giving fun games for a long time. You don’t need to sign in to an account or download any independent apps. Everything is ready to go with only you and Google Doodle. This might be the ideal aspect for unwinding after work or something else. If you’re searching for games, here’s a selection of the best Google Doodle games.

Top Google Doodle Games You Must Try

While there are several Google Doodle games accessible, finding the best and most engaging is tough. To save you time, we tested and vetted these Google Doodle games.

1. CricketGoogle Doodle Games

Cricket is not particularly popular in the United States, although it is extremely popular in South Asian countries. This Cricket doodles first appeared in the picture after the Champion Trophy in 2017. Despite its simplicity and clean layout, this Cricket Google doodle game is engaging and enjoyable. You are not required to stay motionless on the field, nor are you required to throw the ball. It would be best if you continued to bat until you were out. Overall, it may be an excellent solution for cricket fans.

2. PAC-MANGoogle Doodle Games

My own favorite game is PAC-MAN. The inclusion of it as a Google Doodles game is fortunate. On the featured phone, I used to play PAC-MAN. Playing this game in my spare time takes me back to my youth. You may, however, play the game with your keyboard. All you have to do is Google PACMAN, which will appear in front of you with its famous noises. In addition, you may play the game with friends by clicking twice on the coin.

3. Doodle Champion Island GamesGoogle Doodle Games

One of the most popular and best Google Doodle games is Doodle Champion Island Games. The game has all it takes to be a great role-playing game, down to the basic UI. However, it was created as a game to simulate the Tokyo Olympics. The challenge will take a long time to accomplish due to the numerous mini-games. To become the game’s champion, you must defeat every other champion on all maps. When you acquire seven sacred scrolls, you will be crowned champion of the island.

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4. Soccer

Google Doodle Games

Who doesn’t love soccer? One-third of the world’s population likes to play or watch soccer. The Love Doodle Game was created in 2012, yet the basic game has remained popular among soccer fans. It would be best if you used the arrow keys to stop all of the opponent’s balls. The harder the stage you will face, the more you stop the ball from scoring. If you love to play soccer games, you may Google Doodle Soccer once.

5. Magic Cat AcademyGoogle Doodle Games

Magic Cat Academy is a fantastic Google Doodle game that you should try at least once. I am confident you will be satisfied. The game, on the other hand, is unique. However, magic has always captivated me; this game is no exception. Assume you have the magical steak in your hand and must design the appropriate shapes to defeat the ghosts. In the gameplay, you will face numerous forms of enemies, bit tricky shapes, and fearful ghosts in the final round, providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Magic Cat Academy (2016)

Magic Cat Academy 2 (2020)

6. Pangolin Love

Pangolin Love is one of the best, most enjoyable games. Google launched Pangolin Love on Valentine’s Day in 2017 to raise awareness of Pangolin and other related species. In general, the game is as enjoyable to play as it is to listen to the wonderful tunes. As a Pangolin, your goal will be to collect as many flowers as possible in as little time. Yes, there will be hurdles on your path, but you must be unstoppable to attain your goal.

7. Fischinger

Google created this doodle to commemorate the 117th birthday of the great Oskar Fischinger. It has nothing sophisticated to offer, yet it is enjoyable if music is your thing. You may, however, make music by just pushing on the array. In addition, you may customize the settings to your liking. One of the best features is the ability to share your visual music compositions with others. Overall, a fantastic Google Doodle game for music enthusiasts.

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8. Basketball

Who doesn’t want to shoot the ball into the basket like Michael Jordan? Every basketball fan hopes to get the ball into the basket whenever they throw it in the air. Your desire can be granted with the Basket Ball Google Doodle Ball game. Basketball doodle games first appeared in the picture in 2012. Since then, this game has become one of the most played doodles on the Google homepage. However, in the game, you must basket the ball in the shortest amount of time.

9. Snake Game

When it comes to Google Doodle games. So, how could we overlook the Snake game? It’s more than just a game; it expresses Generation X’s emotions. On the other hand, the snake game does not require an introduction. We’re all aware of how it works and how it should be played. The main difference now is that the game is colorful and customized.

10. Hurdles

Do you, too, love to leap and race? If so, the Hurdles Google Doodles game is ideal for you. As a runner on the field, you must run through infinite upright frames. Fortunately, the game does not end if you cannot hop over the frame. Instead, the arrow keys are used to regulate the speed. When you can’t leap over the frame, your speed decreases. So now is the time to train to be a virtual hurdler.

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These are the best Google Doodle games to play in your spare time. I occasionally play Pangolin Love, Cricket, Soccer, and the Snake game. Which one do you intend to play? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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