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It may appear like getting through these difficult times is impossible. But remember that this is a worldwide pandemic, and we are all in it together. Instead of allowing negativity to consume your thoughts, consider redirecting your attention. Consider the shutdown to be the best time to explore a long-forgotten pastime. I am making the most of my Spectrum Waco packages by video chatting with friends and viewing lessons. I recently downloaded a few mobile games to play; they’re a terrific way to kill time! Here are some of my favorite mobile games for iPhone and Android users.

Best Mobile Games To Kill Your Time

Here are the best Mobile Games To Kill Your Time.

Words with Friends

Do you enjoy crossword puzzles or other word games? I used to tear off the crossword puzzle page from the newspaper and try to find every word on my own. So when I discovered the Words with Friends app, I couldn’t stop jumping with joy. Since I downloaded the game, I’ve been playing it three or more daily. The excellent thing is that it is completely free. This game can also help you learn new languages. For example, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian are accessible as features, allowing you to broaden your language abilities. You may play the game by yourself or with friends (online).


Who can recall playing bingo at nearly every social or family gathering? People of all ages love playing this century’s old game. There is good news if you enjoy playing this game as well. You may now play the game on your smartphone. That is correct. Bingo is now accessible as a free game for iPhone and Android users. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one’ game available. You’ll have to look for the one you like best. The game is accessible online in both free and paid editions. Some are self-contained, while casinos sponsor others. Win thrilling cash rewards without having to play a specific game.

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The Sims Mobile

If you loved playing it as a child, you would also enjoy playing it on your smartphone. However, let me warn you that playing The Sims will bring back your childhood memories (as with many other mobile games on this list). This popular smartphone game is the most downloaded. Players may create their characters, build homes, decorate them to their liking, and choose their community. Aside from that, you can opt to host or organize a party and make the necessary arrangements. However, you may need to purchase some features to enjoy playing the game fully.

Super Mario Run

Well, I believe practically everyone has heard of the adorable little gaming character Mario. The Super Mario Run game is also my favorite and most popular. All you’ve to do is tap your screen to control this small creature. This allows him to run forward. You’ll come across many courses where you can make Mario run. You must pay for the additional courses if you want to purchase them.

Need for Speed: No Limits

I used to like playing this game as a youngster. I got to pick my favorite automobile, the car’s color was to my liking, and I had complete control over the features. Everything was a lot of fun. As an adult, it appears that nothing has changed. Because I still love this game, it is now one of the numerous apps I have on my smartphone. It’s for everybody who likes playing driving games. Do not conceive of it as a gendered game. Girls can like it just as much as dudes. Age groups are also not a barrier to playing Need for Speed. Prepare to select from a variety of courses, narratives, and vehicles. When you play this game, it won’t be easy to find your mobile down.

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Game of Thrones

It was previously only a book series. Later, the globe fell in love with the fantastic season into which it was converted. People are currently playing the Game of Thrones online game. If you loved the season, you should find the game. Well, it takes place between Seasons 3 and 4. This game is a must-have, with great visuals and incredible features.

The Bottom Line:

I hope you find this list and will download these games. These games have been added to my list of “ways to kill time during quarantine.” And when I’m not surfing the web or playing video games, you can find me dialing my Spectrum corporate phone number (1-855-837-6837). So, find something to keep yourself occupied and take care of yourself and your family members.

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