Mario Kart Tour: How to Fix Error Code 806-7250 on Android

Mario Kart Tour

Some Android users face the Error code 806-7250 whenever they attempt to launch Mario Kart Tour. This error is described to occur when the game tries to connect to the main server. This issue is described to occur on Android after a new game update is installed in most cases. 

After investigating this particular issue completely, it turns out that several different causes might end up triggering this error code. Here’s a listing of potential culprits that might be creating this error code: 

Underlying Nintendo Server problem: As it turns out, this special issue is often linked with some kind of issue that the main Nintendo mobile server is dealing with or due to scheduled maintenance that is currently taking place. If you find yourself in this unusual scenario, you can do nothing other than wait for Nintendo to correct the issue with their servers. 

Mario Kart Tours app variant is Outdated – According to many affected users, you can also expect to see this error in situations where you’re attempting to run an outdated build of the game that Nintendo no longer allows connecting to the main server. In this instance, you can correct the issue by forcing your Android device to update the game to the freshest build available. 

A secondary Google account is attached – The primary cause of this issue that triggered a chain reaction of user reports in the past was a conflict between two Google accounts active on the same Android device. Although Nintendo fixed this problem for newer android, you can still assume to see this error due to the fragmented nature of this phone OS. If there is no way to refresh your firmware, the single way to address this issue is to remove your Android gadget’s secondary account. 

Inconsistent IP / TCP data – Depending on the network you’re currently attached to, you can also expect to see this issue in instances where a TCP or IP inconsistency stops the local installation of Mario Kart Tours from interacting with the main game server. 

Custom ROM android installation: If you’re utilizing a custom ROM that your phone manufacturer does not officially support, you might face this issue due to some copyright systems implemented by Nintendo. In this case, using an app like Islan to clone the application and running the game via the clone should allow you to bypass the issue. 

Now that you know each potential culprit that might be triggering this issue, here’s a list of methods that other interesting uses have successfully used to get to the bottom of this error code: 

Method 1: Checking for Server Issue 

Before you try to deeply any of the other fixes presented below, you should make sure that this special issue is not being caused by some server issue that is entirely beyond your control. 

In history, the Error code 806-7250 was described to occur when Nintendo’s mobile servers have crashed or were undergoing maintenance. 

Luckily, there is an easy way of checking if Nintendo is currently having issues with its mobile infrastructure. Just obtain this Nintendo Server Status page and see if you can spot any server issues. 

Note: Make sure to further scroll down to the Maintenance Information section and check if there are currently any plans to take the servers down for maintenance. 

In case the investigation has shown that Nintendo is currently reporting any underlying server issue or you have discovered that there are plans for a maintenance period, you can further check the DownDetector page of Mario Kart Tour to see if other users in your area are currently reporting the same issues. 

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If you verified that you’re dealing with a server issue, there is nothing that you can do to fix the issue – In this case, none of the methods below will be useful in your case. All you can perform is wait for the involved developers to fix the issue on your site. 

Conversely, if the investigation hasn’t revealed any server issue related to Mario Kart Tour, go down to the next potential fix below. 

Method 2: Update Mario Kart Tour to the Freshest Version 

Keep in thought that Nintendo has already released a hotfix specific for the Error code 806-7250. Therefore if you only started to see this error after having Mario Kart Tour installed for a while (and you made assured that you’re not dealing with a server issue), the next thing you should do is ensure that you’re operating the latest version of the game. 

Several affected users have verified that the issue was resolved after they successfully forced the application to update itself to the latest available version. 

If you haven’t attempted this yet, follow the instructions below to update Mario Kart Tour to the latest available version: 

1- On the Android device that you see the error on, access the Play Store, click on the action button (top-left corner).
2- From the newly appeared context menu, click on My Apps & Games.
3- Once you’re inside the My apps & Games menu, click on the Updates tab at the top, then scroll down through the Updates pending category and hit the Update button associated with Mario Kart Tour.
4- After the update is fortunately applied, start the game again and see if the problem is now fixed.

In case you still end up viewing the same error code 806-7250, move down to the next potential fix below. 

Method 3: Removing the Second Google Account 

According to many customers who have reached out to Nintendo to receive official support, this issue is frequently reported to occur in situations where the affected user has more than one Google account registered on the device. 

Although Nintendo has published a hotfix specifically for this issue to ensure the usage of two Google accounts no longer causes the Error code 806-7250, it affected users reporting that the issue is not fixed. 

If you see yourself in this situation and updating the application to the latest version didn’t work in your case, follow the instructions below to remove the second Google account from your Android settings to fix the conflict: 

1- From the home screen of your Android device, access the Settings menu.
2- Once you’re inside the Settings menu, tap on the Accounts entry (typically located under the Personal tab).
3- After you’re inside the Accounts menu, tab on the entry associated with Google.
4- If you’re utilizing multi-login for Google, you should now see two accounts under the Accounts tab. When you get to this point, press on the account that you plan on removing.
5- Inside your Google account settings, click on your account at the top of the screen, then click on Remove account.
6- Finally, verify the process, then reboot your Android device and start the game once your device starts up again to view if the Error code 806-7250 is now fixed.

If In case the problem is still not fixed as you’re still unable to play Mario Kart Tour. Go down to the next potential fix below. 

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Method 4: Turn WiFi off on your Android Device (Temporary Fix) 

According to some interested users, this issue can further originate from a TCP / IP inconsistency that makes the game unable to communicate with the main mega server. 

As it turns out, many affected users have confirmed that they managed to avoid the apparition of the 806-7250 and operate the game normally after turning OFF their WI-FI and starting the game on Mobile Data. 

You can do this straight from the drop-down menu of your android or by obtaining the WiFi Settings inside the Settings menu of your Android phone. 

So, keep in mind that it is not ideal if you’re using a limited mobile data plan since the game is known to use a lot of data while playing online, but it’s still better than not playing the game all. 

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that this is not a decent fix. It’s just a workaround that some affected users have found effective in avoiding the apparition of the Error code 806-7250 when trying to play Mario Kart Tours. 

Method 5: Duplicating the Mario Kart Tours Application 

According to some interested Android users, you can further hope to fix this issue by duplicating the Mario Kart Tours installation with an app like Island. 

There is no information on why this ends up fixing the 806-7250 error. However, many user reports confirm that this method was the only thing that enabled them to play the game without experiencing a similar game-breaking error. 

Note: Even though other Android apps can duplicate (clone) existing applications, the majority of users have used Island. 

If this situation seems like it could be applicable and none of the other potential fixes above have worked in your case, follow the instructions below for instructions on fixing the 806-7250 error by cloning the Mario Kart Tours app with the Island app: 

1- First things first assure that Mario Kart Tours is installed on your Android Device. If it’s not, here’s a direct PlayStore link where you can download the latest version.
2- Once you’ve made sure that the game is properly installed, download the latest version of the island, which will allow you to clone the Mario Kart Tours app.
3- After the download is complete, open the Island app and start by accepting the licensing terms.
4- Next, accept setting up your initial work profile and wait until the operation is complete.
5- Once the operation is complete, tap on the Mainland tab from the menu at the top, then tap on Mario Kart from the list of available options.
6- Next, you should see a popup menu in the bottom-left corner. When it finally appeared, press on the + icon.
7- Finally, the Island app will demand you to install Mario Kart Tours the second time. When this occurs, tap on Install and wait for the operation to complete.
8- Wait until the Island app is finished with cloning your game, then tap on the entry associated with the game inside Island to launch it.
9- See if you can now play the game without seeing the same 806-7250 error.

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Final Words:

We have try to fix this Mario Kart Tour Error Code 806-7250 for  Android Users. If You have Still Issue with this Bug then you can content to Support for further Fixes.

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