GPU Benchmark Software For Windows in 2021

GPU Benchmark Software

GPU or the Graphics Processing Unit are created to accelerate the graphics rendering process of the system. To check the performance, there are many ways and software which can be used for benchmarking. In this article, we will be giving the best GPU Benchmark Software for Windows. 

First, let’s have a glance at the different methods of GPU Benchmarking. There are 2 different ways of benchmarking graphic cards. 

  • Synthetic Benchmark programs try to meet the characteristics of a large set of programs, aiming to meet the frequency of statements in benchmarks with the statement frequency in a large set of benchmarks. This benchmarking process is not useful for gamers as it does not help in frame rate. 
  • Real-time Benchmarking is utilized to test games in real-time and provide the required FPS. This process is ideal for gamers and is also known as real-world benchmarking. 

There is a bundle of software that can be used for GPU benchmarking in Windows. Check the listing below for top GPU Benchmark Software. 

The Best GPU Benchmark Software For Windows 

Continue track of graphics card performance with the below listed free benchmarking software. 

1. OCCT 

GPU Benchmark Software

It is starting the list of best GPU Benchmark Software for Windows with OCCT. It forces the GPU to its maximum limits to detect hardware issues in advance. You can monitor various things with the software’s easy-to-use and clean interface. The test report displays graphical representations of performance. It is a prepaid software to use, so it cannot be regarded as the best free GPU benchmarking software. 

Notable Offerings of OCCT: 

  • Six different GPU test to check the performance 
  • Check temperature, power, fan, voltage, and others with its interactive representation 

2. Cinebench 

GPU Benchmark Software

Cinebench is 1 of the best benchmark software for GPU. Using the software, you can render pictures and compare them with various real-world tasks. Cinebench has been in the store for a decade. Let’s check its features. 

Notable Offerings of Cinebench: 

  • Can perform complex and large tests with this software 
  • Offers three tests to check GPU performance 
  • Render image and compare with others 

3. GFXBench 

GPU Benchmark Software

Another great video card GPU Benchmark Software is having an elegant interface and a variety of tests. The software, with its marvelous interface, compares the performance of other graphics cards. You only have to download the test you want to perform & select the desired API. After the test is finished, you can see results and comparisons with many other competitors. 

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Notable Offerings of GFXBench: 

  • Supports low-level API like DirectX12, Vulkan, and many more 
  • Lets you compare results with other cards 
  • It can further monitor battery performance and visual fidelity of the system 
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android 

4. Heaven UNIGINE 

GPU Benchmark Software

Next on our list is the best GPU benchmark program is Heaven UNIGINE, which is created to take lengthy and large graphics card tests. The software can be utilized to measure the stability of the card. It continues monitoring the GPU cooler when overclocked and checks how the limits are being pushed. 

Notable Offerings of Heaven UNIGINE: 

  • Easily performs heavy and longs stress tests 
  • Multiple format support 
  • Monitor GPU temperature and clock 
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux 

5. UserBenchmark 

GPU Benchmark Software

The best free GPU Benchmark Software experimented by millions of users. UserBenchmark is a simple-to-use tool that runs tests for CPU, HDD, RAM, USB, and SSD. Other than this, you can compare the performance with other graphics cards as well. In few minutes, you can easily get the results of the test. Take a glance at its features below. 

Notable Offerings of UserBenchmark: 

  • A free-to-use benchmarking software for Windows 
  • Clean and easy interface 
  • Real-time benchmarking of the graphics card 
  • Compare with same league graphics cards performance 

6. Catzilla 

GPU Benchmark Software

Catzilla has been capable of taking its place in the list of best GPU Benchmark Software. You can test the performance and check whether your system is capable of performing tasks or not. With this software, you can also compare the hardware capabilities. The software’s unique interface offers results in either numeric and graphical formats. Let’s take a glance at its features. 

Notable Offerings of Catzilla: 

  • Easily find if the software & game can run on your system or not 
  • Unique and attractive interface 
  • Monitor the performance of the card and allows you to know about the capabilities 

7. Superposition 

GPU Benchmark Software

Superposition is another best software to benchmark GPU from the maker of Heaven. Superposition utilizes the UNIGINE 2 engine to test high-grade visuals. Now you can experiment with your graphics card with this wondrous benchmarking tool for free. Let’s take a look at its offerings. 

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Notable Offerings of Superposition: 

  • Global leaderboard for benchmark rankings 
  • Mini-game with its amazing interface 
  • High-grade visual tests 
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux 

8. FurMark 

GPU Benchmark Software

Overclocking can improve the graphics card’s performance, but you can observe some serious errors if limits are pushed. In such circumstances, free GPU test software comes in. FurMark can monitor the performance & temperature and is totally free to use. Since 2015 the tool has been satisfying clients with its features and performance. 

Notable Offerings of FurMask: 

  • Offers burn-in test for overclocking 
  • Type of modes to run including fullscreen and windowed 
  • Compatible with Windows 

9. PassMark Performance Test 

GPU Benchmark Software

A simple and fast tool that offers the best free GPU test. Using the software, you can monitor CPU, 2D/3D graphics, storage, memory, and CD drive. The software has a great feature for all the tech geeks to create their own tests other than the default ones. The software has 2 versions, including free and paid versions. 

Notable Offerings of PassMark Performance Test: 

  • Compare performance with other competitors. 
  • Results are rated on the “Passmark ratings.” 
  • Customize your own tests 
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux (Beta), and Android 

10. 3DMark

GPU Benchmark Software

Futuremark’s 3DMark is 1 of the best free GPU benchmark tools ideal for home and business use. Using the software, you can observe temperature, clock speed, and frame rates. It represents the temperature of both CPU and GPU. 

There are 3 variants to choose from, including the free and paid versions. If you benchmark frequently, try the Advanced edition, as you can further test the 4K settings with it. The tool has an Expert edition ideal for business use. 

Notable offerings of 3DMark: 

  • Automatic scan with accurate results 
  • Pick your test according to your preference 
  • Create your own settings and benchmarks 
  • Detailed charts with GPU, CPU, clock speed, and frame rate monitoring 
  • Match performance with other systems as well 

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GPU Benchmark Software For Windows In 2021 

The above-listed GPU Benchmark Software can quickly assess you with the card’s performance and other hardware components. It also assists you in comparing the performance with others. 

You can even customize your individual test with some of the software. At the same time, others offer several tests that you can download and run. We hope that you will find this article useful.

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