How to Use YouTube Shorts on iPhone and Android?

YouTube Shorts

Soon after the Indian administration banned TikTok due to the ever-growing security and privacy concerns, many challengers came out swinging to fulfill the void. As many TikTok users were from India, big players like Instagram and YouTube rushed to cash-in on the opportunity. Therefore, if Instagram Reels seems to be the like-for-like TikTok rival, YouTube Shorts is no less striking. If you seek the best tips to use YouTube Shorts on iPhone and Android to gain more views, or for that matter, make money, this post is for you. 

Tips to Use YouTube Shorts on iPhone & Android 

Before we move on to some advanced tips, let’s get the basics out of the way. Nevertheless, YouTube Shorts are vertical videos up to 60 seconds in time. The Shorts camera on your iOS & Android device only enables you to capture up to 15 seconds of video. You do possess the choice to pause the recording in between and snap many clips to make a crazy short video. 

To make sure your short videos are pleasing to watch, always use a vertical or square aspect ratio. We advise you to stick with a 9:16 or 1:1 aspect ratio so that YouTube can automatically classify your video as a Short. Now that you understand the basics, let’s get on with the full guide! 

1. Record Video in Parts and Check Their Length 

YouTube Shorts allows you to record one or more clips that add up to 15 seconds. While filming Shorts, you can check the number & the length of recorded segments using the top’s progress bar. Be assured to keep a tab on it to record a perfect short video to tick off all the intended boxes. 

YouTube Shorts

Now, there’s a chance that you did not get the shot you wanted on the first try. No worries. You can easily tap the backspace icon with an ‘X’ to delete a segment and re-record it. You have countless attempts to record a segment of your YouTube Shorts. 

2. Add Fun Music to Your Short Videos 

1 of the biggest highlights of YouTube Shorts is its huge catalog of music which harbors tracks in several languages. Therefore, depending on the theme, you can choose the music that can improve your video. Just press the “Add Music” button at the top and take your selection from a wide variety of tracks. 

There is a research bar at the top that allows you to find the right track easily. What’s more, the library further lets you choose music from several different categories such as fun, love, sad, rock, and more. Hence, make sure to explore the wide variety to pick the tracks that get along nicely with your clip. 

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YouTube Shorts

Once you have picked a specific song, tap the tiny arrow next to it to add the track to your YouTube Short. 

Note: Keep in thought that music chosen using the Shorts camera must be used just for personal and non-commercial purposes, except you have the appropriate licenses. 

3. Correctly Adjust Music of Your YouTube Shorts Videos 

YouTube Shorts

Once you have added your desired music, you can fine-tune it and sync it with your video. For instance, you can choose the preferred start and end of your track. To achieve this, tap the Adjust button and then use the slider to pick the section you like. Then, make sure to press on Done to confirm the change. 

4. Change YouTube Shorts Music with Comfort 

YouTube Shorts

What if you don’t love the music you have attached to your YouTube Shorts and wish to change it? Well, there is a fast way to get it done. All you have to do is to press on the music title at the top of your screen. After that, choose the “Change Music” option from the pop-up that shows up from the bottom. Now, search the track you are seeing and add it to your short video. 

5. Remove / Delete Music from YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts

If you are not satisfied with the background music in your YouTube Shorts video, you can also remove it. The steps are similar to the ones we discussed above. Press on the music title right at the top and then choose the “Delete Music” option from the pop-up that displays up from the bottom. 

6. Use Audio from Other Short Videos 

Interestingly, YouTube Shorts also allows you to use audio from other creators’ short videos. Just in case you get the original audio of any video rather appealing, you can choose to use it. Bear in thought that some videos may be unavailable depending on the privacy settings or copyright claims. 

YouTube Shorts

If you find an available video on YouTube Shorts, tap on the square video thumbnail at the bottom right. Next, tap the “USE THIS SOUND” button to Create a Short with the said background track. After that, follow the usual method to create the video. 


  • If you use audio from other creators’ short videos and remove their videos, your video will be muted, set to unlisted, & scheduled for deletion in 30 days. 
  • YouTube will email you a notice before your Short get deleted to help you download a version that does not involve the audio. 

7. Modify Speed of Your YouTube Shorts 

Whether you desire to go for a jaw-dropping selfie or plan to steal attention with a quirky, quick video, YouTube Shorts has got you entirely covered. It allows you to adjust the speed of your short video with ease. And you don’t even require a third-party slow-motion video recording app. 

YouTube Shorts

Just press on the Speed button located at the top right corner of the screen, and you will get the 5-speed options to choose from: 

  • 0.3x: Slower 
  • 0.5x: Slow 
  • 1X: Normal (default) 
  • 2x: Fast 
  • 3x: Faster 

Choose the preferred speed option and then press the Speed button to confirm the change. 

8. Utilize Timer in YouTube Shorts to Record Clips with Better Control 

A built-in timer appears super handy in letting you record videos with better control. And guess what? YouTube Shorts gives a timer that allows you to set a countdown for 3/10/20 seconds and set the time where the recording will stop automatically. That suggests you can plan your next jump-cut. 

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YouTube Shorts

To utilize this feature, tap on the Timer button at the top right corner of the screen. Under the Countdown section, you have 3 options to choose from – 3 secs, 10 secs, and 20 secs. 

Additionally, there is also a slider that allows you to change where recording stops. Just move the slider to the left/right to adjust the recording time. Press on Start to record your short video or segment of a video. 

9. Add Text to Your Short Video 

Moreover, adding matching text can go a long way in making your videos garner plenty of attention. Therefore, if you want your clip to go viral, do not forget to add proper text that either represents your YouTube Short or forces the viewer to watch it. 

YouTube Shorts

Once you have filmed the video, press the Next button. Then, press on the ‘Text’ button at the bottom and insert the text. Check out the font style at the top center of your screen. You can press on the font icon to switch between the available fonts like classic, marker, heavy, brush, and many more. Once you have combined the text, make sure to press on ‘Done’ to finish editing and see your YouTube Short. 

10. Make All Your Videos Appear on the YouTube Shorts Shelf 

Your short videos appear at various places on the YouTube app for better visibility. For instance, they show up on the YouTube homepage and the Shorts shelf. They are further featured on your channel page by default. Furthermore, YouTube Shorts also appear when selecting the “What to Watch Next” section, searching YouTube, and in Subscription feeds. 

YouTube Shorts

If you desire your video to have a better chance at being shown on the Shorts shelf, don’t forget to add #Shorts in your video title. Be assured to add #Shorts in the caption and description to upload a short video to your channel. 

Can You Monetize YouTube Shorts? A Few of Things to Keep in Mind 

Irrespective of whether your videos get their way to the Shorts shelf or get a ton of attention, YouTube will not accept ads on these videos. Furthermore, views from Shorts do not contribute to YouTube’s Partner Program eligibility. Therefore, your short videos will not generate any revenue. 

Therefore, why should you care about YouTube Shorts as a creator? Well, Shorts can further extend your channel’s reach by attracting new users. Notably, subscribers got from watching your Shorts will count toward the eligibility threshold. 

As Shorts is still a work in development, YouTube may offer you opportunities to monetize Shorts in the future. Hence, it would be best to get the most out of this short video format to improve your channel. 

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Make the Most Out of YouTube Shorts With These Tips 

That’s it! Now that you have got a great hang of how YouTube Shorts work and why it can be an excellent asset for growing your channel go ahead and make the most of it utilizing the tips above. Oh yeah, further let me know the things that you consider are missing in the Shorts. Besides, I would also like to let me know your preferred short video-sharing platform and what you love the most about it.

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